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    Sacramento Spot Beam Question

    I'm in Los Angeles and have a receiver that is authorized for the Sacramento locals. After looking through the charts and maps that I found online, it looks like the spot beam for the Sacramento HD locals is ceneterd in Reno and won't reach this far South. The SD locals are centered in San...
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    KDOC Los Angeles Ch 12 Test

    Saw KDOC, Los Angeles testing on channel 12 yesterday. They were just airing a loop of PSAs and no sub channels yet. Also saw a crawl along the top of KTLA's sub channel Antenna TV warning viewers to rescan before Monday, 3/18 at Noon (no picture of that). They are currently simulcasting on...
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    Shaw Direct channel changes

    LOSat, thanks for posting the spreadsheets. Looks like I get to keep TCM after all. TVO is about the only channel I watch on a regular basis that I'll lose when the SD version goes away. I'm good as long as F1R and F2 are working, who knows after that.
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    Thinking of going with Shaw in California, have a few questions

    Thanks for the update, LOSat. Looks like I'll still have TCM after all. Bronx
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    Thinking of going with Shaw in California, have a few questions

    Biggest losses for me will be Turner Classic Movies and TVO. Bronx
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    What Free IPTV/OTT Apps Do You Use?

    I don't have the patience to sit through commercials anymore so don't have a lot of those on my Roku. I think Pluto TV is on my Roku but I only used it once. What I watch on Roku mostly are NHK World, Sky News, Amazon Prime Video, Ted Talks, Lifestream and the Roku Media Player. Bronx
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    Net Neutrality Explained

    Governors of Montana and New York sign executive orders requiring net neutrality in their states. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes net neutrality state policy with executive order Bronx
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    NewsOn commercials

    I ran into the same thing the last time I tried using NewsOn. I was looking for a Miami station to watch during hurricane Irma. Eventually found a station in Tampa Bay that was streaming its coverage and watched that all weekend. If you like news, you may want to check out the Lifestream Roku...
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    Those out of G1 footprint may lose a few channels in the next couple of years.

    Shaw Direct may be shocked at the number of subscriber cancellations on the days that follow the SD feeds being dropped. Unfortunately not being within the G1 footprint, I'll be one of them. Bronx
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    Say Thanks

    Thanks, I've missed this forum. Bronx
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    What is the furthest south that anyone has gotten Anik G1

    I have access to a 3.8m antenna where I work in in Los Angeles. Just for laughs one day last year I put it on F1 and looked on a spectrum analyzer to see if any of G1 was visible. I barely saw little blips in the G1 extended Ku frequency range; not enough to be a usable signal. This was using...
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    Shawdirect V-codes

    Thanks guys for the additional info. Bronx
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    Shawdirect V-codes

    Frenchophile, Thanks for the menu info. I FINALLY looked at mine (gee, that didn't take long!) and my code is 568-4320. I expected to see the 4320 since I have the older LNB, but do you know what the 568 means? Is that perhaps the receiver model? I have a 630 DVR. Bronx
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    The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

    I just finished watching Goliath (highly recommended, IMO) so was looking for something else to start. I'll only watch one episode a week so season 2 of High Castle should keep me satisfied for a while. Bronx
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    Shawdirect V-codes

    Which menu shows this code on a 630 PVR? Thanks! Bronx
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    Roku os 7.5

    Well, my Roku 3 started doing something new. Every night when I access my NAS, I find the video that I want to watch and when I hit play the Roku gives an error that it can't find the server. I back out of the player and do the process over again and it works just fine. Don't know if this is...
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    The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

    The HBO shows are the things I've been watching the most on Prime. I watched all of Deadwood and am nearing the end of The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I tried watching Boardwalk Empire and Banshee but couldn't really get into them. Bronx
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    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    Back in the early 90s I bought a Jeep Wrangler that came with a factory AM/FM stereo radio. The only AM stereo station I could receive was KFI, which is a talk station. But I remember how good the music bumps sounded on this radio. Bronx
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    Is there any preview channel or test channel on Shaw Direct?

    Earlier this year before my new receiver was activated it was able to receive TSC, I think it's channel 387? Bronx
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    The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

    I just watched the series over the holidays. With that ending I don't know how they can continue into a second season. I keep calling the show Man in the White Castle by mistake! Now I've started watching Deadwood. I don't subscribe to HBO so I'm glad it's on Amazon Prime video. I'm...