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  1. drhydro

    Why did we wait so long?

    I got into FTA DVB pretty much as soon as I found out about it LOL.
  2. drhydro

    Complete Review- Fortec Star Mercury II

    Well I have had my Fortec for quite some time now, still loving it!!!
  3. drhydro

    Newbie saying Hello and seeking advice

    I have a mercury II that I love, awesome box with some really nice features ;-)
  4. drhydro

    New user needing advice

    Love my pstar dishes, they work awesome for FTA ;-)
  5. drhydro

    "Disappearing" Ku channels?

    Have you checked to see if your diseq switch has gone wonky?
  6. drhydro

    Adventures in dish hunting and what we find

    Glad to hear it worked out for you Fred!
  7. drhydro

    Anyone making a spring FTA "to do list"?

    I make SURE that all my roof expeditions are done while someone is home :-D Sure would hate to be laying there all day till someone came home...
  8. drhydro

    Adventures in dish hunting and what we find

    Fred, it does great in snow until the weight of the snow pulls the elevation off ;-) We had about 2 inches of extremely wet heavy stuff on the lower edge of my BUD that took out c band monday, nothing a couple of minutes with a snow rake didnt take care of. Before I cleaned the snow off I pulled...
  9. drhydro

    35mph winds knocks satellite out of line

    I used smooth sided barrels for exactly that reason, thanks for pointing that out!
  10. drhydro

    Adventures in dish hunting and what we find

    Hey Fred, so sorry to be late in answering this :-D I would grab that perf BUD in an instant, it looks to be made of the same material my 10' channel master is made of which is great for KU. NICE find! you might find that "ding" comes out just by pushing on with your hand, if it is made from...
  11. drhydro

    Anyone making a spring FTA "to do list"?

    I have a 10' perfed (pencil lead size holes) channel master BUD with a corotor that has no problem outperforming my 1.2 channel master on KU. I think the perfed dishes offer a lot more reflective surface than the mesh dishs do, hence the better signal strength.
  12. drhydro

    35mph winds knocks satellite out of line

    Chefwan, sorry to hear bout that. To see just how much wind load can be generated by a large dish, take a look at this link: I have my pole set up on a pole mount that is made of two 55 gallon drums welded together, buried in the...
  13. drhydro

    Complete Review- Fortec Star Mercury II

    Welcome to :D You show stellar intellect and obvious good breeding in your very first post! Must be good genetics..... BTW folks, I would like to introduce Gameguy, he is my older brother who is now fast on the way to FTA addiction ;)
  14. drhydro

    18" 24" 36" H2h

    caddata, excellant explanation, thanks :D
  15. drhydro

    Does your wife support your FTA addiction?

    My WAF is VERY high, she loves all the quality channels we get. Of course it helps we get A team :D, one of her favorite shows when she was a child.
  16. drhydro

    Just Joined

    I have had a winegard 76cm for 3 years and it has performed very well for most FTA applications. While not the best dish for g10 or other weaker sats if you are located in a "fringe" area (read the satellite footprints ;) ), it is still a very well built dish that has better performance than...
  17. drhydro

    looking for an installer

    Kennard, I would NOT put a phone number on an open forum. You can ask to have members PM you information instead. Just my .02 ;)
  18. drhydro

    Sci-Fi, G5 18 not working this morning

    I just checked here and Sci Fi is working fine on g5 tp 18 analog.
  19. drhydro

    Looks like Equity is down

    Best bet to get RTN now is to set up a KU FTA system. Personally I hope dish never offers RTN, cause if they do they will most likely force equity to encrypt :(
  20. drhydro

    Yucky Weather!

    While I sometimes complain about the snow, it really is very beautiful here today with a nice fresh layer of about 12" of white fluffy stuff. Here are some pics taken around my house early this morning.