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    Direct TV vs. Dish

    Longtime DISH sub agrees 100% I'll second that and up until 3 weeks ago, I was with DISH for 6 years so my opinion is objective. I had the DISH 921 for about 3 months and became furious with them over the crummy SW and the lie about the firewire so I thoght about dtiching DISH to go to...
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    HD Tivo- Circuit City instock again at 2:15PM CT avl for 2nd day Air for $12 more.

    Ignore what the website says - just try to buy it anyway. Thanks for that advise and I 'might' have just gotten one. I just checked the website and it still shows as unavailable. 2 weeks ago, it said unavialble also but I did the checkout thing anyway because that is how to get on...
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    HD Tivo- Circuit City instock again at 2:15PM CT avl for 2nd day Air for $12 more.

    I called last night to see about ordering. The sales guy said that there were non in stock in my area,put me on hold, then came back and said that there were non availalble anywhere. He told me to register and order it so I would get an email when they became available again. Here you are...
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    HD Tivo- Circuit City instock again at 2:15PM CT avl for 2nd day Air for $12 more.

    I can not find that in the Tivo Community. Can you please post the url? BTW, I just called CC and they are now OUT OF STOCK. Thanks, Joe
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    I did switch and they did my directv install last friday. Guy showed up at exactly 8:00 AM as promised , I told him I wanted both of the curent cable runs (that used to go to my now sold 921) hooked to the new triple lnb dish he was going to swap for the dish 500 because I was getting an HD...
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    Tech Chat. What was the big surprise?

    I missed the chat cause I dumped DISH two weeks ago and sold my 921 over the firewire big lie. Did they really come right out and say it was because of the MPAA? The story that we were hearing from the DISH rumor mill was that there was a design flaw in the 921 and the firewire could...
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    After 6 years, SO long DISH I am mad at myself for jumping the gun and buying that darn 921 before I heard more detailed reviews about it and I am REALLY mad at Echostar for backing out on the advertised firewire. Yes, advertised and if you don't believe me, Scott has posted some clips...
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    "The whole document is heavy going... and my my quick reading "Cable Operators" would include E*." May ask how you could possibly construe a Satellite company as a Cable operator? Also, I keep reading in the various forums about firewire enabled Cable PVR's for archiving to D-VHS...
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    Dish Speaks about the 921 Firewire / DishWire Ports

    My reason why I don't give a hoot about the OTA capability No skin off of my back. I have never even hooked up my UHF roof antennas (yes, I have 2 of them pointing at the two cities) to the 921. Maybe that is why I have such few problems with the 921. I use a MYHD PC HDTV card for all...
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    As I am sure many others have done, I just got off the phone with C.J. Meany who works for Mark Duffy at Echostar. Here is what he said: 1) Firewire on the 921 will NEVER be enabled. 2) He is trying to find out WHY this is the case. 3) He does not agree with the decision since it...
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    Dish Speaks about the 921 Firewire / DishWire Ports

    Scott, Thanks for posting those. Nothing like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Hearing the first two really gets me angry. I remember watching those shows and hearing them talk about the 921. Their words were what convinced me to drop the big bucks on the darn thing in...
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    Will the Lack Of a dishwire stop u from buying a 921

    I won't forget as my 921 is going to go up for sale very soon. Now that Dishwire is history,as soon as the HD Directv TIVO is available (seems like a few folks have already gotten their hands on one), I can get back the great functionality I have had for 3 years with my SA TIVO but in HD as...
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    You mean the product brochure that says "2 DISH Wire connection ports for interface with select IEEE1394 products" ? Wonder what select products they mean now. When I spent my $999 I was told by a DISH rep that one of those select products was a D-VHS. It's even in the 921's menu just greyed...
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    The 921 to have a dvd recorder added by the middle of the year.

    I fail to see the big deal. I can already make copies of what is on the disk on various media from the S-Video/Stereo outputs. Downconverted of course. I use an S-VHS VCR for'short term' recordings ie. SD programming I will watch within the next few weeks and DVD's via my capture card in...
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    One thing I like about the 921 upgrade

    1.46 fixed caller id:)
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    Use your 921 with a SA TIVO

    I had the S-Video going from the 921 to the TIVO. Then I had the TIVO's S-Video going to my TV. Some things to think about though: Recall that the HD and SD outputs are NOT active at the same time. So if you switch the 921 into HD mode , the TIVO will put up a message on the S-Video...
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    Duration of Program Guide on 921?

    Thanks all for the useful information. I could not find any of that in the manual. Also,I thought the 921 had a 2 week program guielike the TIVO does. Obviously, I had heard wrong. Joe
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    Duration of Program Guide on 921?

    How many weeks of programming guide data does the 921 contain? Is there an easy way to jump a week ahead in the porgramming guide? Example: My TIVO shows an interesting program coming on DIscovery HD in about a week and a half. I would like to set the 921 to record it but I can not...
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    Replacement remote for 6000?

    I appreciate the reply. I had emailed several on-line dish dealers and posted this same question in 3 other forums and you were the only one who answered. I ended up calling DISH last night and ordered one. My 6000 will be on ebay by Friday evening. Thanks, Joe