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    No video with DishAnywhere and Hopper 3

    A couple of months ago, I upgraded from a 722 with a sling adapter to a Hopper 3. With the 722, DishAnywhere worked fine with my phone (LG G6) and with my laptop (using Firefox). A little over a week ago, while on a trip, I tried to use DishAnywhere for the first time since getting the...
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    Replacement 722 Means Lost External HD Recordings?

    About a month ago, our VIP 722 receiver had to be replaced. Today, I connected the external HD, which had a large number of recorded programs, to the new receiver for the first time. I got Warning 866, which said that an external HD could only be used with one receiver, and that I would have...
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    Movies Disappear Overnight with 722 and L812

    Seems like a bug from years ago has reappeared on the 722 running L812. Last night we downloaded a Blockbuster at home movie that allowed 30 days to view. When we went to watch it today, it was gone. Someone on the other forum is also reporting this problem.
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    Loss of RF Output when TV on DVI Turned Off

    When I turn off the TV that I have connected to the DVI output of the Voom receiver, the RF output from the receiver disappears, if I am tuned to a high definition channel. If I am tuned to a standard definition channel, then the RF output does not disappear when the TV is turned off. The...