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    getting ny locals south of the border?

    i understand that i can pick up dish tv down here in mexico at 77w with a small dish,but would i be able to get ny locals here with a big dish?i believe they are on 110w?
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    usa dishnet in mexico

    thank you i think i`ll give it try next season when i come back down.there will probably be a few more expat dtv users here looking to do the same if it is this easy.
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    usa dishnet in mexico

    yeah i have been searching and found that the signal is good all the way to south america.just wondering if the lnb will work down here.
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    usa dishnet in mexico

    i had thread going on in the direct tv section about losing channles down here in sounds like it will be impossible by the end of the year.i was told that dish from the states works well here and i only need a small dish.from what i understand i can activate my ird in the states and...
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    dish south of the border

    i had been using dtv down here for years but now everything is moving to hd and different sat that are unavailable here.anyone using dish down here?