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  1. raoul5788

    HOA says move dish

    I was referring to his conjecture about the HOA board.
  2. raoul5788

    HOA says move dish

    Ding, ding, ding, ding!!!! We have a winner!
  3. raoul5788

    MDU install

    Is that Scott's house? ;)
  4. raoul5788

    HOA says move dish

    Roofs are rarely considered private property.
  5. raoul5788

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $1.75.9 at Costco in central CT
  6. raoul5788

    HS 17

    We don't have the same thing with Directv anymore like we do with Dish. DetFan is right, call them directly.
  7. raoul5788

    The Pit approvals?

    We are pretty close to 50/50, but we are in a bedroom town. The more urban stores are more like 75/25 diy/commercial.
  8. raoul5788

    The Pit approvals?

    I work at Advance Auto. We are considered essential for now. I don't know for how long, most of the shops that we deliver to are doing very little business. Much of the diy business is idiots looking for steering wheel covers and air fresheners.
  9. raoul5788

    Directv/AT&T to pay dealers 70% of commissions for March/April

    Well, you couldn't be more wrong. Streaming is becoming more popular, but it's hardly the only game in town. I much prefer Directv to streaming. It's more reliable and easier to find what I want to watch. It's still worth the money to me.
  10. raoul5788

    What will happen to Directv going forward

    The estimates are that they are good through at least 2030, so doubtful we will ever see another launch.
  11. raoul5788

    Error 771

    I don't know precisely. Perhaps one of the installers has an informed opinion.
  12. raoul5788

    Error 771

    That's why, as you know, solid copper is recommended.
  13. raoul5788

    Error 771

    The 29 volt power inserters were intended for the swm16 switches, but work great for long runs of coax.
  14. raoul5788

    Error 771

    Yes, I believe that can happen. Usually you will just get a 775 with a bad power inserter though.
  15. raoul5788

    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    $1.79 at Costco.
  16. raoul5788

    Free Previews and Free Channels (Covid-19 Response)

    There used to be a good looking woman showing how to use the remotes, etc.
  17. raoul5788

    DirecTV VOD - satellite or internet?

    They are asking about VOD.
  18. raoul5788

    Receiver upgrade - Genie and lack of HD reception

    :welcome to Satelliteguys Pete Bennett! I don't think they will install the Genie without a los to the hd sats, 99 and 103.
  19. raoul5788

    Does the the Local Channel (LCC) connector work on HR24 receivers?

    A while ago, not sure when. I don't have it any more to try again.