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    Why are we still paying so much for sports?

    Gotta love the Flex pack, was able to do away with ESPN altogether.
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    With my Hopper with Sling, If I do not shrink the image and move it slightly down (where you line up the circles with the corners of the screen to size/position the PICTURE IMAGE) there is a massive amount of overscan on my display. It will actually cut off portions of the station ID logos in...
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    One thing that I noticed when I moved from my old house in April 2018 and they switched me to a Hopper from my old original 722 was decreased picture quality. I had the same 65" display and watching Dish through the Hopper, it seems significantly softer than my old 722. Everyone told me I was...
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    HOA says move dish

    That is the problem with HOA's, the delayed responses. When we were dealing with my wife's broken ankle I parked my car in the street as she parks in the garage (and I park in the driveway) and it was easier as we were only using one car. Did that for a week, and then moved my car back to the...
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    I agree, while most of the time the sound on most shows are "ok", I find that Dish sound quality is muddy and difficult to understand quite often. I am not sure if it is the original sound production on the show in question, or if it is Dish's compression that makes it so bad. My wife watches a...
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    Channel owners need to provide a product that people want rather than cram their packages down dish's throat. If you provide something that people want, they will pay for it. I love the flex pack, I can pick and choose what I want to see, without all the extra garbage. Streaming does still not...
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    I don't think building the entire brand around sports is a winning plan. I got the flex pack so I could EXCLUDE ESPN. I am a movie/hometheater buff and not into sports, and I am definitely looking for picture quality to view on 65"+ screen sizes (Dish is not quite as crisp on my 65"display as I...
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    Dying HWS

    Are the fees more on a Hopper 3 than HWS? I am paying $36 in fees now (HWS $15, and 3 WJ at $7 a pop). Don't they usually charge money to step up to H3 ($100 and up)? I know when I moved almost 2 years ago and went from my old 722 they wanted $150 more for the H3.
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    Dying HWS

    Yes I do with my HWS, especially since I have 3 tv's connected (2 wireless Joeys), sometimes I have to tell it to skip a prime time recording for a later showing to not tie up all three timers at the same time, wife and stepson might not appreciate that. I have thought about stepping up to a H3...
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    Dying HWS

    I had a HWS replaced in December, but I was having connectivity issues with wireless joey's. The sent a tech to check everything out and he ended up replacing the HWS. When I first moved to our new house in May of 2017 they did send me a replacement HWS without a tech, as a software update got...
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    joey's glitch

    I also had a similar issue with my HWS and Wireless Joeys. They ended up replacing the HWS and installing a Snap (not sure if that helped or not). I also started treating the Wireless Joeys very tenderly. I used to click the skip ahead button 7 or 8 times very quickly to skip commercials and it...
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    AVS Forum is much better
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    Strange OnDemand issue last night

    Last night after watching an episode of a show that I had recorded off the Discovery Channel, I saw other episodes of the same show available OnDemand in the list of episodes in the DVR. I selected one of them to watch, it took me to the rental screen (was free) and looked like it had started to...
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    Google Assist on Dish - Horrible!

    I abhor all things google (and Alexa, etc...)
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    Hopper Duo, Joey, & External Hard Drive Issue

    I have a Hopper with Sling with two external hard drives attached, I have wireless Joey's and they have no problem showing ALL drives in Other Devices folder when you are in the DVR. I am not sure why your does not, maybe it is the Joey with the issue?
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    On Demand issues this past weekend

    Thanks for the heads up that it is not just me or my equipment, I really didn't want to make another service call.
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    On Demand issues this past weekend

    I was previously having issues with my Hopper with Sling and wireless Joey setup, this has for the most part calmed down and been issue free for about 6 weeks. This past weekend the wife was bingeing on demand programming (60 Days In) and had numerous issues getting episodes to stream. Normally...
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    Dish replaced HWS, still seeing some issues

    Well, I hate to say anything to jinx this but my wireless joey issues seem to be resolved. I don't know if it was the new hopper with sling they swapped out, or the snap the tech installed with it, (or a combination of the two) but it has been running pretty smoothly for about 6 weeks now. I...
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    My Dish Experience

    For the cost of the early cancellation I would have made more effort to figure out the problem, that picture was NOT normal and could have been fixed with a little effort.