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    5G interference solutions

    I am in northern Pickens county and have no signs of 5G here. Ortho feed also on a perforated 10 foot Unimesh.
  2. Comptech

    M.2 Drives

    Why so negative on everything? They are both Pcie4.o Run fast and love them. Not getting into a match, just stating the Crucial drive screams also. I do not do tests, just user experice and cheaper than Samsung.
  3. Comptech

    M.2 Drives

    Old thread but want to respond. I just built a 13th Gen I5 system with the fairly new Crucial P5 Plus NVME and it screams. I have no way of testing against my Samsung 980's other than just using it. But it is a super fast drive. And alot cheaper than a Samsung.
  4. Comptech

    CES-2023: Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

    That is nice! I love Lenovo, although I own nothing that fancy, I do have a bunch of their tiny PC's all 8th Gen I7's you can grab from ebay for under $200 bucks. Add a M.2 drive and have a sweet computer. Windows activation in bios, what else can you ask for? Not gamers by any means, but great...
  5. Comptech

    Old nFusion Nuvenio HD factory firmware

    Most modern motherboards still have a com port header, a six dollar bracket and you have a com port.
  6. Comptech

    Test Thread

  7. Comptech

    Blind Scan Hangs

    If it is the old V8 Nova that was a known problem and as far as I know never was Fixed. They only did that on 91Ku for some reason.
  8. Comptech

    5G interference questions

    Might just be me, but I am thinking a lot of people are using 5G as a excuse for a dish that needs fine tuning. I get 5G service on my phone here full bars and I am rural, so I would guess 3.7 MHZ. I have no problem with my dish.
  9. Comptech

    Dbs system creation

    I ordered a 6909X card to work with, the 5927 with USB2 could be the problem.
  10. Comptech

    Dbs system creation

    I use a silicone dust 4k flex plugged into the router, also DVB Viewer witch see's the tuner and sat signals, still having some trouble with viewer, but overall it works well. It's winter and will have time to work the wrinkles out of Viewer, but have no problem getting most signals. Of course...
  11. Comptech

    Frustrated by numerous program guide issues

    I would say Dish, my Silicone dust always has the guide right.
  12. Comptech

    Dbs system creation

    I am guessing hacker at this point, but just my opinion. Anybody wanting to set up OTA or free to air would be back more often.
  13. Comptech

    OTHER Televes 85cm Orange Ku Band Dish

    All is good, but stay on subject. Might have a good supply of Ku dishes available.
  14. Comptech

    OTHER Televes 85cm Orange Ku Band Dish

    Mike, hate to interject here, but I believe we are talking Ku dishes here
  15. Comptech

    Monopole feed plate needed for 10' Winegard Pinnacle

    Hello Majortom, glad to see you are still active, merry Christmas to you.
  16. Comptech

    Newbie needs guidance!

    I lived in a little more should we say, upscale town in Florida. But all I had to do was go 20 miles inland to Okeechobee or Hendry county and you aint lying. Loved it so much, I moved to the sticks of Upstate SC!
  17. Comptech

    Newbie needs guidance!

    If I still lived near your zip code I would help you, but left south Florida 14 years ago.
  18. Comptech

    Newbie needs guidance!

    Let me rephrase that, 200 TV channels could be 97W, my guess is you hit 103W with all the radio channels, can you give some examples of the channels scanned?
  19. Comptech

    Newbie needs guidance!

    You might be On 97W but guess you are picking up 103 radio channels
  20. Comptech

    Newbie needs guidance!

    Dear god what have all these forums become? You won't see me on many just for this reason. Society is in a big collapse, no one can take constructive criticism anymore with out getting offended. I think all the help was positive, but hey that's just me.
  21. Comptech

    PBS on 125

    I am lucky in my area. I get SC PBS, NC PBS and Georgia PBS over the air. Always something good to watch.
  22. Comptech

    Trouble with Ku Signals on 10ft Mesh Bud

    Dedicated Ku dish is your best bet, running on a c-band dish is a comprimize.
  23. Comptech

    P25, 2 Talkgroups with 1 Dongle?

    Glad to see they sent the files. Were they in spam or junk folders?
  24. Comptech

    P25, 2 Talkgroups with 1 Dongle?

    Shoot them a email and ask why you did not receive a download link. Also check your spam and junk email folders. .
  25. Comptech

    OTHER Questions on FEC symbol rate etc

    What satellite and band are you scanning? They sound like ACM data signals.