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  1. Cham

    NPR 91w ku MUX moved to 99w

    @pacificrim Picking up an ACM/VCM signal at 12025 V 22877, scans in as data. Carrier width is about 30MHz. Is the signal you are picking up still there? Odd I am picking up something completely different here. 12095V 3675 4/5 S2 QPSK S2 is stronger these days it seems at 10-11dB S/N. Heavy...
  2. Cham

    NASA G13/HOR 1

    Been good here too with the 8ft offset.
  3. Cham

    Paramount +

    Got a deal, so joined P+ for a trial period. Couple of questions for you guys... 1) I can't get the news or live TV to work. Have to use a CDN account though I suspect that might be a problem. The account is supposed to be full service. Do I need a VPN to watch this live content? 2) Is there a...
  4. Cham

    Random results when blind scanning 127W

    Current signal from 4008V from 127W, EBS Pro: Not a great signal here either, but plays on the Edison MIO just fine this am through the network. 40mph winds though this am, likely shaking the dish a bit... Don't want to scare you with the temperature right now.
  5. Cham

    Monopole feed plate needed for 10' Winegard Pinnacle

    Ok, always too bad to have to spend a lot on this sort of thing. Hope it works out for them. Take care & best of the season!
  6. Cham

    Monopole feed plate needed for 10' Winegard Pinnacle

    I have a plate for one of our old microwave backhaul reflectors, maybe PM me the dimensions for the center pipe, outer circumference, and thickness. Looking at the images this one might be too big, but no scale to compare. Think this is a sinclabs antenna, feed was tuned for 1822 mHz.
  7. Cham

    Random results when blind scanning 127W

    N6BY what size dish are you using? 17dB is a lot of signal compared to my system! I could swing the 10 footer over there but -30's this am, not conducive to moving the dish very much if at all. The 8' offset is dedicated to 127W. Used to pick up all the TPs on that satellite. Maybe something in...
  8. Cham

    Random results when blind scanning 127W

    Coming in fine here now at 10am CST. About 11dB S/N. Not a lot of headroom though for an S2 signal. Used to get this at 13-14dB with the 8 foot offset. Also not picking up the 4020H mux. Too cold out to bring out the SA to the dish to measure. Need one of the old tube-type to take out there...
  9. Cham

    Random results when blind scanning 127W

    Stronger this am but check out the BER:
  10. Cham

    Random results when blind scanning 127W

    Just checked here, not receiving anything on 127W at the moment. Was watching NASA for a bit late this afternoon before supper and it was working then. Maybe I have some snow that made it into the LNB feedhorn, but maybe something else on the satellite side... Just checked, signal is there just...
  11. Cham

    Newbie needs guidance!

    Interesting it says universal but has a single standard LO frequency. Does it show two LO frequencies? Setting it at 10750 should get you something. Good luck!
  12. Cham

    PBS on 125

    Maybe the Montana signal is a spot beam and the satellite orintation changes just a little bit to bleed over to other areas once in a while? Not getting it here this am. I think the TP on 87W is always there?
  13. Cham

    PBS on 125

    Yes Montana PBS is there but not up all the time. Not sure on their sked for that TP.
  14. Cham

    PBS on 125

    Too late... it snowed here... (I'm just as tad NNW of Mr Tony). :) I have had a dedicated 90cm dish for 125 for many years. You won't regret it.
  15. Cham

    Something wrong with your microwave antenna...

    Some of those links run a fair amount of power, maybe irradiated/baked nuts + baked squirrel? Older microwave dishes were solid aluminum but newer units have more plastic where the feed support attached at the back of the dish. There might be some drainage/air circulation holes, or maybe just...
  16. Cham


    Yes it needs a reference.. :) LNBF might be circular.. but free is certainly worth while.
  17. Cham

    Need help identifying 10' aluminum dish

    Looks like an old Andrews microwave dish. Yes they are very heavy. If you can lift it up a bit to see there should be a red lightning bolt on the front top if it's not faded away. If you can fabricate a good heavy mount for it they make a great stationary satellite dish. Is there a microwave or...
  18. Cham

    Big dish base

    I've used three 14" concrete piles for one of my dishes, they are more than 10' deep to get below the frost line here, some rebar, and 5/8" X 3ft threaded rod (bent at the bottom) in the piles. Like JFOK above it allows for adjustment and/or easy removal of the antenna support structure if ever...
  19. Cham

    This 95 W* G-3 bird takes too much blind scanning time...

    I do a TP scan and uncheck the data-only TPs when doing a channel scan so it only scans the new or TPs of interest. Likely doesn't help you much though if it bogs down during the initial TP scan. Maybe try using EBSPro for scanning (I think you have a USB or receiver card) you can add unwanted...
  20. Cham

    RTPi - No Signal

    The connector issue at the receiver you describe is definately a problem. The braid MUST be in contact with the connector shell in order for it to work. Also, there must not be a short between the braid/connector shell and the center wire, as this could damage your receiver. I would cut back...
  21. Cham

    Picked up a couple of Minnesota TV stations in Carrollton, MO, this morning (8/5/2022)

    I sometimes do a scan in the early morning this time of year. It often fills most of the channels with stations from MN, ND, sometimes SD, and WI. Not uncommon to get 100 channels, but most are duplicates of maybe 15 actual RF channels that happen to have the same programming at different sites...
  22. Cham

    Can you identify this antenna?

    Coax cable leads to the radio somewhere indoors, likely not far away.
  23. Cham

    Can you identify this antenna?

    Likely 2.4GHz wifi panel antenna.
  24. Cham

    ME TV

    Interesting, was going to watch the MeTV Saturday evening SvenGhoolie show but my system had a hickup and I had to re-boot everything. When it came back up it took almost half a minute for video to show (audio came in right away), at first I thought it might have been scrambled. Maybe I'll have...
  25. Cham

    Amateur Mistake.

    Looks like another foot taller would clear the fence.. The wood fence won't completely block the signal either, but likely enough to make a difference. Maybe trim the fence? Nice trees to your east, guess reception in that direction will be limited as well.