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  1. Ganthet

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    All glory to the Hypno-Toad
  2. Ganthet

    Disney Plus +

    You and me both. Only remotely redeeming quality was the introduction of Boba Fett. Looking back you can tell it was an obvious cash grab. These days it makes me think of the line from Spaceballs: "Hopefully we'll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money"
  3. Ganthet

    Disney Plus +

    It's a good thing you own this site! Posting such offensive material would get others banned. ;) Bea Arthur.....seriously??!!
  4. Ganthet

    Disney Plus +

    Do you mean the '67 series with perhaps the greatest theme song ever written? I would love to see the late 70's live-action Spider-Man with awesome wa-wa pedal porn-like theme song.
  5. Ganthet

    Disney Plus +

    The 10 year-old me was thrilled to see they have Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends!
  6. Ganthet

    Disney Plus +

    History Channel's Modern Marvels did an episode about Disney World and Disneyland. It talks about the disastrous opening day of Disneyland. Apparently someone counterfeited thousands of tickets. So I guess you could say that also "exceeded our high expectations" :biggrin
  7. Ganthet

    The Mandalorian - Disney+

    The armor worn by the main character (as well as Boba and Jango Fett from the movies) is the traditional armor of a Mandalorian warrior - from the planet Mandalore. Think of it like medieval armor. All the knights wore similar armor, but with personal modifications. The Mandalor culture was...
  8. Ganthet

    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    Yep, that's what I see too.
  9. Ganthet

    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    I'm seeing something on my H3 w/dual tuner dongle. When I go to an OTA channel use the recall function I get a "attempting to acquire signal" screen that shows the signal strength at 100%. If I do a channel advance to another OTA channel it comes in fine and I can then do a channel back and it...
  10. Ganthet

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    I thought the 4K was a little disappointing also. I was switching between the 4K feed, HD feed on NFL Network, and Network feed from my OTA adapter. The OTA feed seemed to look best to me.
  11. Ganthet

    Cord Cutting - which box? Some comparisons

    I've got a mixture of Amazon FireTV Sticks, Roku, and Xbox One S (with disc drive) for streaming. I prefer the XB1S for streaming as it can do both DolbyVision and Atmos which my TV and AVR support. I only wish it could do DolbyVision on 4K discs. I use the Amazon Sticks for DishAnywhere at...
  12. Ganthet

    Hopper 3 Sling with Logitech 650 remote

    I am not a fan of the new shape of the Harmony remotes (950/Elite). I tried one last year when my Harmony One failed. The shape just seemed uncomfortable. I wound up returning it and getting a refurbed Harmony One to replace it.
  13. Ganthet

    DISH, DirecTV to merge?

    I bet your kids could help you find the right video! :D
  14. Ganthet

    DISH, DirecTV to merge?

    Holy cow I'm not alone!! :amen My 14yr old and 10yr old mainly watch netflix and YouTube. I also cannot understand watching someone else play video games.
  15. Ganthet

    Joey 3 w/o MoCA

    I have a Joey 3 running via ethernet to the same switch the Hopper 3 is using Hopper 3-->Ethernet Switch<--Joey 3 I originally had it hooked up via both Coax and ethernet. Then I disconnected the coax, rebooted the Joey and it has been working fine since. Check the IP address on both...
  16. Ganthet

    Happy 16th Birthday SatelliteGuys!

    Happy 16th Birthday! SatelliteGuys is still one of the few sites I make sure to check on every day.
  17. Ganthet

    AT&T TV Goes Live 8/19/2019

    And DVR recordings delete after 90 days. I know where the cost benefits are for AT&T, but from a consumer standpoint and I can't see a compelling reason to choose this over the traditional service.
  18. Ganthet

    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    OK, I vaguely remember the disc issues. I obviously missed the recall. I guess it is too late to call Pioneer now. :biggrin The unit still plays my LD collection just fine. Got to explain what it was to my 14 yr old daughter and her friends recently.
  19. Ganthet

    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    No. Never heard of it. What did I miss?? :eek:
  20. Ganthet

    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    I still have my Pioneer DVL-909 LD/DVD player! One of my favorite pieces of electronics ever! I remember when Netflix started the whole streaming thing. Their initial collection was weak, but they gave it away for free. Then I noticed how they were getting their app installed on every piece of...