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    Marquee Sports Network

    They get what they deserve!....
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    Marquee Sports Network

    The Yankees and Dodger are, there is no reason Cubs wont be on...I still dont understand there is very little programing that channel will offer and will repeat the same showes over and over....Yes if your in the Cubs coverage you will get the games, the rest of us blocked out.....How many times...
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    Marquee Sports Network

    So if you wanted in in sports pack all you will get is reruns of cub stuff and a pre and past game correct? If you are out of market either way you need MLB TV. The owner of the cubs said straight out this is for them to generate more income for the team....When he said that and that the...
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    Looks like Dish is not buying Directv

    And not to mention he was kicked out of Las Vegas...
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    Regional sports channels

    Have the Cubs signed with Comcast yet?...That has to be 50% or more of the Chicago market.
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    H3 Booting

    You should try trouble shooting it....Unplug the OTA does it reboot still?.....Is cabinet to warm?...Thats a few ideas to start
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    Ground block question

    You just proved my point!.....Its for life safety!....Its when you need it you need it....It does not effect operation! The purpose statement of the NEC, section 90.1(A) states, “The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of...
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    Ground block question

    As so many back yard electrician think grounds serve no purpose, if you were to look into the nation electrical code...Its about life safety.
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    How long after disconnect does DirecTV take to send me instructions on returning equipment

    I called customer service and they told me to ship the equipment to them either thru UPS or Fedex. They will need a/c number and name. I can always make a copy of the billing statement for that info. I will wait a few days to see if any instructions will be here . If not I will return equipment...
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    Mount Hopper 3 vertically?

    Sure, just make sure it can "breath well"...Wont hurt a thing and if its in a enclosed cabinet make sure it dont get over heated.
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    Sinclair CEO warns Dish: Agree to deal or risk becoming irrelevant

    Sure is entertaining the ones who promote the Free Market, seam to be the ones always complaining about how the Free Market works for satellite providers. Would be funny if it wasn't so obvious!
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    Dispute between Dish and Gray Media Group looming?

    Gray took over a bunch of Raython stations like a year ago.
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    More ATT/DirecTV layoffs

    Stay away from electrical discussions please?....The ground is first make last break.....You would never get a shock from a ground as it would be a dead short....
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    More ATT/DirecTV layoffs

    This is why they created Right To Work Laws....To undermine unions, you get all the benefits and pay without paying dues.... 1576689447 No electricity takes the least path of resistance!
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    New Slab Installation

    Yes all the time....A poured parking garage has the electrical all throughout it....And we also put sleeves in for sprinklers and control wiring...Use PVC pipe.
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    More ATT/DirecTV layoffs

    I like when people love to give crap to unions, as they are the little people who make up a company.... Yet the cheer on Corporate America and get robbed!...lolo How much does CEO of AT&T make? Randall Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T who spent 2017 feuding with his frenemies in the administration...
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    8K Olympics news link

    They are light years ahead of us all the time....Look how fast their internet is, and reasonably priced it is.....
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    More ATT/DirecTV layoffs

    Have a friend just lost his job at a TV station in Hattiesburg Ms....Been their 33 years, everything going automation...After 33 years gave him 22 weeks of severance pay.....But the CEO of Gray broadcasting got a very nice rise.....Welcome to America where only profits matter!
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    2020 Price Increase for DirecTV & U-Verse TV

    Care for the consumer?....This is capitalism baby! The free market!......Less and less competition you get more and more control.... Till people wake up and speak out, and stop voting against their own best interests, prices will keep going through the roof.
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    DISH Network Commences Rights Offering

    No The Green Bay Packers sold junk bonds legally when they did a huge renovations...They Had to go to the SEC to have that approved....You bought stock in the Packers that had no value. This is to generate more capitol for future investments and upgrades....Kinda risky time to do this IMO.