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  1. lacubs

    PROSCAN Remote question

    my father order me a replace remote for my for mine PROSCAN tv and I got it today and when i turn it on with the new remote , the picture was totally different half dark , but when use my old remote , my tv picture when back to normal , do why this is? and how to make my new remote with my tv...
  2. lacubs

    Amazon Prime Question

    Mine subscription is up in October and I not renewal is there a way to put a stop it right now so i don't forget and I still get until my last day? if I press the End Membership button right now will end it right now or mine end of mine subscribe date? thanks
  3. lacubs

    Norton 360

    i got email about 10 days ago with a free upgrade, is worth it ? thanks
  4. lacubs

    Ipad Question

    i have an like 5 years Ipad still works great for i use it for, but last night when i updated the apps, it's told me i needed the newest ISO software update, but when i go to the update it's have none, does it means mine Ipad is getting too old for newly apps updates? or how can get or force the...
  5. lacubs

    ps4 Question

    i have a PS4, but I haven't use in few years , can anyone please tell me if I need a subscription to the playstation network to just watch Netflix & WWE Network Thanks
  6. lacubs

    MLB Question

    is the freeview over? Thanks
  7. lacubs

    Olympic Question

    are all the hockey on the The USA Network ? so i can record the series
  8. lacubs

    snow question

    i been without directv for about a week now because of snow, i can't get my dish to clear it off, and Erie Pa has been hit by record account of snow, what can i do beside of a water gun?
  9. lacubs

    927 Error

    what is 927 Error? I downloaded a 3 minute tv show catch up, and when i when to watch it i got 927 Error thanks
  10. lacubs

    Local dispute

    just out of curiosity what is Directv record with getting Local Channels back? a few weeks or more? thanks
  11. lacubs

    Live Chat

    how does the Live chat work on because i type very slow? just out of curiosity
  12. lacubs

    How to update Windows Live Mail?

    mine mail need a update i been looking for one a week, maybe you can point me in right direction thanks
  13. lacubs

    Guide Question

    last night we loss power for few times, and when mine HR34,when mine guide start pick up programs for mine to do list and my guide says "To Be Announced on that channel and even went i look for a show it not in the guide but i can for it from the search would another reset help ?
  14. lacubs

    Battery Back-Up System

    I had 2 that died that die within a year, do you need charge them? or what i am do wrong? thanks
  15. lacubs

    Windows 10 Question

    I upgrade to Windows 10, 3 weeks ago because i lost my osk.exe application, and that is my most important application i use, and the only way i can get back was to upgrade, now my question is on some site where you steam video it's horrible quality. Is that a known problem? thanks
  16. lacubs

    Antivirus Software

    just a quick question - What is the best Antivirus Software ? thanks
  17. lacubs

    NHL Free Preview Complaining

    the NHL does it right! when the NBA go their Allstar break the NHL give a free preview , why can't the NBA do the way when the the NHL go their Allstar break?
  18. lacubs

    Best Buy - Price Match Guarantee

    I use Nero alot, and i have $100 gift card from BB, and i want Nero 2016 Platinum, and Amazon have it for $60 Cheaper, do you think BB will match it? / thanks
  19. lacubs

    Banner Question

    who is charge of the Banners? DirecTV or The Network? because there been a few times a banner for days saying a movie is available now on HBO IN Demand and movie isn't there yet
  20. lacubs

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    i may be dumb, but what is it? a like ipad or a phone ? thanks