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  1. MrDRC

    New Promo for Showtime/Starz?

    Did I imagine seeing a commercial that said Showtime and/or Starz was available at $7 per month for 6 months? I just came off a Dish Move promo and had the extra's for 3 months. I liked having Starz and Showtime but at retail pricing was not inclined to keep it with my limited TV time...
  2. MrDRC

    New Install - 6 tuners - Questions

    Im getting a complete overhaul on my 6 year old 500/300 setup and legacy Dish 6000 and two 2800 receivers. Dish gave me a great upgrade deal on two 622's and one 612 plus they are bringing a new dish, 1000.2, to eliminate my two dish setup. I'm having them install the new dish in a...
  3. MrDRC

    The ole Upgrade question...need advice

    I've been subscribed to Dish for 5 years now. I have the RCA 6000 receiver W/both the modules plus 2 2800's. Everything I have is legacy...SW64, Dish 500 with Dual LNB's and another dish pointing at 61.5 with single LNB. I dont have a DVR but used the Panasonic Showstoppers (no fee's) for...
  4. MrDRC

    Question about Dish PCM Signal

    Im having some trouble with the PCM signal from Dish being garbled when listening in Dolby PLIIx mode. Bascially all the OTA channels and Dish's Dolby transmissions including the HD channels are fine. However, when listening to any of the regular channels the audio is distorted with a high...
  5. MrDRC

    Who won, Who Lost?

    Hard to really tell with the back slapping and hand shaking going on but someone compromised. Who was it and is there anyway to really know?
  6. MrDRC

    811 vs 6000

    Well, my neighbor had his 811 installed yesterday and I had my first chance to compare it to my 6000. I even brought it over to my place today and hooked it up to my TV so I could get a true comparison with my box. Bottom line, I wasnt impressed with the 811 and thankful I stayed with my old...