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  1. jcrandall

    Sling box question

    Hi Claude, as mentioned above you'll likely need to use component video due to HDCP. As for port forwarding, it is typically not necessary anymore unless they are using an old router or a router that has restrictions that stop it from happening automatically. From memory it uses UPnP or...
  2. jcrandall

    3 Year Price Lock Details

    I think you're right, but should also consider that you will get package savings in the third year that you would not otherwise. Savings right now are around $15, plus assume future price increase around $5/yr, and you are saving at least $25/mo in the third year, which offsets at least half of...
  3. jcrandall

    3 Year Price Lock Details

    Thank you both, that addressed all my concerns from when I last had dish in 2006. Much appreciate your replies :)
  4. jcrandall

    3 Year Price Lock Details

    Three questions coming to my mind as I think about my options, I'm sure most Dish folks know these pretty easy: 1 - I know they use PT HD RSNs, but do most to all pro games show on Dish in HD? 10 years ago it was around half, I would assume it is much better now? Example being FS Detroit...
  5. jcrandall

    3 Year Price Lock Details

    When you say the 3 yr program will not include the DVR fee are you speaking of the $15/mo fee for the Hopper 3? So essentially sign up today and get 2 years at $49.99 for a Hopper 2. Signup in a few days and get 3 years at $64.99 with Hopper 3? Over the 3rd year and having the price lock to...
  6. jcrandall

    DISH 2016 CES Press Event

    Thank you sir, great job on the CES coverage, videos came out great and the pictures bring it to life.
  7. jcrandall

    DISH 2016 CES Press Event

    For the sports bar mode, any chance it would work on a non-4k TV?
  8. jcrandall

    DISH 2016 CES Press Event

    Excellent Credit
  9. jcrandall

    DISH and Sinclair extend contract talks (Update 8/25 Stations Removed)

    From We are currently experiencing a dispute with Sinclair and your local stations are impacted by these negotiations. We have agreed to Sinclair's rates and all terms for carriage of Sinclair's local channels, but the broadcaster has chosen to black out customers to gain...
  10. jcrandall

    DISH and Sinclair extend contract talks (Update 8/25 Stations Removed)

    Updated the homepage - this is a big dispute with over 150 stations in 79 markets. Many markets losing multiple affiliates. Dish better make this one quick or they will likely experience some fallout.
  11. jcrandall

    MLB Extra Innings Now Available

    ESPN Exclusive are blacked out from EI, but that is pretty much just sunday nights at this point. ESPN Opening day broadcasts are not exclusive. They used to have a wednesday night exclusive but that is no longer the case (2-3 years now).
  12. jcrandall

    Netflix comes to the Hopper with Sling

    That is a great addition to a satellite box, something that I would love to see DirecTV pursue. I hope this becomes a trend-setter and most cable/satellite boxes support major non-competing streaming services in the next couple years.
  13. jcrandall

    You need Top 200 just to get WGN America?

    DirecTV places it in the Xtra package, which is similar to Dish 200 placement. Many cable companies have it on a basic tier, which anymore is more of a throwback that was just never changed. WGN America is very different today than in the 90's when it was a superstation - and there was many...
  14. jcrandall

    Scott Talks Joeys with Vivek Khemka (VIDEO)

    Nice interview guys. The super joey as a way to add two tuners to a hopper setup is a hell of an idea, many houses are fine with three but here is an economical way to get 5 total. Also allows upgrading their current customer base without having to upgrade to new hardware, very scalable.
  15. jcrandall

    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    That line is pretty scary when you look at Dish and Disney, of which ESPN is a part of.
  16. jcrandall

    SIRIUS Channel Changes Coming May 5th!

    This is easier to use: XM: SIRI: Same channel number for most stuff but still some differences, especially in sports. No real changes to the "Best of" content, just new name of XM...
  17. jcrandall

    SatelliteGuys First Look Review - DISH Sling Adapter

    Nice job Scott. A big change needed - they need a login for just this box, so you can use it in the slingplayer, or slingplayer mobile. Not everyone has an iphone, and not everyone only uses their device for themselves. You called it, gotta have separate logins.
  18. jcrandall


    Unbelievable, simply unbelievable how Dish continues to struggle with these negotations, that their customers should never even hear about.
  19. jcrandall

    Anyone been audited lately?

    Please no more reference of account stacking regardless of provider.
  20. jcrandall

    Best way to handle technican?

    Physically handling the technicians can result in sexual harrassment lawsuits. Best to avoid :D