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  1. md_paul

    2010 Prius no AM/FM after Sirius subscription expired

    As Dishdude said, the deactivation of the Satellite service should have no effect on regular OTA AM & FM stations. Do you know that AM & FM was working okay in the car when you still had the Sat radio active? In the past, I've had a 2008 prius, a 2010 prius, and currently have a 2013 prius...
  2. md_paul

    Can Tv's be mirrored with Hopper and Joey?

    I probably should have asked this earlier before suggesting the HDMI cables... Are all of your other TV's at least HDTV's with HDMI inputs? If you have older SD TV's, your only option for them is the RF Modulator solution that was also mentioned here. If they are all HDTV's or better, the...
  3. md_paul

    Can Tv's be mirrored with Hopper and Joey?

    For me, I drilled up from the basement side a hole large enough to fit the HDMI connector through and up inside the wall behind my Living room TV/Hopper, and also into the wall behind my Kitchen TV. I purchased a couple of inexpensive old-work low voltage brackets and wall media wall plates...
  4. md_paul

    Can Tv's be mirrored with Hopper and Joey?

    Monoprice sells long hdmi cables. I have a 75' hdmi cable running from a hdmi splitter on my Hopper in the living room to a TV in kitchen. Works great. Monoprice Commercial Series Active HDMI Cable - 1080i @ 60Hz, 4.95Gbps, 26AWG, CL2, 75ft, Black -
  5. md_paul

    My Hopper 3 has died

    Are you using the power inserter for the DPH42? I'm only asking because I heard that the DPH42 may appear to work fine without the power inserter, but it draws enough current from the H3 that it exceeds the H3's specs and could damage it.
  6. md_paul

    H3 System Status Check???

    Do you have PTAT turned on? Were you running the test during PTAT recording hours? I have seen Satellite test and Signal strength tests hang when PTAT is running.
  7. md_paul

    Amazon Echo/Dot Commands

    Add "On Dish" to an Alexa command for the Hopper to let Alexa know a common media control command (like resume) is for Dish. For me, I have noticed that when I haven't used Alexa to control the Hopper for awhile (several hours+), it sometime doesn't recognize I'm trying to control the...
  8. md_paul

    Well Look at that!

    Looking at the map right now... I find the two guests from China and three guests from Russia to be interesting....
  9. md_paul

    Bug Report: H3 Firmware U343 - Unable to create timer via guide

    It's the only receiver reset option that attempts to keep your existing DVR recordings and timers while erasing and re-downloading the receiver software. Tech support will usually guide you to do this if your receiver is malfunctioning and they suspect it is due to some corruption of the...
  10. md_paul

    U 341 now on the hopper 3 dvr

    Even though the manual recordings folders will not display the content, I have found that you can still at least watch the most recent recording in the folder if you select the folder (don't open it) and press the play button.
  11. md_paul

    You tube

    I too have a Hopper3, a Joey2.0, and a wireless Joey. YouTube has only ever been available on my Hopper. Netflix is available on all of the devices. I think I remember Scott saying awhile ago that Dish was only planning to put the YouTube app on the Hopper.
  12. md_paul

    Help! How long should it take for a manual software update (H3)?

    Check to make sure your DVR program listings sort oprtions didn't change. We usually have ours set to sort recent recordings to the top of the list. Sometimes after an update, it changes to sort recording A-Z. When it does that, and you're used to seeing current recordings at the top, it...
  13. md_paul

    Apple's iOS 10 update is bricking iPhones

    I was unlucky enough to get the download that caused my iphone 6S plus fail the they way that people are calling 'bricked'. I started the ios 10 update while at work less than 30 seconds after it was released. It downloaded. The phone rebooted, Displayed the firmware update screen...
  14. md_paul

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    Yeah... Voice commands on the Hopper can be slow, or timeout when your kids are sucking up your 3MB DSL connection with youtube and netflix videos too.
  15. md_paul

    Dish 50.0 (Voice remote)

    It works fine with the Joey 2.0 now.
  16. md_paul

    no signal at night

    If you can see the dish, check for bee or wasp nests on the lnb. The insects fly around during the day, but all return to their nests at night and reduce/block the signal. - Paul
  17. md_paul

    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a HopperGO!
  18. md_paul

    U313 for Hopper 3 is now released

    "Smart Power On" has existed for more than a year in the Hopper w/sling and possibly earlier hoppers. The feature disappeared when Dish started using the Cabon U/I. It analyzes your viewing patterns and on receiver power-on, it uses the channel/time viewing data to auto-tune to the channel it...
  19. md_paul

    Hopper 3 Beta Test Opportunity

    I'm interested in testing/providing feedback if there are any slots remaining. - Paul
  20. md_paul

    Hopper 3 composite output video letterbox, but guide is anamorphic

    Composite video is 480i video that was originally designed to be viewed on a 4x3 video screen. Anamorphic composite video is taking a 16x9 video source and squeezing it to a 4x3 image. Everything in the image looks distorted skinny and taller than is should be if you look at the image on a 4x3...