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  1. markusian

    924 can record 3 shows at the same time! I did not know that.

    Last night I set my 942 to record: David Letterman at 11:35, local channel coming from Dish Jay Leno at 11:35, local OTA channel World Series of Poker at 11:30, ESPN2 It did not complain. It actually recorded all three.
  2. markusian

    Does MPEG4 mean longer rec. time with same disk size?

    MPEG4 offers a higher compression rate, will this translate into more recording time for the same disk size?
  3. markusian

    Lease fee vs. additional receiver fee. What if you have one leased receiver?

    As I understood the fee structure, the Lease fee replaces the additional receiver fee if you lease instead of buying. What if I have one receiver. There is no additional receiver fee if I buy. But will there still be any Lease fees? -Mark
  4. markusian

    My own conclusion: MPEG4 upgrade will be free.

    Here is what I've heard so far: - On the chat when they announced MPEG4, they said: “little or no cost to upgrade.” - In the Team Summit: The next HD MPEG4 receiver is the 411. It will replace both 811 and the 311. No more MPEG2. - In the last retailer chat, Charlie told retailers that they...
  5. markusian

    Has any news leaked about the future MPEG4 recievers?

    Has any news leaked out about the future MPEG4 recievers? They must be working on it. Is it going to be 811 & 942 with MPEG4 chipset? Or, we will have a dual OTA tuner DVR. Just trying to get something to dream of for the coming year :) -Mark
  6. markusian

    Too confused about different fees

    There are: - Extra receiver fee - DVR fee - Receiver lease fee (is it on top of extra receiver fee?) - No phone connection fee (is it just for dual receivers?) - So, for a leased 522 extra receiver that is not connected to phone, is it a $20/month fee? Seems too high. -Mark
  7. markusian

    MPEG4: Why assume the worst case scenario?

    After the MPEG4 announcement, there has been a riot. Why is everybody assuming the worst case scenario? Somehow, everybody thinks that: - We will have to buy new revivers/DVRs at full price - If we don't, we will be forced to pay for the HD pak till the end of the contract commitment, even...
  8. markusian

    Do we maintain an active list of 921 bugs/complaints?

    Do we, or anybody else, maintain an active list of the current 921 bugs, complaints and shortcomings? This could be very helpful for the 921 owner wana'be. -Mark
  9. markusian

    What is the "DISHPlayer DVR722?"

    Never heard of such a thing before. But has a picture. Does it exist? How is it different from 522? -Mark
  10. markusian

    Nobody is paying over $950 for the 921 on eBay

    I've been monitoring the 921 price on eBay. For "New in box" systems, prices ranged from $899 to $951. Seems like the prices are going down slowly. Anyway, I've decided to wait for that 924 thing. Any news? -Mark
  11. markusian

    SatelliteGuys.US crossed the 7500 member milestone

    SatelliteGuys.US crossed the 7500 member milestone. I guess it is now the Internet's Largest Satellite forum! It was accompished in record time too. Congratulation! -Mark
  12. markusian member count surpasses

    I just noticed this morning that member count reached 6,375 while member list has 6,366 members. This is in less than a year. WOW.
  13. markusian

    Tech Chat. What was the big surprise?

    I missed the tech chat tonight. What was the big surprise? -Mark
  14. markusian

    Which dish network switch do I need?

    I have a dish500 with legacy quad LNB. And dish300 pointing at 61.5 with dual LNB. I need to connect to 3 receivers. Which switch do I need? Is there any installation diagrams for this setup? Thanks for your help, -Mark
  15. markusian

    510 and OTA locals recording. Is it possible?

    I have an antenna that receives all my locals. If I upgrade to 510, can I record my local programs OTA, or I need to get my locals through dish to do that?
  16. markusian

    Why I think HDTivo is a LOT better than dish HD PVR

    I will not be using my HD PVR to record insectia or trading spaces. I'll use it to record Jay Leno, David Letterman and everybody loves Raymond. So, two OTA tuners + local channel PG are significantly more appealing, specially that Leno and Letterman air at the same time. I can watch one and...
  17. markusian

    eBay: 13 bids already on NOTHING for sale

    13 bids already on NOTHING for sale at eBay :)
  18. markusian

    Is HD Net down?

    Both HD Net and HD Net Movies are blank on dish. Is it just me?
  19. markusian

    Second UHF remote for 811

    I need to get a second remote for my 811. I need to use the RF interface not the IR. I can't find the 811 pro remote on ebay. Will the 5xx silver platinum remote do it? Thank you.
  20. markusian

    811 installed. 6000 sold for $500! this is insane

    On eBay, the 6000 is still going for this much. My guess is some people are trying to grab the 6000 since they know how to hack the security and it's out of production. The 811 has the smart card built in and it's going to take some time for somebody to come up with a way to break it.