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    Sacramento Spot Beam Question

    I'm in Los Angeles and have a receiver that is authorized for the Sacramento locals. After looking through the charts and maps that I found online, it looks like the spot beam for the Sacramento HD locals is ceneterd in Reno and won't reach this far South. The SD locals are centered in San...
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    KDOC Los Angeles Ch 12 Test

    Saw KDOC, Los Angeles testing on channel 12 yesterday. They were just airing a loop of PSAs and no sub channels yet. Also saw a crawl along the top of KTLA's sub channel Antenna TV warning viewers to rescan before Monday, 3/18 at Noon (no picture of that). They are currently simulcasting on...
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    RIP My DSR 505

    Last week right in the middle of a program my 505 went to black and the front panel's orange LEDs started to light, one at a time from bottom to top over and over. At first I thought maybe it was a forced software update so I left it alone for a couple hours. The LED cycling never stopped so I...