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    forced download

    Hi All I have no luck forcing a HS17 download. Whats the trick? SSTV
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    Hr54 and external power inserter

    Hi all I need information on the correct wiring of a HR54 and a external PI. I know the HR54 has a internal PI but can be used with a external PI. The info I get on the internet is somewhat confusing. Thanks SSTV
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    H23 and AM21

    Hi All I have posted this on another board and everyone but Directv agrees that it can be done. My H20 with OTA broke down so it was replaced with an H23. Directv says an AM21 will not work with an H23. Must be an HR21 or later to work with an AM21. Does anyone know the real story here? The...
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    Slow Web Site

    Hi All I find lots of good info here but the site is very slow. I am on dial up but this site is the slowest of all the places I visit on the web, so I tend to avoid coming here. The server is either a dog or I am doing something wrong. Any ideas? SSTV