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  1. skysurfer Website Updated

    I imagine the registration thing is to better quantify who is using their webpage so they can have better data on usage for advertisers or to see if there is enough traffic to continue the webpage with a subscription or if the page should be discontinued.
  2. skysurfer

    satellite dish native american designs along Route 66

    Story from my local TV station. Sad day as I could have put one or two of those to better use. ;)
  3. skysurfer

    105w* bird update

    Macy's has gone away, not the satellite. Echostar 105 is good to go for another decade or two baring some kind of failure for anyone who wants to lease transponder space to feed football games or other things.
  4. skysurfer

    New Canada satellite bird launch

    Being in the Vantage series, I'd expect it to be used for broadband (not television/radio) so Telesat probably saw a need for some parts of their country and for aircraft over the Atlantic and some needs in South America and built a satellite with spots to those regions to serve those customers...
  5. skysurfer

    FCC Freezes C-Band

    If you've ever spectrum analyzed c-band and if you can get Telesat, SES and Intelsat to come to a transponder loading arrangement, I think there are 4 transponders per satellite to spare for now as there is such a c-band frequency surplus. With technological advances, the amount of c-band...
  6. skysurfer

    Univision - (our) Move from Galaxy 17 to Anik 3

    If "Anik 3" is Anik F3, the only transmissions are DISH Network transmissions on the Ku-band and data transmissions on the c-band. No video services such as Univision.
  7. skysurfer

    Satellite Dishes for free

    someone please take the laux beta 9 so I don't have to cry if it ends up as scrap! It's a beautiful dish (I have one) and especially nice with an ortho feed on it! I'm too far away here to take it but if he was in my area, I'd be over it!
  8. skysurfer

    Site Survey Phone App?

    Or you are like me up near the Sandias and my arc gets cut off at about 50 deg W due to mountain and tall 20-30 foot trees (no scrub brush here like our forum friend from Datil!)
  9. skysurfer

    Pittsburgh International Telecomm. sues for unpaid uplink services

    I also imagine there is a lot of special offers going on. It's not uncommon to see a channel bounce around among the various uplinkers on the Ku-band side so they may be getting better carriage terms from time to time as the various uplinkers compete for their business. Some of it also may be...
  10. skysurfer

    Pittsburgh International Telecomm. sues for unpaid uplink services

    It's not often you see a link or news item about a satellite uplink related lawsuit, but here's one that came across my screen concerning PIT on Galaxy 19 Ku-band: Lawsuit: Persian broadcasting company from N.Y. did not pay for satellite transmissions
  11. skysurfer


    depends if your airline plane has wi-fi equipment and if your airline gets its in-flight broadband service from whatever company will be using SES-15 to deliver that to flights over the Pacific.
  12. skysurfer

    Echostar 105W

    Echostar 105 was lit up Nov 22nd or so.
  13. skysurfer

    AMC-8 nothing?

    There's data transmissions on AMC-8 and supposedly ARCS is still there but I can't confirm as I don't get the horizontal polarity transmissions.
  14. skysurfer

    This almost made me cry...

    two people were possibly kept from becoming FTA'ers. that's the sad part.
  15. skysurfer

    Well it even happened to me...

    your dish(es) are in the front yard? I'm surprised a druggie hasn't stolen them and sold them to scrap metal dealers to fund their habit!
  16. skysurfer

    Caught something here that its not VD.

    there are probably 4 trash cans so the scumlord airbnb'er doesn't have to visit his property often to clean it up.
  17. skysurfer

    This almost made me cry...

    Boise, ID UFO Chicken Coop made with two large satellite dishes. ;'''( Boise UFO chicken coop is out of this world
  18. skysurfer

    Contest - Box o'LNBFs

    I want to win a box o'LNBFs
  19. skysurfer

    Freesat V8 satellite finder Hank's half ass review.

    I'm not exactly sure. There is a "Power" figure that's given in dBuV so I"m not sure if that's exactly the DB you refer to or not. When I use a portable sat meter, I pay more attention to the C/N figure than I do a DB or quality readout. I locked a signal to give you the readouts I got if you...
  20. skysurfer

    Freesat V8 satellite finder Hank's half ass review.

    Since you say it behaves like a portable STB box out at the dish, there is no crude spectrum-like display, right? I would make a case a Sathero SH-100HD meter that I recently picked up to evaluate can beat this since it's $50 and it locks the same signals as the Freesat V8 and the SH-100HD...
  21. skysurfer

    LNB Died After 1 Month

    I wonder if it's the SWM system that makes the LNBs unreliable. Mine uses the SWM system, apparently you long timers reporting no failures have systems that predate the SWM deployment.
  22. skysurfer

    LNB Died After 1 Month

    OP experience sounds about right. My LNB crapped out in low temperatures not long after I started service. I replaced it with a new LNB from ebay since it was cheaper to get it on ebay than pay for directv service call. Now this LNB is crapping out in high temperatures after 2 years and I...
  23. skysurfer

    Need Help Getting Into C-Band FTA For NASA UHD

    I would consider an 8.5 foot (10 foot more preferable) dish so you can add 101W as a place to get UHD should NASA UHD bore you or have technical problems. 101W has a few other UHD channels in addition to a rebroadcast of NASA UHD.
  24. skysurfer

    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    I want to win a Dr. HD Advanced Satellite Meter! My two meters both have batteries that don't hold charges for very long anymore so I could use a new one!
  25. skysurfer

    AMC-9 Issues SAD. The once-promising site is going down the tubes. They no longer have AMC-6 83W when you click on that satellite. It's another satellite in the arc. I guess the dish was moved onto another satellite but the contributor never reported it to or...