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  1. ScooterS

    Locals from two nearby cities- Central Texas

    Thanks all! Is there any way that I can get the locals from the two markets integrated into my Dish Hopper and guide? I'd prefer not to have to switch inputs to my OTA tuners on the TVs if I can avoid it. I know that I can do it for San Antonio, but can I do it for the Austin stations as...
  2. ScooterS

    Locals from two nearby cities- Central Texas

    In a few months we will be moving from Austin to New Braunfels, Texas. Local news for NB comes from San Antonio. Our home isn't built yet, but I believe that we are on the edge of San Antonio OTA and the ragged edge of Austin OTA signals. The two cities are in (almost) opposite directions...
  3. ScooterS

    Team Summit 2019

    Great coverage and information Scott! I miss the old days when this stuff was reallly happening at CES. You and your friends were there to cover it. All makes me re-energized about Dish! (If you hear anything new about Smart Box, let me know or grab some info). Safe Travels!
  4. ScooterS

    Wally RV Problems- Software Update?

    Thanks Rubenray! This post in your link is the best clue so far... Here's what I just got from Winegard Customer Support. Hopefully Dish is tuned in and working on a Fix! "...The U801 software version is causing an inconsistent voltage issue on the receiver which is th reason you are getting...
  5. ScooterS

    Wally RV Problems- Software Update?

    I saw it on the Facebook "Tiffin Motorhomes Technical Forum" on Facebook. It is hard to post a direct link, but you can search. It looks like the folks with the "dome antennas" are complaining about a variety of symptoms since an update on 4/24. Some are getting pushed to SD, some have...
  6. ScooterS

    Wally RV Problems- Software Update?

    I've been following an RV forum where multiple Wally users say they began having problems with a frequent "signal loss" message. They are all saying that this popped up in the last few days, possibly after a software update. Any ideas? Is Dish aware/working on this??
  7. ScooterS

    Scott's Friend Leaving Dish

    Swain is headed here: Dish CFO Steve Swain leaves for Brookdale Senior Living | Push-out Score
  8. ScooterS

    Scott's Friend Leaving Dish

    Vivek certainly will be missed! Somehow, I suspect that there is more to the story. It appears that this is where he is going: Liberty Latin America Appoints Vivek Khemka as Chief Technology and Product Officer
  9. ScooterS

    Dish Doles Out Digital Antennas as Retrans Battle Looms

    do you still get your Locals guide on the Dish menu when you drop the Satellite Locals.
  10. ScooterS

    Smartbox and IP Output

    We're giving some thought into installing Smartbox in a large communications center. We'd like to have the option for multi-channel TV on flat panel TVs, as well as an IP interface so that channels can be viewed on operator's PCs. Does anyone have experience with this? I see some limited...
  11. ScooterS

    Hopper 3 / 4K Joey - 4k Programming List

    Thanks Scott.... I don't have a 4K primary TV yet. I wondered how Hopper would handle. When I tried to download the 4K Version of Defiance, it indicated that I didn't have a 4K TV and asked if I wanted to download a compatible version. The Samsung TV says that it is playing a 1080i (not...
  12. ScooterS

    So far not a good upgrade.

    The sift to the new remote hasn't been too bad. I was sure that I wouldn't adapt to it. I have both on the table next to my chair. Now I always reach for the new one.
  13. ScooterS

    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    OK... Here is the summary of my install: Task: Replace a HWS and Joey1 with a Hopper 3 and a Joey4K. Location: Austin, Texas area I planned to go through DIRT, but they were (understandably) jammed and I was in the 200's. I called Dish yesterday (Saturday) morning to check on the "deal" and...
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    Looks like they are moving faster now and are in the "180s." I suspect that you will get a message soon. Have fun!
  15. ScooterS


    Tech is here. He says that the Joey 4Ks haven't arrived here (Austin, TX) yet. He is going to put in a 2.0 and swap later. Seems to be experienced, but this is his first Hopper 3 install. ....... Standby for updates.
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    ....too much time.
  17. ScooterS


    It was the 4K Joey.
  18. ScooterS


    Scott: I saw that you mentioned that we could call Dish directly. Since I'm down in the "200's" for DIRT contact, I decided to call and see what an upgrade would cost. I expected to get a semi-clueless rep. However, the guy that I got was "on it," so I continued the discussion. Within about...
  19. ScooterS

    looks like some of dish webpages are not working

    I found the same problem a few minutes ago. All of the pages seemed to redirect to a generic non-dish page. I thought they had been jacked!
  20. ScooterS

    Hopper 3 Postponed (Not really)

    Lots of us are impatient for the release of the new Hopper. But we will be the same ones crabbin' if they release it with "buggy" software, or CSRs and installers that aren't fully trained. I've been excited about the new carbon interface since I saw it at CES a year ago. The Hopper 3 is...