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  1. Gary Z

    DirecTv Deceptive?

    You asked for a HR44-- they told you you would recieves a HR44--they bring you a HR34. You thinking they would do what they say they would do did not check to see if they did indeed give you a HR44. The installer installed the HR34 you signed something before he left which means you accepted the...
  2. Gary Z

    Glorystar Reviews?

    It looks like Glorystar has gone down hill--the updates have stopped coming--seems Brian Gohl is no longer connected with Glorystar which is noticable-- post your problem here maybe a forum memeber can help.
  3. Gary Z

    Is my hard drive failing?

    Redo Back up is also good and free- it works well with Windows and Linux
  4. Gary Z

    Is the Glorystar Forum dead?

    No auto updates and no posts here what happened?
  5. Gary Z

    Auto Updates

    Channel list got updated to 1.39 now but some channels are not working (black screen) What happened to the updates?
  6. Gary Z

    Canceling protection plan?

    When I had my install last Novemeber the installer told me the protection plan was free then I looked at my bill online and saw i was being charged $19.95 for the protection plan. Scammed YES. I called and canceled protection plan immediately. With DirecTV the picture is great and the Channel...
  7. Gary Z

    Windows 8.1 to be made available in October

    I use Start is Back Your session would start with the desktop. Always! Unlike other solutions, StartIsBack goes directly to desktop every time without flashing Start Screen even for a millisecond.
  8. Gary Z

    Single-TV user off contract; how to lower bill?

    Really it is too expensive--for that price we get very little quality programming and channels that are completely useless. I am just waiting for my contract to be up and i am dumping it.
  9. Gary Z

    Has anyone noticed some pixelation in the history channel HD?

    Same here--just started noticing it yesterday so it is probably not your system.
  10. Gary Z


    Just tried it now and says "The product you requested requires one of the following receivers. Please select a receiver below."
  11. Gary Z


    It shows I have a Genie HD DVR Model: HR34-700 with 2 Genie Mini's Model: C31-700
  12. Gary Z


    Just tried again and I get "The product you requested requires one of the following receivers. Please select a receiver below."
  13. Gary Z


    I suspect DirecTV caught on to the glitch they had and fixed it so only new subscribers can now get the free 3 months.
  14. Gary Z

    Contest: Enter to Win a GEOSATpro microHD STB and SL1PLL LNBF - Ends 5/31/2013 Midnight PDT

    My favorite summer memory was launching bottle rockets with my cousin in to his stock pond at night--the underwater explosion looked neat
  15. Gary Z


    Wonder if calling in will help?
  16. Gary Z


    So my 3 months of the free HD Extra Pack is up--so I remove it this morning online--now this afternoon I go to re-add and it wants me to buy an HD reciever but I already have an HD Reciever--the same one I watched the HD Extra Pack with last night! What to do to re-add it? Also does adding...
  17. Gary Z

    Equipment Protection Plan

    I was told by the Directv installer that the Protection Plan was not needed since Directv owns the equipment-- I found out different when we started having problems. You will be charged for service call plus any equipment replacement costs without the Protection Plan. So you are better off with...
  18. Gary Z

    Microsoft’s Embarrassing Change To Windows 8

    I use Windows 8 64bit on my Desktop with a mouse and keyboard no touch screen and it works fine. All my games run and I have had zero problems with it-- my 2 sons run Windows 8 32bit one did not like the new start so he uses Classic Shell to get the Start button back and bypass the Metro screen...
  19. Gary Z

    Protection Plan

    Ya Magicjack is great-- $20 a year with unlimited USA and Canada long distance--been using it for a year now
  20. Gary Z

    Protection Plan

    I don't know-- I just subscribed in November
  21. Gary Z

    Protection Plan

    What a crock-- I won't be getting new equipment then
  22. Gary Z

    Protection Plan

    I have the $7.99 Protection Plan which includes an upgrade to the latest equipment every 2 years. If I upgrade does that mean I am stuck in another 2 year commitment?
  23. Gary Z

    Rewinding Live TV and Bookmarks

    You can set Bookmarks in a recorded program by pressing PAUSE then the GREEN key. You can jump to Bookmarks by pressing and holding the FFWD key to move forward, or the REWIND key to move back. I have not found a way to delete them
  24. Gary Z

    Rewinding Live TV and Bookmarks

    If you hold down the skip it jumps to the end of the recording
  25. Gary Z

    Rewinding Live TV and Bookmarks

    Thanks Iceberg