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    Channel logos

    Not mine!
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    Channel logos

    No they are not. That is one of the few drawbacks of Directv; the guide can be hard to read with just gibberish for many channel names. They tested them a few years ago. I thought it was great. People complained in the tests and limited run it had. I have no idea why people didn't like them!
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    Check Your Picture Quality?

    Glad I am not the only one. My TV/Denon/Directv situation creates this message occasionally as well. However, occasionally when it does this, it is because the TV or something changed the resolution and the HR44 (in my case) has been set back to only show SD channels (480i is the only one...
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    wptz 5.2 is now story tv.

    WNNE and WPTZ share the RF 14 signal on Mt Mansfield. WPTZ is still licensed to Plattsburgh and you are correct that WNNE is now licensed to Montpelier. VT Public has combined the two southern signals to both broadcast from Rutland. I think there is a temporary repeater of WVER/WVTA on the old...
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    Can a Winegard Carryout G3 get any DirecTV HD channels at all?

    There are 5 channels on the 101 now that are HD... MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News are 3 of them and I can't remember the other 2.
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    Upgrade to get more channels

    Is that not the same thing as using it through Bluetooth? What is Carplay?
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    Xfinity dropped WB and subchannels

    WB hasn't exsisted in many many many years..... WPIX is The CW.
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    Upgrade to get more channels

    So if I get this (assuming it will attach to the radio, I saw the post below yours...) adapter, it will get more channels on the head unit or no?
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    Upgrade to get more channels

    I fully agree with the sound quality aspect of the app, but using the app while driving is not practical.
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    Upgrade to get more channels

    Hello. This is my first post in the SXM section and did not quickly see the answer... I have been listening to SXM since I got a free trial with some football tickets I bought. The factory radio in my 2017 Nissan Frontier only goes into the low 220's but I hear them advertising channels in the...
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    Just returned to DirecTV satellite

    How do I do that? Start my own internet service company? I only have 1 choice, Comcast. I am at the end of the line, on ancient Adelphia lines. Most people do not have choices for things like internet and electricity. It is supposedly 200 mbps but if it gets to 100, that's a good day. Most days...
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    Just returned to DirecTV satellite

    Spot on. I can't stand all the clicking scrolling and spinning circles. I DREAD Sunday Ticket going to this sub-par, inferior system.
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    anyone else having issues watching AXS TV (channel is pixelating & glitching out).

    I have watched it for a while now and haven't seen any glitches. HD picture, DD 5.1 sound
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    first time ever seeing this error message....

    Are you missing recorded episodes in your list, but are binge watching something? Sometimes, if you're watching a bunch of stuff from the DVR, but, say S3E10 didn't record for whatever reason, it will automatically play the missing episode from on-demand instead of skipping it. But you have to...
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    DIRECTV unlikely to keep NFL Sunday Ticket

    VERY much not sarcasm. Streaming is at least 1 step backwards as a primary form of TV viewing. The way it's set up, the inability to skip commercials, inability to pause live events.... Streaming also has too many spinning circles and the picture downgrades from HD/4K to worse than Directv SD...
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    DIRECTV unlikely to keep NFL Sunday Ticket

    Am I understanding that if Amazon gets the package, they will make their own feeds of the games, not show the CBS/Fox feeds? What on earth is the point of that?
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    DIRECTV unlikely to keep NFL Sunday Ticket

    Sam, don't let the rich old people with super fast internet get you down. You are 100% right in your posts. ST on streaming will be an absolute disaster. Some people are such streaming fanboys that they can't see how backwards it is.
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    DTV stream adds additional HBO, Starz, Cinemax channels

    Oh, I thought you were saying that everything on the streaming apps was on the Directv VOD channels. That's what "on demand" means usually.
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    DTV stream adds additional HBO, Starz, Cinemax channels

    Certainly there is quite a bit of content on HBO Max that isn't on any of the linear channels, so everything streaming is not on demand.
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    Directv & Virgin Islands

    Fun fact: you can see all of the PR channels easily on the weekly channel updates they post on the ce site. All PR channels appear as DMA 213.
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    Minor Update for WFFF Burlington, VT

    I noticed that the PSIP call sign for 44-2 ion Mystery has finally been updated from CourtTV to IONMys so that change can be made to rabbitears. Thanks.
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    Directv & Virgin Islands

    Incorrect! Directv in the Virgin Islands is part of Directv Puerto Rico which is neither our Directv nor Directv Latin America. The PR signals are no longer on a separate satellite, all of the PR/VI channels are spotbeamed to PR from our satellites. All channels have different numbers in PR/VI...
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    KAZD 55 in Dallas brings Spectrum News 1 to DirecTV

    WXLV ABC45 in Greensboro NC uses Spectrum News for their local news, so that market has had Spectrum News in some form for a long time. But Dallas seems to be the first to be broadcasting the full 24 hour network.
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    Can a Genie 1 still receive over the air broadcasts?

    Kinda... When you look at a local, the Directv provided local will just show 3 WCAX. The OTA channel will show as 3-1 WCAXDT (i don't have the duplicates in my favorites list). Subchannels that match the database will always be in the 3-2 WCAXDT2 format, but those not in the database show as...