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    Did H&I TV, KTLN in San Francisco stop broadcasting OTA?

    KTLN 68 (along with KAXT 1) broadcast on channel 22 from Mt. Allison in the the East Bay - same location as RF channels19 and 20. I'm still receiving the station fine here in San Francisco and haven't noticed any loss of signal. 68.1 is H&I, and there's an HD version of ME-Tv on 68.2 and and...
  2. larrykenney

    KBRO-LD is going to ATSC 3.0 in 8-1-20

    Someone asked if anyone is going to be able to watch KBRO-LD with 3 kw on channel 2. Well, KQRO is running ATSC 1.0 on channel 2 with 3 kw and i receive a solid signal from it 55 miles away from the transmitter site. ATSC-3.0 is supposed to be better than ATSC 1.0, too! Larry
  3. larrykenney

    Frustrated by numerous program guide issues

    I've been noticing several programs that I record regularly are being marked as "do not record" and I have to go into the guide and update the program status frequently. It must be a glitch in the latest software version causing this to happen, as it's never been a problem before. Now if I...
  4. larrykenney

    Low VHF working well

    We now have stations on all Low VHF channels in the San Francisco Bay Area, one full power on channel 5 and four low power on the other channels. Reception seems to be working well for us, despite all the comments I've heard about power interference and noise. The full power station on channel...
  5. larrykenney

    Channel 540, 4k

    The Super Bowl on channel 540-1 is looking really good here!
  6. larrykenney

    Circle TV Network

    Circle has appeared on KBCW 44.5 here in San Francisco and on KMAX 31.5 in Sacramento, both CBS O&Os.
  7. larrykenney

    KGO, San Francisco, on Aux. antenna until May 1

    Yes, they've been on the tower since it was built back in the '70s, and they also have a translator on channel 35 for the San Jose area, broadcasting from Mt. Allison, above Fremont, CA.
  8. larrykenney

    New Free Voice Remote

    Thank you, Jasmine, for the info. I'll give it a try and see how I like it. Larry
  9. larrykenney

    KGO, San Francisco, on Aux. antenna until May 1

    KGO has had to move to their Auxiliary antenna for the next several months so that their old main antenna can be removed and replaced with their new antenna for channel 12 plus a new channel 7 antenna for KRON, moving to 7 from 38. Several viewers have reported completely losing the KGO signal...
  10. larrykenney

    New Free Voice Remote

    I received an email from Dish saying that a new voice remote for my receiver was being mailed to me at no charge. I didn't order it, so I was wondering if others are also getting the new remote. Larry
  11. larrykenney

    San Francisco DX

    I broke a record last evening for most distant station received at my home in San Francisco. At 10:10 pm I received KSBY 6 - RF 15, a San Luis Obispo station that's 193 miles south south east from here! Prior to this KNVN 24, also RF 24, transmitting from the bluffs east of Red Bluff was my most...
  12. larrykenney

    Hopper 3 misssed recordings

    I've noticed lately that some shows that are supposed to record are marked with a "skip it" logo, the white ball. Like Smokey, I have programs set to record all new shows. I've had to restore the recording of several that were new but marked "skip it". Once restored they record okay, but it's...
  13. larrykenney

    Court TV now on KRON

    Today, May 8, KRON 4.4 started carrying Court TV programming. Larry
  14. larrykenney

    Court TV Making a Return

    Court TV is now on KRON 4-4 in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  15. larrykenney

    KAXT/KTLN now Weigel Broadcasting - SF Bay Area

    As of April 17 at midnight, Weigel Broadcasting became the owners of KAXT and KTLN which are sharing on RF 42 from Mt. Allison. At that time all of the programming changed. KAXT has nothing on virtual 1.1 and has "Decades" in SD on virtual 1.2. KTLN has "Heroes and Icons" in HD on 68.1 and...
  16. larrykenney

    KAXT 1 / KTLN 68 SF Bay Area New ownership/new programming

    Two nights ago Weigel Broadcasting became the owners of two stations in the San Francisco/San Jose Market - KAXT virtual 1 and KTLN virtual 68. Both are low power stations sharing on RF 42. KAXT is now broadcasting "Decades" in SD on 1.2, and KTLN has "Heroes and Icons" on 68.1 and MeTV on...
  17. larrykenney

    Best Long range UHF outdoor antenna

    I've been happy with my Antennas Direct XG-91. It works well for UHF stations that are up to 62 miles away. It is quite directional for distant stations, however, and you need to be pretty much spot on the right direction.
  18. larrykenney

    VHF Lo Reception on VHF-Hi/UHF Designed Antennas

    Here's a picture showing my antennas where you can easily see the size difference. The top antenna, the Winegard 8200, covers low VHF very nicely, as well as high VHF and UHF, where the XG-91, below it, designed for UHF only., does not receive low VHF at all. It does work for a high VHF...
  19. larrykenney

    VHF Lo Reception on VHF-Hi/UHF Designed Antennas

    With my Winegard 8200U, an all band antenna, I can receive a solid signal from a low power station transmitting on channel 2 from 55 miles away. My UHF XG-91 and CM-4228 get absolutely no signal on that channel. We have two stations transmitting on channels 3 and 4 from 14 miles away, and the...
  20. larrykenney

    ATSC 3.0 to be Deployed in 40 U.S. Markets by End of 2020

    Comfortably_numb wrote: Lots of people keep asking this question and it has a simple answer --- on the channel they're presently using. They have to find another station to carry their regular program for five years. If KXYZ is transmitting its 1.0 signal on channel 22, their new 3.0 station...
  21. larrykenney

    ATSC 3.0 Simulcast Discussion

    From my understanding, when a station changes to ATSC 3.0 it will transmit on the same channel that they transmit on now (or their new one after the repack change). They will have to find another station that will carry their present ATSC 1.0 signal as a sub-channel.
  22. larrykenney

    Stadium Sports

    CBS owned KMAX 31 in Sacramento carries it on 31.4.
  23. larrykenney

    Can H3 cause this issue

    I'm not sure if it's the same situation, but whenever I'm watching something where something has been previous recorded I get a quick break up whenever a recording stops. Say I recorded the show at 10 pm... if I tune into the recording for the 11 o'clock news I see a bit of a break up when the...
  24. larrykenney

    MPEG2 Receivers being swapped to MPEG4 in these DMA's

    No, there's not much 4K yet on cable and none on the broadcast networks, but you can find lots of 4K programming on Netflix and Amazon Prime and many beautiful scenic travel logs in 4K on YouTube. You won't see any 4K on broadcast TV until they turn on ATSC 3.0.
  25. larrykenney

    Local OTA Tuner get $10 off bill each month idea

    The last time I did a scan I came up with a total 0f 124 channels! Many of them come from the same OTA channel -- one of our low power locals offers 16 sub-channels, three of them offer 10, and several have four or five, so they add up fast. Larry San Francisco