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    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    25 years ,only reason is NESN ,when it is gone so am I
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    Close Caption

    who decides where close captions appear on the program, dish or station, it pisses me off when CC cover the scores and time on sports programing, I tried to email on NESN that on weekdays the location of their Box score and time is behind the cc, but on weekend games the cc is on the bottom...
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    Need help from 722k users in southern california

    originally when I first tried doing just a local scan it would scan then say done , I could not move to anything ,after about 15 sec ( could be what you are calling a lockup) it would reboot, the same if I just tried add locals, the last time I deleted all , then redid a scan and every thing...
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    Need help from 722k users in southern california

    no what I did was , select all, then delete, I then checked that I had no locals, then I scan locals again
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    Need help from 722k users in southern california

    I just did what Miner said ,I now have KTLA,
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    Need help from 722k users in southern california

    also the lockup you refer to is just the reboot, it saves the changes the it has to then reboots
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    Need help from 722k users in southern california

    I'm having the same problem with with ota on my 211k's ,dish has not put the new freq for KTLA but my other TV's did scan the new freq, so its is a dish problem, I tried deleting channel 5 but no luck
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    FOLK ch#218

    I tried watching but no CC on any shows that I could watch at any time
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    HWS- Sling not working?

    are you using a VPN, try another server
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    Unable to Log into my account

    Thanks I had been using servers in the west & California with no luck ,but when i changed to the East it worked , again thanks
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    Unable to Log into my account

    I have a problem also , I get a secured connect Failed, authenticity of the received data could not be verified, it possible that dish is having a problem with my VPN, but it the only site i have a problem with, after trying to explain this morning to some Indian accent rep I gave up (...
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    "Vital program content" downloading....

    I just tried on my 211K I hit the only green button , under search ( 20.0 IR ) remote , did not work
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    need help from Dirt

    called dish because bill went from 116 to over 160, becaused had HBO and Showtime paid for the year, dish decided to credit me for Jan & Feb ,so that HBO & Show could be charged monthly, also for sport package that it had given for AMC conflict for 6 mo., asked why no one had called or email to...
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    No closed captions

    maybe so but they have been showing those channels up on dish for last 2 years or so, and then why some programs and not others
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    No closed captions

    thanks Tampa8, also mite cancel the BB home package as all of those are in that package, will call dish Monday to complain & see what they say,
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    No closed captions

    What gives a new movie The Hunger Games on Epix And there is no CC ,also alot of times movies on MGM, Sony & Pixl channels , no CC. Whom do you complain to beside dish, is there a government agency , that oversee this, I thought there was some kind of law on this. Was bummed out there was no...
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    50% OFF Prepaid Option

    i used to have prepay years ago , then dish would not let me do it anymore except for HBO, & Showtime at a yearly rate
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    How many subscribers will Dish lose to DirectTV Sunday Ticket?

    since you cannot pay just to see just your favorite, and have to buy all of the ST, & all , & at 199 is still to high , that is why the internet make a favorable choice for some , i was happy going to an radio station on the internet on the south coast of New England , than the NFL started...
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    Universal Sports only on 72.7w?

    I had it in HD when it was OTA from Channel 4 in LA & free for the last couple of years, but then took it offair, when it came to dish
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    NESN HD Feed cutting to commercials during Red Sox game

    Yes i noticed it to, as you said the SD was not effected. But Then again the HD feed is not that great , have you tried look at a espn game with Red Sox if it goes over 10PM The picture quality is a lot better
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    How long to format EHD on 211k?

    I just did my Seagate TB 1 to my second 211 K this afternoon & Total time was about 15 min. from when I attached the USB cable and it did a reboot
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    Troubles with New York HD locals

    That is the message that I get now, since that I'm no longer in the spot-beam