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    WSHM-LD (Springfield, MA) Did they change broadcast locations?

    Thank You! When it broadcasted from Wilbraham, MA it looked like the coverage was aiming toward the western MA direction. I am south of it and could never pick up the signal.
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    WSHM-LD (Springfield, MA) Did they change broadcast locations?

    I started receiving 3-7 CBS & 3-8 Cozi-TV (RF 20) last week. The broadcast tower is / was in Wilbraham, MA and I am about 8 miles away and couldn't receive a signal. I looked at a RabbitEars query and it shows it broadcasts from Mount Tom (Holyoke, MA). It makes sense that I'd receive it...
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    TheGrio - 43.3 (RF24 WHTX) Springfield, MA - a new sub channel

    For those of us in the Springfield, MA / Northern, CT it looks like WHTX-LD now has 43.2 as ThisTV and 43.3 is TheGrio. 43.1 is Univision.
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    63.3 OTA change

    Thanks! I will miss TBD for Fail Army videos but it's on YouTube. GetTV was on 32.3 but for some reason I can't receive anything on 32 this evening.
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    ATSC 3.0 Coming to Hartford in October

    I installed the LTE/5G filter tonight. I have noticed 32 (WRNT-LP RF32) and 3 (WFSB RF36) seem to be stable and no pixelation, which is a first. I also realize I need the amplifier on as those two channels don't come in without it on.
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    ATSC 3.0 Coming to Hartford in October

    I just ordered a CM LTE/5G filter to see if that will resolve the RF36 (WFSB) issue. No antenna issues. I was told back in 2019 that I may need a filter for my location.
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    ATSC 3.0 Coming to Hartford in October

    Something transpired since Sunday here in the Hartford, CT market. 3.5 (NOW) and 3.6 (RADAR) have changed to 3.5 (CourtTV) and 3.6(Comet). It seems like the new 3.5 & 3.6 may be on a different RF channel. Previously 3.1 through 3.6 were on RF 36 (WFSB). Those two are now pixelating and 3.1...
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    What are your chances of getting Newsy TV Network in your local broadcasts areas by 10-1-21?

    Today in the Hartford, CT market it went live.
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    EW Scripps to launch OTA subchannels Doozy and DefyTV.

    In the Hartford, CT area WHPX-TV 26 (RF 28) has replaced QVC and HSN on 26.5 and 26.6 with DeFy and TrueReal.
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    WFSB (Hartford) RF 36 NOW and RADAR

    I'm watching 3.1 WFSB (CBS) and I notice on one TV in my house that 3.5 is showing NOW and 3.6 is showing RADAR. There is no picture and this Sony TV shows a message, "Signal cannot be decoded". All of the other TV's in my house are all Samsung, the same model line just different sizes. All...
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    Anybody in the greater Hartford, CT area? Looking on a status on two channels

    Today is the day, 38.1 Jewelry Channel is gone. Channel 35 now has: 35.1 MeTV 35.2 Heros and Icons 35.3 Start TV 35.4 Movies! 35.5 Decades
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    Anybody in the greater Hartford, CT area? Looking on a status on two channels

    Thanks for the information. It would be awesome to have MeTV in this area.
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    Anybody in the greater Hartford, CT area? Looking on a status on two channels

    Did ch 32 (WRNT) and (WHCT) JTV 38-1 (ch 35) go off the air? I was getting all of the 32-1 through 32-5 last week and 38-1 but now nothing.
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    Cheddar News launches OTA

    It's on in Hartford, CT on WRNT 32-4.
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    JTV on 35-1 in the Hartford, CT / Springfield, MA area

    Thanks! It doesn't show the channel's call letters or network name. I did a scan tonight and it is real 35 and there are no other virtual channels other than JTV. I was originally thinking it was on RF 24 which has virtual 43.1 WHTX-HD and 43.2 WHTX-SD, Univision, form Springfield, MA.
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    JTV on 35-1 in the Hartford, CT / Springfield, MA area

    After a scan I now pick up 32-1,32-2, 32-3 which is a low power Hartford, CT station (RF 32). Get TV is on 32-2. I also picked up JTV (Jewelry TV) which displays as 35-1. I'm just curious what the RF channel it is broadcasting on. I'm thinking is RF 32. I checked JTV's website and they show...
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    Connecticut OTA Update

    The change of broadcast location of WHPX to Farmington and the RF 28 channel change are two reasons why I now receive 26.1 through 26.6.
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    WEDH (24) / WEDY (65) - Hartford / New Haven PBS stations

    I discovered that I now get both 24.1, 24.3, 65.1 and 65.3 from physical channel 45. I was never able to receive 65.1 / 65.3 from my location on the CT/MA border pre- repack. I believe WEDY was broadcasting on ch. 41. Why the duplicates for what appears to be the same market (since it's off...
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    Tv dx

    It's possible that there may have been an RF 4 "broadcast" from a device in adjacent house that was randomly picked up. I do remember back in the late 1980's channel skipping that occurred during one summer. I remember pulling in TV from Ottawa (Canada). Most of the skipping seemed to come...
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    Tv dx

    I was going to start a new thread but see that I'm a little north of your location (in E. Longmeadow, MA), I'll add to yours. I scanned on Friday, 6/15/18 around 6pm and picked up my normal stations however the TV picked up an analog channel. It was VHF 4. Yes, analog! It had the Big Bang...
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    Justice Tv

    I'm hoping Grit becomes a 20.5 or a 61.5 in this area.
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    I can't get that channel at all even with an outside antenna. Looking at the map, a mile from my location a good indoor antenna would receive it. It's all in the elevation.
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    WTXX-TV (Springfield, MA) 34

    It looks like it may have went off the air. I was at 70% for signal strength now I'm at 0%.
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    WTXX-TV (Springfield, MA) 34

    While going through my channels I noticed a 34-4 popped up. Currently there is 34-1 (AMGTV) and 34-2 (DIYA TV). The 34-4 is the same as 34-1. Is there any where to find out what network may be headed for 34-4? I searched online and couldn't find any information. There is no 34-3, is that...
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    Do I have a reason to complain?

    We have 34-1 AMGTV and 34-2 which is the same. At first it was a loop of an Autism Awareness ad and then it was an Indian channel and now it's the same as 34-1. Hopefully something will be on 34-2 soon. This broadcasts from Wilbraham, MA