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  1. raydio

    Icom IC-7100

    Hey guys, I bought two of these with the thought of using one for a base station, which I have and then one mobile in my truck. However, I have decided to go another route and have a like-new rig available. Will let it go for a real good price to a forum ham...if not then QRZ. PM me if you...
  2. raydio

    40/20 meter QSO/Net for Satguys hams

    I do know that there are quite a few hams on this forum and was wondering if there is any interest in a forum QSO/Net? I would organize it but I live in an HOA and my magnetic loop does not quite cut it.... 73 Jim K4ECP Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. raydio

    DirecTV Uplink Site?

    I am in the Tucson, AZ area this week doing some work on Lasik Lasers and once again I have stumbled upon something cool. It's a DirecTV uplink site I believe. Five big-ass dishes and one that is quite a bit larger than the other four. The big one appears to be steerable, don't know about the...
  4. raydio

    Icom IC-7100

    Hi guys, Does anyone have an IC-7100? I just picked one up and it seems to be a fine HF/VHF/UHF rig for the money. Just wondering if anyone else has one?? 73 Jim K4ECP
  5. raydio

    Very Large Array

    As some of you know, I am a Field Service Engineer for a Medical Device Company and travel extensively in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. And because I drive 99% of the time, at times I see some neat stuff. I was coming home from Mesa, AZ yesterday and got an emergency call from a customer in...
  6. raydio

    Merry Christmas

    To all my friends in the FTA community I hope you all have a happy holiday and a new year full of fabulous ITC video - Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  7. raydio

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Gobble 'till you wobble -
  8. raydio

    Edision OS Mio Plus 4K

    This link is a translation of a Greek site regarding the new Mio + 4K...
  9. raydio

    Intelsat 29E a total loss

    Pardon me is this was posted somewhere else on the site, but I just saw this on LegitFTA. This is the latest from Spaceflight Now - Intelsat has declared the Intelsat 29e communications satellite a total loss after the Boeing-built spacecraft suffered a fuel leak and shed debris in...
  10. raydio

    Stab-HH90 Motor

    Does anyone know how to reset a HH-90 motor. I have a problem with it oscillating when I switch satellites, primarily 91W Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  11. raydio


    I travel a lot for work and would like to be able to stream the Mio to remote locations. I don't want to go the slingbox route. Has anyone played with OpenVPN? I have a subscription to Nord which is a VPN provider and have installed OpenVPN on my laptop. I also have OpenVPN installed on the...
  12. raydio

    New image available for OS Mio 4K

    New image from a group that I have not heard about before - PURE2 Took a look at the image and it looks real nice from the screenshots and have heard that it runs smoothly on the Mio. PurE2 Download I downloaded and installed on my box and discovered that you will have to add the NA satellite...
  13. raydio

    How to fix a warped dish

    I recently purchased a 90 cm Geosat Pro dish on Ebay from Satellite_av in California for 99.00 delivered. Good dish for a good price. It arrived In one piece and I thought in good condition. I installed it last Saturday and instantly ran into problems. My south sat is SES 3 103 W and I could...
  14. raydio

    OS mio 4K Multiboot

    Since obtaining this very fine box, I have been discovering all the cool things that it can do. One of the best things so far is multiboot. This box allows you to have up to 4 different images stored in memory. The images, if created with multiboot in mind, have the option of being able to...
  15. raydio

    OS mio 4K

    I received my box yesterday and started to play immediately! Set-up was very simple and only took a few minutes until it was ready to go. Blindscan seems to be faster that the VU+ Zero 4K but service scan seems to take quite a bit longer. I scanned three satellites 103W, 91W and 87W and the...
  16. raydio

    Issues with OpenPli and VU+ Zero 4K

    As mentioned in another thread both CN and I are experiencing the same issues with our VU+ boxes. On 103W, the NC-1 through NC-8 mux, 12080 H 30000, and on 91W, the NPR radio mux, 11913 V 2000 On the VU+ the NC-1 through NC-8 mux displays audio but no video. The NPR mux scans in but plays no...
  17. raydio

    Flex 3000

    I was an early adopter with SDR's and purchased a 3000 transceiver about 7 years ago. I have lost interest in Ham radio and the box is gathering dust. I just wanted to know if there is any interest from anyone on this forum who would be interested in purchasing it. PM me for details -
  18. raydio

    Tucson, AZ - I'm interested in this one 1.2m Ku

    LARGE ANTENNA SATELLITE SATELITE DISH Looks like it's fiberglass. Anyone guess a manufacturer?
  19. raydio

    I wish...Colorado Springs, CO

    11 Foot Satellite Dish
  20. raydio

    103W Ku 12080 / H / 30000

    Have noticed for the last several days this transponder quality is all over the place...swinging from 30-85%. All other transponders are very steady quality wise here in NM. Anyone else noticing this?