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  1. Doctor Bob

    SatelliteGuys Reno Get Together

    We are in Reno, and helping to keep the lights on... We are going to hold the Elections, and Joel is going to be giving instructions to do that, on the Transmitter Board, as well as the site as well...
  2. Doctor Bob

    Need Help finding signal Quality on G25

    Hey Mike, did you get that done yet??? Hope my directions helped!!!
  3. Doctor Bob

    I would like some feedback

    The wording seemed a little off, so I suggest something like the words below in blue. The Hole A hole in the ground is a simple concept. Take a post hole digger, or shovel and start digging, however there is a right way and a wrong way to dig a hole. The wrong way is to dig a hole in the...
  4. Doctor Bob

    Point of entry surge protection technical question

    You might get a clearer picture of surge protection, at , because they have what I consider to be one of the best lines of Surge Protection on the market. As a Systems Administrator, you know the importance of surge protection, and the Satellite Receiver is nothing more...
  5. Doctor Bob

    Official Press Release for STARS

    Perhaps, after STARS gets rolling, and has put together several programs to assist and educate the small Dealer and Technician, you will see the worth. In the meantime, the founding members will be working hard to meet your expectations Tate!
  6. Doctor Bob

    Any DTV News from SBE?

    DirecTV Flaked out!
  7. Doctor Bob

    Bob Cooper

    I will post a few photos of Coop also, when I can locate them... LOL
  8. Doctor Bob

    Bob Cooper Video

    Hi Larry, It was quite a historical evening, and I'm so disappointed that you were not able to make it to the Expo, and the dinner... Please don't be a stranger, and perhaps you will join the group!!! You can get the newsletter there, as well as join the Dealers and...
  9. Doctor Bob

    Companies that dont pay (Contractors)

    Here is a Company review site, that might help out!!!
  10. Doctor Bob

    Pioneer Awards Show Photos

    These are some great photos Scott, thanx for sharing...
  11. Doctor Bob

    The SBE Show is NOW OPEN!

    Wow, you did a great job of covering the Expo Scott! Thanx for sharing!
  12. Doctor Bob

    Bob Cooper Video

    Magic and Memories!! It was all of that and more Scott, and we thank you for your efforts to let the rest of the world enjoy what was the most exciting week, the Satellite Industry has ever had! Thanx to Marty Bentley, our Industry has two of the only Satellite and Broadband Shows in the the...
  13. Doctor Bob

    Official Press Release for STARS

    Hi Chip, We missed you at SBE, and the STARS booth!!! Sorry you couldn't make it, because it really was an exciting week.
  14. Doctor Bob

    How do you ground on top of a building?

    See, they can override the NEC... LOL However, as Todd stated, if the provider of the Equipment requires specific grounding applications, then you might be held to their standards... RONTGLMAO.... There are time, in which you cannot win, no matter what you do!!! LOL But because you are are an...
  15. Doctor Bob

    How do you ground on top of a building?

    Sorry Fantasy, I wasn't trying to be hard on you, just giving you advice... LOL BTW, my name is Bob, or Doc, and not dick... RONTGLMAO... Of course, if you really were an installer, you might have let us know that, and perhaps someone could have more guidance. Todd does a great job of putting...
  16. Doctor Bob

    How do you ground on top of a building?

    I love it, more grounding questions! RONTGLMAO! All you have to do, is either call the City/County NEC Inspector, or find a qualified Electician, and they can solve the problem of your question... Don't try grounding something yourself, unless you are qualified, and by your question, you are...
  17. Doctor Bob

    satellite channel issue

    Waqar, Would you please explain to us, whether or not the Association is providing you with services, that negate the OTARD rules??? We would love to know more of the facts, so that we can guide you with your problem!
  18. Doctor Bob

    Official Press Release for STARS

    Satellite Technician and Retailer Society Contact: J.R. Stallings FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STARS Press Release for April 1, 2007 Longtime retailer, noted trainer and former member of the SBCA Retail Council, J.R. Stallings has announced the formation of...
  19. Doctor Bob

    How can WildBlue hold me to the contract?

    Your Attorney should know...
  20. Doctor Bob

    Satellite Radio Pioneer Dean Spratt Has Passed Away

    Thanx Mike, for sharing the news with us... We will Pray for his Family... Doc
  21. Doctor Bob


    Here is a link to a report that I made on the MSN Board... If anybody else is having a problem with them, I would advise you to contact the Attorney General of Texas!!!
  22. Doctor Bob

    Why do we continue to pay for channels..

    Would you open up a cable company, give away the programs, and not get a dime for the advertising??? You would go out of business the first day, because there is no income from anything, except the subscribers!!! Now if you don't want any channels except your local channels, then simply put...
  23. Doctor Bob

    looking for Larry Stotler

    So Larry, did you ever contact Astrogirl, and put something simpler together for her??? LOL
  24. Doctor Bob

    Will Be Posting Ku FTA Layout For Review Soon

    Nice Work David!!!
  25. Doctor Bob

    Distant Network Information

    Hey Mdonnelly, Silence is Golden too!!! LOL Here is the latest on the the distant Networks, and NPS...