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  1. Shawn95GT

    Join the SatelliteGuys Folding@Home Team!

    I'll be back... We're seeing triple digits in PHX and that means A/C is running almost constantly. Bedroom is hot enough as it is! I do want to see what kind of WUs it'll crank out when I get a GTX 670 card in there.
  2. Shawn95GT

    First FTA receiver?

    CoolSat 4000 I don't still have it, I sold it when I thought the Pansat 3500 was going to be the hot ticket with my mini-bud I currently still have a CoolSat 6000 that only gets used for NASA once and a while (it's been a while).
  3. Shawn95GT

    Join the SatelliteGuys Folding@Home Team!

    I just built an i7-3770 and am folding again to beat up on it some. It seems to be cranking just fine. I'll do the same when I get a discrete GPU added. I'm concidering a GTX 570.
  4. Shawn95GT

    Join the SatelliteGuys Folding@Home Team!

    Thanks! My PS3 is doing work :D
  5. Shawn95GT

    NextWave Navigator NCC500 Receiver

    It has a badly out dated satellite list but like almost all c-band receivers you set a certain actuator count to a satellite position. I can't remember if mine is still connected to the TV but if it is I'll fire it up tonight for fun.
  6. Shawn95GT

    Giveaway - Win a Brand New SG9120 Motor & WS9036 90cm Satellite Dish

    Congrats Tron and thanks for the give away WSI!
  7. Shawn95GT

    Giveaway - Win a Brand New SG9120 Motor & WS9036 90cm Satellite Dish

    I want to win the new SG9120 Heavy Duty DiSEqC Motor & The WS9036 36 Inch Dish
  8. Shawn95GT

    hf splitter

    I got mine from Sadoun - they worked great when I was using them.
  9. Shawn95GT

    LNB Type

    If it's like mine was the feedhorn is a C120 flange which begs for a QPF-031!
  10. Shawn95GT

    Free Sample of the Week - Satellite AV - Ends 9.23.2009

    The first FTA system I ever saw was a C-band setup at work. Our AV guy would dial in the analog feeds for shuttle launches in the late 90s. It didn't take long to find a 'whole lot more' when playing with the unit. I got my first digital FTA box after lurking for a while here. I picked up a...
  11. Shawn95GT

    Contest: Enter to Win a Mini BUD from Satellite AV

    Very nice! Congrats italsat1!
  12. Shawn95GT

    almost Cband55's question But

    You got it... I knew I was onto something when my fiance was asking how to use the FTA box :eek:.
  13. Shawn95GT

    almost Cband55's question But

    When my motor was acting up I parked a dish on 97W and piggy-backed my Voom dish on the pole for 119 (Nasa). Today I'd probably park on 101.
  14. Shawn95GT

    FTA interfeers with OTA?

    Well - the big clue was that the 3rd Tivo upstairs was having zero problems. Fox was booming in at 90+ on the signal meter and downstairs it was fluctuating all over the place from 30-60. This morning Fox was unwatchable and the FTA box wasn't even on! So the problem was isolated to the...
  15. Shawn95GT

    Free Sample Of the Week Satellite AV - Ends 9.9.2009

    Congrats Voomvoom!
  16. Shawn95GT

    FTA interfeers with OTA?

    2 Tivo Series 3s and 1 TivoHD. Two of the Tivos (the S3s) are in the Left pier of the entertainment center and the FTA box in under the TV in the center riser. The right side pier has a c-band receiver and the Nintendo Wii in it. The 3rd Tivo is upstairs.
  17. Shawn95GT

    FTA interfeers with OTA?

    I checked :) The last number is the RF channel * yellow vhf KPNX-DT 12.1 NBC MESA, AZ 162° 23.5 12 * yellow uhf KPHO-DT 5.1 CBS PHOENIX, AZ 162° 23.5 17 * yellow uhf KPAZ-DT 21.1 TBN PHOENIX, AZ 162° 23.5 20 * yellow uhf KTAZ-DT 39.1 TEL PHOENIX, AZ 162° 23.5 39 * yellow uhf KASW-DT 61.1...
  18. Shawn95GT

    FTA interfeers with OTA?

    fun stuff - I'll play with it this weekend and report back.
  19. Shawn95GT

    FTA interfeers with OTA?

    10-1 is on RF channel 10. The FTA box is in tact, never cracked the case. Once 10-1 breaks up but I noticed the signal level was degraded on 12-1 as well (RF 12).
  20. Shawn95GT

    FTA interfeers with OTA?

    Let me preface this by saying that all of the cable runs are separate. No diplexed/shared cables. Today I turned on the livingroom TV and the local Digital Fox station was breaking up badly. I checked the other Tivo and it was doing the same thing. The cable is split right behind the...
  21. Shawn95GT

    Just for Fun... Polling your hobbies

    Besides FTA, my hobbies include: ATVing (Raptor 700 with an affliction for Sand Dunes) VW TDI mod/fix/repair I work in IT but I like to play with computer stuff for fun too. I had to include a pic of the biggest money pit:
  22. Shawn95GT

    Coolsat 6000 Premium 101w

    One more report of watching them fine on my 6000.
  23. Shawn95GT

    Feedhorn Modification Possible?

    It should be doable. I did somethign similar with a VSAT dish I got off craigslist: Mine originally had a notch filter in it which I removed and bolted a LNB in it's place:
  24. Shawn95GT

    Just saw a article with a C band in Plastic bucket and pipe

    This never fell over on me while I was playing with it: Of course I later planted it in a huge glob of cement I hope to never need to remove.