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    I have been holding off on upgrading. Finally, on Thanksgiving, I figured I would see what the deal was. So I messaged Dish through Facebook to see what upgrading would run. I needed 2 Hoppers with Sling and 4 joeys. After messaging back and forth over a couple hours while getting everything...
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    Dish artifact issue...

    Ok, I pinned it down to what must be an issue with the encoder at dish.. It was driving me crazy all night making me think my new tv is messed up. I was seeing this horizontal artifact line across the middle of the screen only where there was movement in that area. But if only occurs on FoxHD -...
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    Fingers crossed on smooth upgrade..

    I am on the 110/119/61.5 setup in the Philly area, so I haven't gotten the latest addition of HD channels yet.. I have been wanting to add a 222 to my account but was told to wait till February so I can get it for free (leased).. I'm a little slow so I call today and they say "Sure, no problem...
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    CSN - Philly?

    Does anyone know if there are plans for Comcast SportsNet Phila anytime soon?
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    HD Receivers..

    Is there a comparison chart between the HD receivers? Does anyone know if there are plans to be able to view recorded programs between DVRs? I am planning on getting a couple new HD receivers to use on TVs that are now on analog cable, and since analog is being slowly dissappearing I will need a...
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    Change in compression?

    I had archived a bunch of shows before I went on vacation so I could record all my shows while I was away and I noticed that ER went from 4.5 GB on 4/17 to 2.5 GB on 4/24.. as well as a few other shows that are about half the size they were previously.. mostly NBC shows.. after the same time...
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    Daylight savings update?

    Does anyone know if an upcoming or past update will address the change in Daylight Savings this year? It starts March 11 this year and I hope the fix will be in before then..
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    CW Network?

    Any news on whether Dish is putting up the CW in HD when it rolls out in September?
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    NBC HD Feed in Phila crappy...

    Does anyone else have this problem? The OTA signal looks good, but the feed from the satellite is choppy and looks like you are tripping or something from the trails..
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    CW Network?

    Has there been any talk of picking up the CW Network when it comes out? Since they can now get 2 for the price of one I figure that now they should look at finally picking up the last network, beside PBS.. which I guess is a whole nother can of worms..