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    New Directv promos All Included

    I am a former Directv customer and my two years with Dish are up this month. The Directv website is advertising an All In package that includes up to 4 receivers, HD service and DVR for VERY reasonable rates. Anyone take advantage? One more question...if I jump do you all recommend wired or...
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    Virtual Joey on PS3

    Would a virtual Joey work on a network other than the home network that the hopper is connected to? Feature would be handy when traveling and staying in hotels. I figured unlikely hut thought someone here would know the answer. Thanks, Mike
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    New install, new equipment?

    Am looking to sign up the next few days and will be getting a HWS, super Joey, and two Joeys. Do new customers get new receivers? New remotes? Thanks in advance for your help! Mike
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    Considering switching to Dish

    I know this is a personal preference topic but wanted to hear opinions from those kind enough to share. Have been on Directv for 8 years and generally happy. Hopper intrigues me but not sure about advantages over the Genie. I do like the option of getting Redzone channel without threatening to...
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    Help me decide to switch to Dish or not

    Ok I have been with Directv for six years and I currently have 3 HD DVRs. I receive my HD locals as well as HD from NY (grandfathered in, got them before my locals were offered in HD) which is nice during football season given my a few options. I subbed to Sunday ticket up until last year. Just...
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    Anyone know if we will be able to get Redzone Channel a la carte

    Last year I received the Redzone channel free being a former Sunday Ticket subscriber. Anyone heard if Directv will make that channel available as a standalone? Thanks, Mike
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    Lexington KY locals in HD

    I am thinking of switching to Dish from Directv. Can anyone tell me if Dish has all of the big 4 networks in HD in Lexington,KY? Dish website leads me to believe that they do not offer FOX in HD. Anyone from the area confirm? Thanks, Mike
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    Replacing a troublesome HR21

    I have been having issues with one of my HR21s for a while now. Often will not respond to remote without restarting receiver (not batteries). Recordings are stuttering making them barely watchable. Occasionally it will work fine. I relocated to a bedroom because it was very frustrating in main...
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    Replacing a defective HD DVR

    I have 3 HD DVRs in my home and my main unit in living room has become virtually unwatchable due to video stuttering every 20-30 seconds. It is worse on DVR'ed programs. My boxes are all leased and I do not have the protection plan. Any chance DTV will replace this unwatchable receiver...
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    NFL Redzone on DTV not active?

    I was one of the many who called and received the free redzone from D*. My redzone is not active now. I just called and was told it must be a glitch and was told to wait it out. How about anyone else. Is it active for you?
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    Help needed syncing Pam TX with Outlook 07

    Can anyone help me sync my Palm TX with outlook 07. Seems like a common issue, but everything I have tried has failed so far. Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike
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    HR2X needed

    I am looking to add another HD DVR to my account. I have 2 standard def Tivos, 2 HD Tivos. I do not need install, it will just be replacing a SD Tivo. Anyone had any recent luck getting free upgrade from D*? Thanks, Mike
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    Wanted: Quality surge protector/conditioner

    I have just purchased a new tv and am looking for a quality surge protector/power conditioner to protect my investment. Any suggestions? I want quality but I do not want to overpay for a name brand. Thanks, Mike
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    Installing second SATA drive in PC

    I have recently installed a second sata HDD in my PC and my PC will not recognize it. I has went into th bios and turned on the SATA 2 port which is where the drive is installed. When XP boots the drive is not visible under My Computer. I do not know what RAID is, thus RAID is currently off...
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    Component cables for Wii (Monoporice?)

    How many of you are using the monoprice component cable for your wii? I want one of these and am looking for your expert opinion. I am thinking about grabbing one of these versus the 30.00 original. Thanks in advance, Mike
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    Help! I need PS3 and Xbox 360 open nat connections

    I recently purchased a D-Link DGL 4300 gaming router. It is wireless, but I have both my PS3 and 360 hooked up wired. I cannot seem to get the PS3 at Nat 2, and the 360 fails the MTU tests but I can play online with NBS 2K8 so who knows. I am trying to forward or open ports, but am unsure if...
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    Blackberry Accessories

    Anyone know of a place to get quality accessories at a reasonable price for Blackberries? I am looking for car chargers and cases. Thanks in advance! mike
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    West Coast HD on East Coast?

    Is it possible to get both the East and West HD DNS feeds? I currently have the East coast as I fall in a grey area in KY. I would love to be able to get both East and West. Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks, Mike
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    Samsung DLP deal @ Best Buy

    Just found a deal at BB. Basically you get a free xbox 360 and Halo 3 when buying a Samsung DLP. How are these sets? Check this out and let me know how hard I should start working on the wife.
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    Any satguys playing NCAA 07 (360) on live?

    Hey, I just picked up my copy of NCAA 07 and if anyone else here has this game stick me on your friends list and we can play and talk sat stuff. I am not a trashtalker I just like to play games as a leisure activity not a career. gamertag gregg6097