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    Edision Edision OS MIO+ cannot install new image

    I hope you realize the Mio and Mio-Plus files are not interchangeable. You must use the right file for the right receiver.
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    GEOSATpro Easiest way to mount satellite dish??

    I set a 10 ft. c band dish up on a temporary stand. That was about 9 months ago. The dish isn't set to track the arc but is just fixed at 97*. It went through the March winds and the winter snow without losing a lock. I need to get it set up permanent but just haven't got around to it.
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    I've also had mine do strange things while blind scanning. It seems to have problems with certain transponders although I have yet to figure out why. I still use mine ocasionally but haven't used it to record lately. When it was used for recording I don't remember having any issues.
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    I've had no issues recording with the unit in standby or when powered on. When turned off I use deep standby. I had to change a setting so that the tv wouldn't turn on when the receiver powers on. I woke up a couple of days with the tv already on when I got up. I think the recording was to take...
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    AZBOX AZBox Ultra PVR Problem

    Have you tried " dreambox"?
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    AZBOX AZBox Ultra PVR Problem

    Good deal. Love the old Azbox.
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    AZBOX AZBox Ultra PVR Problem

    My Azme shows that message but always records anyway without pressing the o.k. button. Lone Gunman hope this helps. I don't have the models you do so can't help you there.
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    Titanium Satellite ASC1 going to sleep

    Brian is right about the Me. I have no trouble using the ASC1 with the Me or the Amico A3. As a matter of fact I love using it. Good luck getting it right.
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    Titanium Satellite ASC1 sat positions

    Why is it risky to use a usb serial cable ?
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    OTHER So whats good to watch on Ku Band?

    Although I have two motorized ku dishes since I had spare lnbf's set up pizza dishes at 121* and 30*. They serve their purpose.
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    When I updated to .78 a couple of weeks ago I went through the receiver and did it the normal way. I didn't use the files that you download with a computer. I didn't have any trouble then but don't know if it still works. Like Ke4est I don't have any trouble using Winscp to move files around or...
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    As of last night the regular upgrade in the receiver still works. I did the upgrade to 2.078
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    AZBOX azbox networking

    What type of Azbox do you have? I have the Me model and it and it's hard drive is accessable from any of my computers. If you can you may want to enable a samba option. I don't know about any of the other models of Az's. Are you running Enigma on it ?
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    While my A3 hasn't been trouble free we still enjoy using it. It lost it's mind about a month ago but was no trouble to get going again thanks to having the backups. Here it is mostly used for Fta and Kodi. Timer recordings work great on it too. Overall it was a good investment.
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    What does "need to do the to revert to.53 first" refer to.
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    My son has an android phone and was having trouble all of a sudden keeping it charged. I don't have one but told him it had to be something running in the background. It turns out that the facebook app was to blame.
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    AMIKO Amico A3 and Slingplayer app

    The Slingplayer app will work on the A3
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    OTHER traxis 6000 problem

    Once you have loaded 11.58 or later you cannot go back to an earlier software or channel list. That was included in the file anyway.
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    Blind scan working good here on .72. It did good whether I deleted transponders or left them.
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    AMIKO A3 New Beta ROM 2.0.72 Discussion Thread

    Upgraded earlier today to 2.0.72. So far it seems to be working good . No issues
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    [Sonicview] SV-360

    I would be keeping an eye out for something better. It's not that hard to find something s2 capable in the $50 dollar range that is used. Matter of fact I turned down a Micro HD recently since I already have a Traxis 6000 as a back up. You will gain access to a lot of channels by doing this.
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    I thought the last stable version was 2.0.59
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    AMIKO A3 Lost Channels and Satellites

    After booting up my A3 receiver, it seems to have lost all channels that were scanned in, as well as the satellites that they were on. However, satellites that I have not scanned in are still in the master list. I've tried rebooting with no success. Does anyone know what could have caused it to...
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    Setting up a motor - am I doing this right?

    I didn't see anywhere that you put in your longitude. You should have to program it in.
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    AZBOX AZBox Me FIRM 1.84

    I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for a new aztrino . In my opinion just about anything out there is better than it.