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  1. dlsnyder

    when playing recordings, audio loss after signal loss

    I have experienced the same thing. What I have noticed is that the problem seems to happen immediately after the locally inserted commercials air, regardless of channel. By locally inserted commercials, I mean the ones that Dish puts on your hard drive (all of them in SD) which play randomly...
  2. dlsnyder

    Dish Anywhere for Surface Pro... someday?

    When I have tried using the Dish Anywhere app on a Windows 8.1 laptop using the "modern" IE, I got an error saying the plugin does not support 64 bit browsers. If you are running a full 32 bit version of Windows 8.1 (not RT like on a Surface) then the Dish Sling plugin should work just fine. I...
  3. dlsnyder

    CBS stations return to DISH

    Totally off topic but... back before they started programming 24/7 HBO used to play some music and a test card for several minutes before their first show of the night started. I recall around summer 1980 they were playing some tune featuring an electric violin which I believe was performed by...
  4. dlsnyder

    CBS stations return to DISH

    They started showing the drop announcements today on KCBS-TV and KCAL in Los Angeles. I switched our CBS timers over to OTA and am prepared for a long fight. I am sure there are a great number of people who will be confused by this, especially older people like my in-laws. It wasn't long ago...
  5. dlsnyder

    Dish Anywhere / Android 5.0 issues This article in Life hacker gives a quick...
  6. dlsnyder

    Dish Anywhere / Android 5.0 issues

    I am also now experiencing this. If I recall correctly they never updated the app to run under ART. Default runtime manager prior to version L was Dalvik and if you changed over to ART the same thing happened.
  7. dlsnyder

    Audio Drops After Skipping

    As a side note, I had also noticed some "sparklies" while watching recorded programs (specifically "Real Steel" recorded on FX) and experiencing the audio dropout issue. After switching to PCM audio only, the sparklies went away as did the audio dropouts. I suspect the two issues are related...
  8. dlsnyder

    Audio Drops After Skipping

    I have been having the same dropout issue. Switched over to PCM only, and I don't think the family will notice as I don't currently have a DD 5.1 receiver in my setup. There is definitely a noticeable difference in audio quality even just getting sound through the TV. I am hopeful that Dish...
  9. dlsnyder

    Is it possible to use Dish Anywhere with a Chromecast?

    I have tried screen casting to the Chromecast from my Nexus 5. It works, but starts lagging then cuts out entirely after a few minutes. Connecting via HDMI to my Nexus 5 works very well though. I have used that to watch DVR recordings while on the road.
  10. dlsnyder

    Netflix App Who Would Like To See It To The Hopper

    I would also like to see a Vudu or MGo app just for access to my Ultraviolet collection. Regardless, I have tried PlayOn as an alternative and found the picture quality to be lacking. The next best thing I have used is Chromecast. I can select a Netflix program to watch and my TV switches...
  11. dlsnyder

    Hopper OTA adapter price drop to $30

    Yes I do have an antenna on my roof that I had been using with my 722 up until about 3 weeks ago. When I first placed my order I was told that the adapter was $50 but they were out of stock. Best price I could find online was $37, so I was pretty excited to pick one up for $15.
  12. dlsnyder

    Hopper OTA adapter price drop to $30

    I called Dish yesterday because of an issue with an incomplete recording. Long story short, I asked the technical support rep if I could get an OTA adapter as a backup for my local channels. He told me they had them in stock, and they were now $30. Because I was a valued Dish customer, and...
  13. dlsnyder

    PTAT recording funkyness

    I got my new Hopper system installed two weeks ago, and have enjoyed it so far. A couple of days ago I turned on PTAT so that I could use the auto hop feature and have had some issues with recordings. Last night I was watching a show that recorded on PTAT at 9pm, and 28 minutes in to it it...
  14. dlsnyder

    Decision Made: Charter Fiber Optics or Dish Network?

    The equation for whether to switch services varies greatly depending on your personal needs and the services offered by your local incumbent carriers. I have been with Dish for 15 years now and just signed up for a Hopper system and new two year commitment. The reason I did is that the only...
  15. dlsnyder

    Hopper Upgrades

    I am looking to upgrade current system (1x722 + 1x622) to 2 Hoppers + 1 Joey. Would like to know what the upfront cost would be, and new monthly charges. Thank you in advance!
  16. dlsnyder

    OTA EPG Info Incorrect or Displaying 'Digital Service'

    Please update the OTA guide info for KDOC 56.3 in Los Angeles. That subchannel carries MeTV, which is the same feed carried on KVME channel 20 in the guide.
  17. dlsnyder

    Dish iPhone app as remote control for Hopper/Joey?

    I am considering upgrading to a Hopper system, and one of my considerations is how the iPhone app works with it. Can the iPhone app work like a remote with the Hopper? Can it also control a Joey? I currently use a video card in my PC to stream TV to my computer at work since they block the...
  18. dlsnyder

    Tivo conversion from monthly plan to lifetime possible?

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this question, but I am considering switching back to cable and looking at the new Tivo model. I have never had a Tivo before and am not sure if my family is going to like it. I like the idea paying for lifetime service up front to eliminate the...
  19. dlsnyder

    Any Way to Get Around CBS/Time-Warner website viewing?

    I am in the same boat, with DISH as my TV provider, and TWC for internet. Fortunately I am in an area where a modest rooftop TV antenna is plenty to bring in all of our local channels. I am concerned that next time DISH has to renew with CBS that it will be our turn to have the CBS O&O...
  20. dlsnyder

    Welcome Pack + HBO for least expensive legal HBO GO

    I didn't know that. That's an even better option! Do you need to start off with a channel package and then downgrade, or can you just start off as a new subscriber with no package and HBO only? The Dish website clearly says you must have a qualifying package in order to subscribe to HBO. Has...
  21. dlsnyder

    Welcome Pack + HBO for least expensive legal HBO GO

    I was looking over Dish's basic programming packs awhile back when an idea occurred to me. There are a significant number of people who are only interested in getting HBO GO to supplement Netflix and HULU subscriptions. If you buy a receiver and subscribe to the Welcome Pack for $14.99/mo...
  22. dlsnyder

    Dish supposedly adds 655,000 subs for Q2 2012

    We are in the same boat here in our distant LA suburb in the I.E. Take heart, they did lay fiber on a block not too far from my house within the last 4 or 5 months, so the buildout continues albeit at a slower pace. They are definitely still laying fiber in NYC and should eventually finish...
  23. dlsnyder

    It's happening again ... DISH Eastern Arc services RESTORED

    I can't complain about Dish on issues like this. They have way better up time than my local cable company, and I now have redundancy with my main dish pointed at the WA and a wing dish pointed at 72. Satellite is still the way to go for TV as far as I am concerned, be it Dish or DirecTV.
  24. dlsnyder

    Did you get a free Roku offer?

    I just now called in to Dish and got the offer from retentions. I opted not to get the $35 credit applied immediately, so they have it noted on my account that I get it whenever I call in and request it. My Roku box should arrive in 3 to 5 business days.
  25. dlsnyder

    We May Be Seeing the Beginning of the End of the TV Business

    Live TV over satellite or cable is still the norm and will be for many years to come I am sure. It is true that broadband internet has not reached the kind of saturation point necessary that we can shift completely to IPTV. That doesn't mean the revolution isn't coming eventually, and probably...