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  1. madmadworld

    Titanium C138 and C1PLL spectrum graphs and 5G

    Thanks for all the info guys
  2. madmadworld

    How to tell if FTA product is legit

    These Sat boxes are cheap all of them. but it matters little they will get you thru till the next advancement comes along. then buy another one. for $25 - 150. A PC and a good Sat card is the way to go. Like Magic said I've got sat boxes from the 90s. only move dishes these days. but they...
  3. madmadworld

    1 meter or 90cm dish

    That motor is not the best it will die. then you will want a Stab. so buy the 1 meter now. you will never be sorry about have a larger dish.
  4. madmadworld

    fta in Hawaii

    This is your closest Sat. Intelsat 18 at 180.0°E - LyngSat good luck
  5. madmadworld

    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    oh well.............LMAO
  6. madmadworld

    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    What FTA satellite set top box(s) with DVR's & internal (ssd) hard drives gave you the problems you speak of ? thanks
  7. madmadworld

    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    Most/many live events
  8. madmadworld

    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    All of those 24/7 channels are low bit. even a K1 Plus will record and play those @ $60 price. just saying
  9. madmadworld

    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    Has any box that uses usb for a hard drive able to record our hi-bit rate feeds ? I've never seen one.
  10. madmadworld

    Amiko Mini HD RE EOL

    How about 16psk ? thanks
  11. madmadworld

    BIG BIG question need some help.

    You can go up to any up-link truck at a boxing or other event here in Vegas and say..... I use to have a big dish. Did not know they still up-link stuff anymore, thought they used fiber and internet for that. and acted like you have been away from it (FTA/SAT dish) for over 20 years. and...
  12. madmadworld

    BIG BIG question need some help.

    There is no good time to ...................Talk To The Man. enjoy your stuff ...keep it that way If you had a chicken that laid golden you tell about it .... lol
  13. madmadworld

    Dynosat HD7500 Receiver on Fleabay??

    Just for getting the dust to scatter plugged it in for the Football game tonight. disappointed don't know the technical term. I call it dropping frames. box seems stressed.... lol
  14. madmadworld

    how do figure out how far to space multiple LNBFs

    1. multiple dishes...... good if the dishes are free or near it 2. motorize the dish.... best idea. 1 meter or more..... be happy 3. multiple LNBs .... on a slimline.... good luck
  15. madmadworld

    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    4k is not overwhelming enough for to push consumers like SD vs HD was. yet costs not outrageous. save the high end UHD sets. convincing programmers, national & local outlets is the story here. Coughing up $265+ dollars for a box these days that offer so little improvement over 1 @ $100 or far...
  16. madmadworld

    Dynosat HD7500 Receiver on Fleabay??

    4+ hours later Wish this box came with a punching bag, if it did my fists would be sore. Wanted it to move a 90cm dish on a Stab hh-100. I type to slow to tell this 4+ hour tale. the box is just not good at fine tuning. this is the third box ? on this 10 year old motor set up and when setting...
  17. madmadworld

    Dynosat HD7500 Receiver on Fleabay??

    Thanks alot
  18. madmadworld

    4K FTA HD Receivers?

    Any word on these ?
  19. madmadworld

    Dynosat HD7500 Receiver on Fleabay??

    Thanks for the review good job On the ku side can you change the sat from say 103.0 to 104.5 etc in usals mode ? and does it work if you can ? thanks
  20. madmadworld

    In Memorium: Rich ( Anole) Steincross Has Passed Away. May He Rest in Peace

    Don't get over this way much anymore. The man as nice to all. he helped me a few times. we pm ed a few times too. what a nice guy Well Lived
  21. madmadworld

    Amiko A3 - FTA 7 Day EPG Now Available for North America

    Can one up date the XBMC 13.2 "Gotham" Irish Red Custom to newer versions ? I see 15 is out now. thanks
  22. madmadworld

    32apsk receivers anyone testing them

    :welcome only ones over here getting any of these 32psk stuff are computer card users. are you seeing (hearing about) some you know of and not receiving ?
  23. madmadworld

    Introducing Amiko A3

    can't wait
  24. madmadworld

    Al Jazeera Is Now Scrambled

    let me give this a try the sat feeds in the clear are just that in the clear we therefore can watch/post about them. we are not unauthorized so to speak. now the net we know these persons do not have the authorization to stream these channels. my guess just a member here