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    New Directv promos All Included

    Thank you for the responses. Prices are right and the jump is coming. Genie is 5 tuner correct? Any insight on the future with the new hopper having so many more tuners? I love the technology advances! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    New Directv promos All Included

    I am a former Directv customer and my two years with Dish are up this month. The Directv website is advertising an All In package that includes up to 4 receivers, HD service and DVR for VERY reasonable rates. Anyone take advantage? One more question...if I jump do you all recommend wired or...
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    Price of Dish America,Silver & Gold package

    What are the differences in these packages?
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    $5 off gone, 50% back?

    I just tried a chat on Saturday and discounted HBO was a no go for me.
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    Virtual Joey on PS3

    Would a virtual Joey work on a network other than the home network that the hopper is connected to? Feature would be handy when traveling and staying in hotels. I figured unlikely hut thought someone here would know the answer. Thanks, Mike
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    New install, new equipment?

    Am looking to sign up the next few days and will be getting a HWS, super Joey, and two Joeys. Do new customers get new receivers? New remotes? Thanks in advance for your help! Mike
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    Disney Jr.

    Is Disney Jr in HD on Dish?
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    Considering switching to Dish

    I am still on the fence but that fence is swaying towards Dish. I am intrigued by the Hopper and the remote viewing capabilities. I have heard folks mention a promotional deal for new subs that will take an additional 50.00 of at time of sign up. Is this still an active promo? I just called...
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    Considering switching to Dish

    I appreciate all the input. RSNs are not an issue at all me. Dish may actually allow me to access some early season Kentucky Wildcat games that I do not get via Directv. I do have the genie and HD DVRs in three other rooms. I do need to look a little closer at the channels but it seems they...
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    Considering switching to Dish

    I know this is a personal preference topic but wanted to hear opinions from those kind enough to share. Have been on Directv for 8 years and generally happy. Hopper intrigues me but not sure about advantages over the Genie. I do like the option of getting Redzone channel without threatening to...
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    Unsuccessful Sunday Ticket Bargaining

    Yes I was able to get redzone alone again this year for free. They said it was only available to former ST subs. I had ST for the first 4 years before canceling last year. Good Luck!
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    WTF, Sunday Ticket price should be lowered not raised!!

    I was able to get the redzone channel alone for free again this year as a former Sunday Ticket subscriber. I was very happy with that.
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    Help me decide to switch to Dish or not

    Not having Sprout is not a deal breaker. I am just trying to gather information to make an informed decision. Read on Scott's post where if switch I could get the multi sports pack for like 99 cents this season to get redzone. Dish is really pulling at me with that one.
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    Help me decide to switch to Dish or not

    I cannot find Sprout listed on dish website. Redzone being available on dish and not being offered by Directv unless you spring for huge football package. Yes, channels my kids enjoy are a consideration when choosing providers.
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    Help me decide to switch to Dish or not

    My monthly fees are around 120.00 I also sub to HBO. Does Dish carry PBS Sprout? I have two boys who love them some sprout.
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    Help me decide to switch to Dish or not

    Ok I have been with Directv for six years and I currently have 3 HD DVRs. I receive my HD locals as well as HD from NY (grandfathered in, got them before my locals were offered in HD) which is nice during football season given my a few options. I subbed to Sunday ticket up until last year. Just...
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    Anyone know if we will be able to get Redzone Channel a la carte

    Last year I received the Redzone channel free being a former Sunday Ticket subscriber. Anyone heard if Directv will make that channel available as a standalone? Thanks, Mike
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    Lexington KY locals in HD

    I am thinking of switching to Dish from Directv. Can anyone tell me if Dish has all of the big 4 networks in HD in Lexington,KY? Dish website leads me to believe that they do not offer FOX in HD. Anyone from the area confirm? Thanks, Mike
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    Replacing a troublesome HR21

    I have not checked signal strength. I have 3 HD DVR receivers and only one of them give me any trouble. I will hive that a look. Trying to avoid the PP for now.
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    Replacing a troublesome HR21

    I have been having issues with one of my HR21s for a while now. Often will not respond to remote without restarting receiver (not batteries). Recordings are stuttering making them barely watchable. Occasionally it will work fine. I relocated to a bedroom because it was very frustrating in main...