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    What is the furthest south that anyone has gotten Anik G1

    That's good to know- I'm 30 or so miles to your north-northwest so I guess I can make the investment in the new lnb. Thanks!
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    OK, So I am Closer Than Ever to Cancelling Shaw Direct and Going 100% Internet

    There are sites like Zattoo that actually allow you to do this. If accessed correctly they carry many French channels from both France and Switzerland.
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    Anik F1R and Anik G1 signal survey Post your results.

    I'm sorry, I don't have the new lnb to pick up the new satellite....but I get the type of signal you do on F1R; I also have a 75 cm dish.
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    Anik F1R and Anik G1 signal survey Post your results.

    I'll be interested to know how you fare...I'm just north of you in Harrisburg and wondering if my 75 will be all I need for G1.
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    Anik G1 Online. Not strong in the Southwestern U.S.

    It'll be interesting to see how close this map gets to the actual results:!ajax/embed?beam=7527
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    Shaw Xku Triple LNBF FAQ

    I'm right on the line of the new footprint; wonder what sort of signal I'll get.
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    Receiving Canadian satellite signal in US -- why illegal?

    But Canadians have the best of both worlds. They not only get their channels, obviously, but are also able to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, CW, CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, etc. If Dish or Direct carried that many Canadian channels I might not have Shaw. :)
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    Receiving Canadian satellite signal in US -- why illegal?

    You must also remember that channels and tv stations pay for programming but they only pay for a certain territory. So TSN might have the rights to a Maple Leafs game across Canada but not the United States. So when TSN signs a contract to be carried on Bell and Shaw it's with the...
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    Freeway Support still in business?

    kubrick, if you have family in Canada then you should just arrange things through them, I would think....provided they don't have a problem with you using their address and phone number, etc. You will have to change your dish for StarChoice (now called Shaw Direct) or you could just have your...
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    Freeway Support still in business?

    Thank you joshuals :)
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    Fox v. Dish (& Cablevision): A reasoned article!

    Mixing OTA and satellite is such a pain though. It can be done- but I like to keep things simple.
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    NFL week 6 weekly pics.

    Wonder how NE will look without Moss. Not just his absence but who will get double-coverage now. Welker, I'd suppose. Can't wait to see how they get around that.
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    Freeway Support still in business?

    I've just tried to PM you but because I've not posted here before it won't allow me to do so...I've just got to get up to three posts to do so. :)