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  1. Dah-Henny

    Are Skinny bundels the answer to cord cutting?

    Dish came up with the "skinny" just in time for me, right when my $30x12 expired. I had already decided that paying the regular $85 a month for DA Silver was never gonna happen, considering how little I get to watch TV these days. My local ISP has live streaming locals for $20 and $5 for each...
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    More 211 problems?

    Seems reasonable that your issue is one of two possibilities. A 211 bug/corruption, or the lnb switch. It'd be nice if you had a spare 211, or lnb to test with, or even an external switch, to pinpoint your issue. edit: Since running a check switch solves the problem for a short time, I would...
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    DISH network causing roof leaking, please help

    Dish has no responsibility here, but the former homeowner would be liable if he knew about the leak.
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    Dish network arbitration email

    You and Haller would make a great tag team! :eeek
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    Contacting DIRT

    They don't have to be logged on. In the post #24 work schedule, just send a PM to anyone on schedule for that particular day, and they will respond, usually in under an hour.
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    Best mount for fascia or soffit

    The area looks fine. I'd consider mounting directly on your siding, in a stud, directly above your flood lights, or anywhere in that general area. Fascia mount under the gutter will work, as long as you hit a truss end with two of the bolts. IMHO The installer will the appropriate mount.
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    WKBT Off of DISH Tonight

    I have their telephone and internet. They let me try the live streaming for a week, and I really liked it on Roku. PQ was decent. There is about a 2 minute lag from satellite tv, and probably 3 minutes lag from OTA, and is on my to-get list when I finally cut the cord.
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    WKBT Off of DISH Tonight

    Stardust, are you in Skyline Telephone's territory? I don't know if it's available across the TN line, but Check this out: Stream Local Networks Live
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    VIP211K & EHD

    I just had to get used to sleeping with a strobe light in the room. :)
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    VIP211K & EHD

    Wish it was that simple. The light emanates from within and shines out of the cooling vents in the back of the unit, and onto the wall.
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    VIP211K & EHD

    The 211k in my bedroom does this if I unplug the usb. I hate the blinking lights coming from the WD HDD, but it's a pain to go through that process each and every time I insert the plug.
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    Wireless Parabolic Mike + SDR Dongle

    Cool! :thumbup
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    NBC Cancels American Odyssey
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    TNT Pilot ‘Proof’

    The first episode was good, but the second one creeped me out. I don't get off on poltergeist. I won't be watching the third.
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    2015 FIFA Women´s World Cup - Canada

    Here's a funny read! :D It’s Time To Be Honest About Women’s Football ...It’s not that the women on our TVs at the moment are bad at sport, it’s that the sport they’re good at is women’s soccer. I...
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    Price of Dish America,Silver & Gold package

    I have Silver, and HMC is not here either.
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    Price of Dish America,Silver & Gold package

    It was included at one time, but after it went dark during a dispute, it never came back when the dispute was over.