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    DishAnywhere options grayed out

    Does anyone know why the HOME, GUIDE and DVR buttons are grayed out on my DishAnywhere? The only two that work are ONDEMAND and MORE. I'm using a Galaxy S8 phone. They stopped working about 2 months ago. Sent from my SM-G950U using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Hopper Go's battery

    How can I tell if my Hopper Go's battery is fully charged? Sent from my SM-G950U using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    HWS picture goes blank and sound goes off

    A few times in the last two weeks the sound and picture has gone off while watching one of our HWS. The green light stays on and the TV's power light stays on. I can press guide on the remote and see it. I can press cancel and see the cancel screen. The only way to get the picture and sound...
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    Dishanywhere external storage

    How do I get my transfers to go to my phone's external storage? I have it turned on in Transfer Settings but they always go to internal storage.
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    Auto Hop not working on one OTA channel

    Auto Hop is not working on one of my OTA channels. I think it used to work but stopped about two months ago but I can't confirm that. The channel is Boston's WBZ CBS channel 4. Auto Hop works on the satellite channel 4 and all other satellite locals and all other OTA channels including...
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    VIP922 screen

    Does anyone know what this screen is? I get it when I press the green button on my VIP992's remote.
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    OTA USB cable length

    How long can the hopper's ota usb cable be? Would I get a stronger signal with a longer usb and shorter coax to my rooftop antenna or shorter usb and longer coax?
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    Does the hopper make a lot of noise when it reboots?

    Our bedroom 622 used to wake us up when it rebooted at 3am. I was able to prevent that by changing the reboot time to 7:30am. Since hoppers don't have that time change option I'm thinking when we switch from VIPs to hoppers a joey in the bedroom and hopper in the den would be better for us...