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    Questions about The Hopper?

    This may ave been asked repeatedly but I'm still a little confused. If I have 1 Hopper and three Joeys, can I watch LIVE T.V..... 4 different channel or let's say ESPN in F.R. The Cubbies on WGN in L.R. HGTV in B.R.-1 and Disney in B.R.- 2?????
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    A Look at the Top 25 Signing Classes per

    Nebraska had a decent looking there is a job posting on the University website for a "Assistant Coach" job description really describes an offensive coordinator......Is Watson gone???
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    All American Direct

    popasnoop... it's easy to move... go find a new house or apartment nar Providence, load all your stuff and move it there
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    Possible new E* customer

    I can get a better deal thru the Dish Store than any other company or Dish Netwrok themselves?? I thought it was all the same??
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    Dish 1000 install ?

    The ground will also help prevent static electricity from reaching the LNB and help prevent the possibility of problems from that. The other issue is regardless if a retailer did the install or DNSC... Dish Networks standard installation guidlines rewuire the system to be grounded. If you're not...
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    Installing in the rain.

    Depends on the installer..... if they want to work they will, if they don't want to work they won't. If you called an 800 number and it's an MSP or HSP coming out I am sure they will as it is all about getting the job done with those guys. If it is raining and they do the install, it more than...
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    New DIRECTV Customer with Questions

    4 to 5 recievers with DirecTV.... lets see. With DirecTV not paying anything to the installers...probably will take the guy 6 to 8 hrs due to the fact that he will probably have about a week of experience. Call a local retailr and someonethat knows what they are doing. Good luck and let us know...
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    Phone line charge? Avoidable?

    Cobra.... I have installed a few 625's that are working just fine with VOIP.
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    Where's the best place to get DISH?

    Call the local guys... local number.. local service... money stays in your community.
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    Dish - get it from the local guy or 800 #?

    Try to find another local guy in the phone book. I would cal Dish and give them the retailers name that will not honor the ClubDish. He's too concerned about loosing the activation probably due to his cost of having the stand at the rair. Drop some names so we all know who this is. A far as...
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    622 TV2 with IR remote

    Bubba/Navychop.... we are not talking about PIP here, what we are looking to accomplish is to have one remote run a set up that consist of... let's say a 622, 625 and a 322 along with DVD, and audio. Now.... the Dish remotes are RF or UHF for TV2 ouputs and we are looking to get the TV2 sides of...
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    622 TV2 with IR remote

    jetskier..... yes, from my understandung and his too. We looked and searched for about two weeks before he contacted me that he found one. Unfortunately he is one vacation/training this weekend. I did contact a guy that helps him and he is suppose to get back to me tommorrow as he is currnetly...
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    622 TV2 with IR remote

    splat.... let me get back to you.... a friend of mine had the same problem... he does whole house audio/video distribution and after we installed a 622/625 in a customers house he had the same problem, he was using the SIRUS MX350 I believe. Dish told me the UHF could not be converted to I.R...
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    D* installer part 2 Grrrr!

    I would say he told you to leave the work order open due to the fact that if you close it and want to open another then Dish will run another credit check or the fact that when he does return... and hopefully he does... and you have closed the work order, then he will not be able to do the...
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    D* installer part 2 Grrrr!

    igator, should have asked the E* tech for his number and if he would be interested in having the install re-assigned to him for a little bit of cash..... of course paid uopn completion of the job.
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    Solution to enable download on 622

    Just a temparory fix according to Dish, but to enable a software download during installtion of a 622............... Reste the receiver by pressing and holding the POWER button on the front p[anel for 5 seconds, until the receiver reset occurs. Allow the receiver to restart, re-acquire satellite...
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    Purchase AT9 or get it through D*?

    Good to know that you don't care if the installer does a crappy job, because he'll probably just come out and tell you that there is no line of site for the amount of money he will get paid to do the jos.. better for him to say no line of sote and not get paid then to do the job and make his...
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    Need Advice On Switching Provider

    Cancel your credit card that Direct has on account under wifes name, credit catd and cell phone with address to include 1/2 with Dish.... could'nt be easier.
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    D* installer part 2 Grrrr!

    61.5 and 129 and.................... AT9 I'm guessing you gave up on the DirecTV fiasco and called someone from Dish Network??????? As I have always and will always say... saty away from DirecTV and their HSP - MSO bullsit
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    Confused by DirecTV practices

    Call a couple of LOCAL numbers... your proiblem is you are dealing with out of town "MARKETING" companies. Go with a local guy......... Damn.. stupid people.... the same thing wouldhappen if you were trying to buy a car via the phone....