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  1. Anole

    Apple Live Event: iPhone 6, Apple Watch

    I've seen the stream. I've read the thread. Here is my opinion: . - Apple Pay is probably the best of the show. Integrating with the banks will put this on the map. Any jokes about security are pointless ; there will eventually be a breach. But the same will happen to others. . - Apple Watch...
  2. Anole

    Syfy Acquires Starz's 'Spartacus'

    I bet they just edit for running time. . Glad I archived the original. ;) .
  3. Anole

    Survivor: Cagayan — Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty

    Didn't care for the winner. But they did play the best game. . Strange how CBS presented all three hours tonight. Maybe Sunday was booked? Or more likely, the network had nothing but reruns available, a this was a better choice. ;) .
  4. Anole

    Law & Order: SVU

    Prefer the original (but 20 years was quite a run!) . Never really cared for (nor watched) SVU nor CI. Amazed SVU has lasted so long. Guess they should be proud. :up ;)
  5. Anole

    True Blood

    I think the series has pretty much run its course. I'd be ready for something new, as True Blood was when it started. . Yes, I've been a fan. Have all the episodes archived in HD, but not sure when I'd ever watch again. .
  6. Anole

    Warehouse 13

    I've watched it all these years. Better than nothing. At least it has a good premise. Humor is a fine thing to weave into a show. Too bad they got a big dose of silly and stupid, instead.
  7. Anole


    These sort of shows never live up to my expectations. Been burned too many times. And "network"? That doesn't inspire me, either. We'll see. . Edit: and where the Spielberg name meant something a few decades ago, not so much any more.
  8. Anole

    The Mentalist

    Finale: You know they couldn't let Teresa Lisbon leave. Now she stays under the best possible circumstances. I see this new chemistry lasting through next season, if managed well.
  9. Anole

    Im a Dish customer again

    Couldn't believe Retention tried that hard to keep you happy on month-to-month. Maybe I should give it a try. ;) ! Havent been a customer for years, but might still have a 508 or 301 kicking around. . . . Ever hear of OTA? Cant beat the price, & no contract. But here in Los Angeles, we have...
  10. Anole

    FXX’s ‘Legit’ & FX’s ‘Chozen’ Cancelled

    Yea, I really liked Legit, too. But it was such a quirky show, I'm surprised it got a 2nd season. ;) Was probably cheap to produce.
  11. Anole

    The Neighbors - Cancelled

    I loved it...AND...have no idea how it lasted as long as it did! :) .
  12. Anole


    I did enjoy the finale. Was pretty funny. But the series has run its course. Depending on what they do next season, I'll probably watch. But it will get lower priority for my time. . Thought when Kate went to work for the FBI, that might reboot the show, but nothing came of it, and they've...
  13. Anole

    CBS cancels The Crazy Ones, Friends With Better Lives, Intelligence, Bad Teacher and Hostages.

    Cant defend any of those cancellations. But, I thought FWBL was particularly pointless.
  14. Anole

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    I'm not a fan of hers, and wasn't impressed with the "pilot". We'll have to see how the real show works out. .
  15. Anole

    Friends with Better Lives

    Nope For my first exposure, I watched the rat-in-the-attic episode. After 10 minutes, I was muting it and watching youtube on my cell phone. Not very creative. Not very original. No hook to draw me back. Really didn't care about the characters. Sorry.
  16. Anole

    Big Bang Theory discussion

    In fairness, 10 seasons of some cable show, with 10-13 episodes per year, doesn't really stack up to an old classic series like Gunsmoke. It is from back when they shot 39 eps! (later cut to 24 per season)
  17. Anole

    Big Bang Theory discussion

    10 years, huh? Very few shows make it that far. Anybody got a list? click "scripted":
  18. Anole

    Craig Ferguson Quits CBS' Late Late Show

    I'm a fan of Craig, but he would have to make a lot of changes to take over the earlier time slot and draw a big audience. He hasn't been the heir apparent for many years. Also, he is as bad an interviewer as Dave, and every show is the same. I liked it back when he still tried (puppets, song...
  19. Anole

    Person of Interest

    I haven't been watching anything lately, and it was very enjoyable. .
  20. Anole

    The Mentalist

    "....3) new shows are constantly being produced ..." . Yea, I've recently sampled some of those new shows. Pure crap. I'm much more comfortable watching a familiar old friend: Mentalist. ;) New shows take time to build an audience. .
  21. Anole

    Bing background?

    Ha ha ha! I love it.
  22. Anole

    FX has confirmed premiere dates for Justified, Archer and Chozen

    Really should post to the dedicated "Justified" thread. Give it the love. :up ;)
  23. Anole


    I'm not sure i see the hook for New Orleans, either. Not a big fan of NCIS-LA, but it's no clone of the original. Has a different fundamental MO, or format. Guess we'll see.
  24. Anole

    Criminal Minds

    S09E05 The annoying rerun was: . 191 9-05 23/Oct/13 Route 66 [Trailer]
  25. Anole

    TNT Pilot ‘Proof’

    Wasn't there a recent series where the main Doctor was haunted, or something? Not the same, of course, but not inviting, either. Will have to try before I buy. ;)