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  1. DishDave

    Xfinity (Comcast) rate/lineup changes

    You signed contract for the Service Fees are not protected so you have to pay or switch
  2. DishDave

    Xfinity (Comcast) rate/lineup changes

    I have Frontier Fios 100mb was paying $40.00 New rate $65.00 Best I could do with them is go back down to 50mb for $45.00 I also have Sling. I almost opted for Xfinity Cyber special which is for $70.00 You get 200mb with 125ch pack X1 service for $70.00 2 year lock $5.00 per box ... But when I...
  3. DishDave

    Discovery Channels Coming to Sling

    Wish we could get a date of when...
  4. DishDave

    Sling TV and Roku

    Nothing has been sent.
  5. DishDave

    Sling TV and Roku

    Wonder where Scott is today :-)
  6. DishDave

    Sling TV and Roku

    Yes Scott I have a Roku 3 and a Roku Ultra. Just let me know ....
  7. DishDave

    Hopper 3 Upgrade ?

    How much more would the monthly fee be. Going from a 722 and a 211K To 2 hopper 3 and 1 joey I understand I would have to buy a H3 Because they will only provide 1 per upgrade
  8. DishDave

    FOR SALE Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    can you pm me some pics ?
  9. DishDave

    Samsung Galaxy S3 White Verizon

    No this post is years old.
  10. DishDave

    Any way to use 612 for OTA

    Heck I would sell a barely used one for $125.00 :-) Right now
  11. DishDave

    Any way to use 612 for OTA

    I have one of those USB dongles Never used make me now want to list it on Ebay :-)
  12. DishDave

    SOLD!! Samsung Gear S2 Verizon Brand New

    Brand New never opened Verizon Gear S2 $150.00 PP Gift
  13. DishDave

    SOLD!! Samsung S7 32gb Gold Verizon

    I need this gone $475.00 Shipped
  14. DishDave

    SOLD!! Samsung S7 32gb Gold Verizon

    Price lowered to $500.00 Shipped
  15. DishDave

    SOLD!! Samsung S7 32gb Gold Verizon

    Bought this phone on 05/07/2016 Only turned on to verify activation. been in the box ever since this is flawless 0 minutes. Must meet in person to purchase. Color is Gold 32gb $525.00 shipped U.S. Paypal Gift ok.
  16. DishDave

    Frontier Forum

    Is there going to be a Frontier Forum created?. With them just taking over Verizon Fios in Fl,TX,CA . Added 4 million total customers .
  17. DishDave

    Why Dish is losing a 10+ year customer

    Multiple customers experienced same issues that the reason replacement was not sent. (reps probably didn't realize the issue at first ) But you receiver was fine after reboot. Hope you enjoy your new provider and contract.
  18. DishDave

    3yr price lock must use dish equipment

    The most expensive receiver on the account is Free the each additional receiver gets the fee. Doesn't matter owned or leased.
  19. DishDave

    Dish is ultra aggressive to keep customers

    it was 35 days only covered for 30 days
  20. DishDave

    Dish is ultra aggressive to keep customers

    Dish could care less to help me. i had an new 722k put in 35 days ago and all I get is signal drop out now and they want to charge me $50.00 to come out and they call that a deal. I have been with Dish forever and never had any issues before this 722k went in. Glad my contract is up March 3rd ...
  21. DishDave

    Dish Customer Service Still sucks

    Get a DIRT rep involved. Because now they will hit you with the new receiver rate fee....
  22. DishDave

    Is DISH Retiring the 722?

    Are you sure you can't mix with a 722k ?
  23. DishDave

    Is DISH Retiring the 722?

    They take my 722 and I will leave them.... But I wouldn't mind the new Wally to replace my 211K :-)
  24. DishDave


    Dave great comments and glad you got a great Dirt rep to help you out.
  25. DishDave


    Please contact me :-)