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  1. Pepper

    Downgrading hardware etc questions

    Hi guys, it’s been a while. I have a couple questions. I have a Hopper 3 and nothing else in my house. My dad has recently passed away. At his house is a Hopper 3 and a Joey. All equipment in both locations is leased. Question 1. While we are cleaning out and prepping Dad’s house for eventual...
  2. Pepper

    Phone apps for dish pointing / satellite finding

    I'm putting this thread out here because all I found was a closed thread about the DishPointer app. I'm hoping to hear what apps everyone has tried and see if there's a consensus on what works well or not. DishPointer is $19.99 so I am trying the free ones first of course. I'll start: right now...
  3. Pepper

    Flex pack is still a great value, are the rules still the same?

    I have just switched back to FLEX after a while and saved about $50 on my bill, still a great value depending on which channels you can and can't live without. Question: Are the rules for Flex pack still the same regarding adding and removing add-ons without the dreaded $5 programming change...
  4. Pepper

    Bug Report: Hopper 3 pause issue, suggested fix!

    Note: This was previously posted deep within a thread about the Hopper pausing itself. Since the issue persists, I've broken it out here and made some edits, with an obvious "Bug Report" title. Problem Description: Anytime I'm watching something live or delayed that also happens to be...
  5. Pepper

    Aftermath on SyFy

    Am I the only glutton for punishment who actually enjoyed this show? The acting so bad, the horrible writing, complete mindless waste of time.
  6. Pepper

    Got a 4K TV. Do I need to replace everything else now?

    So I decided to get an LG 65UH8500 as an upgrade from the 55LW5300. The UH8500 series seems to be the most affordable set that still has passive 3D capability along with all the 4K goodness. I have a Hopper3 which will output in 4K when content allows, and will get a 4K BD player when they are...
  7. Pepper

    Flex Pack locals: Where is ION National?

    According to the printable channel lineup card I should have ION National feed as part of my Flex locals. I don't.
  8. Pepper

    Is it NetFlix, or just Dish's implementation of NetFlix?

    We were watching a NetFlix movie tonight on the Hopper 3. It was quite good, so I was looking forward to reading the credits to see the people and production companies involved. As the movie ended and the credits began to roll, the picture became a tiny box in the top corner, with the rest of...
  9. Pepper

    Dish Anywhere is great, unless your phone runs Windows.

    Let me start off by saying please don't try to turn this into a religious flame war. I am fully aware of the market share numbers for phones that run Windows, yet I still choose to use one. According to
  10. Pepper

    What receivers are considered obsolete?

    Reason I ask, my in-laws are scheduled for a Hopper 3 install today. They got this email from Dish: Subject: Your DISH equipment has been deactivated Account Number: **************** Dear **********, The equipment below has been deactivated. Any requirement to return your current equipment...
  11. Pepper

    Can Flex Pack be modified online?

    I'm having an issue: when I go to my online account, My Programming, I don't see Flex Pack at all under Core. I don't want to have to contact a CSR every time I need to change anything. It's listed under my current programming but nowhere to be found for making changes, adding or deleting...
  12. Pepper

    What the **** is wrong with my ViP622 DVR?

    Random lockups, always while recording something and the interface is off, that is, a never changing screen saver. No response to the remote or front panel. Only the power button reset or pulling the plug will get its attention. At least I thought it was random. The past two lockups occurred...
  13. Pepper

    Congratulations Mediacom, you've found a whole new way to suck.

    Last week, I got a notification from Mediacom that they are implementing caps on Internet usage for all customers. In my case, 250GB. When I signed up they told me it was unlimited. I keep track of usage and in prior months I was in the 50-75GB range. Magically this month, with no change in...
  14. Pepper

    Random recordings going nowhere?

    So, today Syfy has a marathon of K-9 which until 3 days ago i didn't even realize was a series. I quickly set an "all episodes" timer for it, and noticed throughout the day that yes, it was recording them. According to the log it recorded all 26 episodes. According to my list of recordings, it...
  15. Pepper

    AppleTV (2nd gen) dropped dead; advice?

    Actually it is not completely dead. Still powers on and connects to the network. The HDMI port on the AppleTV and the port it was connected to on my A/V receiver quit working yesterday. - AppleTV on any HDMI port or direct to the TV = "no signal" - any other, known working device on the...
  16. Pepper

    GEOSATpro Can the microHD do 5.1 audio?

    I notice that the NBC mux channels on 103W Ku have four audio streams. Watching the Olympic ceremony, I noticed that they appear slightly different and wonder if by combining these, you could have a 5.1 audio. I have not found a way to do it. It appears that stream 1 is front L+R and possibly...
  17. Pepper

    I just saved a couple hundred bucks!

    Well, sort of. My wife wanted a TV in the master bathroom where she does her daily art project so she can get her daily fix of Matt Lauer. I analyzed and figured out what it was going to take to run Coax or HDMI to that location from where the Dish receiver is, plus having to purchase the...
  18. Pepper

    What is the correct LO setting for a SuperDish?

    OK, I've got a couple of SuperDish with the stacked FSS LNB. Closest LO setting I've found is 10750/13850. It finds nothing on the transponders I previously was using on a standard (primestar) LNBF. Blindscan finds some of them but the polarity is reversed. I only get the vertical TPs which it...
  19. Pepper

    microHD is locking up!

    OK, this is weird. 125W is blocked by trees at the motorized position, so I setup an old superdish for it. I put it on port 1 of a DiSEqC 4x1 switch, with the motorized LNBF on port 4. Blindscanned vertical on 125W and got several channels. Now, when I go into motor/switch setting, the box...