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    Flat ribbon cable

    Yes the new flat cable is being tested in the Detroit area now. Info and results to come as they are made available.
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    Statement from Dish Network

    So you didn't get HBO free? What a shame. Why not just spend the extra $5.00 per month for the top 60 and then if you do not want kids watching any of the more mature content then you can always use the parental control feature? Just a thought.
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    Which Satellites should I be getting??

    Having to re-locate your dish is not unreasonable. Especially if there are line of sight issues in relationship to the 1000 upgrade. I had a customer who got his upgrade to a 1000 and though he was receiving the 110 and 119 fine his 129 was low and good signal could not be reached from the...
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    Signal Strength, DP44, and Dish 1000 Question

    I just installed a dish 1000 today, well Friday in Michigan. Average signal strength for the 129 was from mid 70's to upper 80's and over 100 on the 110 and 119. It does depend to some degree of your geographical location but I think you still should be able to achieve over 70 on all sat...
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    625 Noise

    To hear the hard drive noise, like as a computer, is normal as it is downloading information from the satellite so often. But it usually is not that loud. If yours seems too loud then I would call tech support and they should want to replace it. I have run into several 625's with this issue...
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    625 Installation help

    I am an installer with Dish Network
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    625 Installation help

    nsafreak is correct. If you do not wish to run an additional line into the location of the 625 then a Dish Pro Plus twin with a seperator is what you want. How many receivers will you have in your system? Important to know this, as you may also need to purchase the Dish Pro Plus 44 switch if...