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  1. Grandude

    40.0 Remote for Hopper 3, suddenly very erratic and non responsive

    I just use a small pill bottle and put in a dash or two of baking soda with water. Mix it up, looks cloudy and then with a q-tip, rub the contact until the acid corrosion appears to be gone. This has branched into a few different directions, I'm only concerned about removing the leakage of...
  2. Grandude

    40.0 Remote for Hopper 3, suddenly very erratic and non responsive

    I use the baking soda to neutralize the acid that leaks out of most batteries when they fail. Then just make sure the contact is clean and dry. Shiny is also nice to see if the connector isn't too corroded. I have a lot of X10 stuff in my house and a lot of remotes for that system. Seems that...
  3. Grandude

    40.0 Remote for Hopper 3, suddenly very erratic and non responsive

    If you already have the Caig stuff, it would be prudent to use it instead of my simple cure. If you are in no hurry to get your remote (or whatever) going again, then sure, buy it. Sounds like it is close to a miracle product due to all the raves.
  4. Grandude

    40.0 Remote for Hopper 3, suddenly very erratic and non responsive

    One big difference. The baking soda is really cheap and found in almost every kitchen in America.:biggrin
  5. Grandude

    40.0 Remote for Hopper 3, suddenly very erratic and non responsive

    I've seen plenty of times where battery replacement doesn't fix a problem and it almost always turns out to be oxidation on one of the battery contacts in the remote. I keep a small bottle of baking soda and water to clean the contact with a q-tip soaked in the soda water mixture and, voila...
  6. Grandude

    tectonic activity and your dish

    My bucket list has only one item in it. 1. Live to be 80 yrs old. 10 days to go. My mom lived to age 93, but I wouldn't call the last few years for her as living. My wife is reading a book about the major events on this planet that killed off the current life forms. I don't think I'll read...
  7. Grandude

    tectonic activity and your dish

    I live very close to the San Andreas fault which hasn't moved since 1906. It is long past due and when it does, all bets are off. I pray that the house will still be standing. If it is, then the dish will probably not need to be realigned, but would suspect it might need to be turned a very...
  8. Grandude

    Dish Hopper Reboots

    I had an APC UPS that was failing and it caused my two H2s to reboot. Luckily I could see the front panel on the UPS and see it switching from line to battery and back again, over and over. I was glad it happened when I was watching TV. If it happened during the night, I suspect that it could...
  9. Grandude

    ota dongle

    Not yet. I think I'll pull the plug on both and then leave the one that has u235 with the plug pulled and then try the upgrade on the second one. Did that just now and no change. Still at 234. Guess I'll just leave it alone and wait for the upgrade. Maybe in a day or two I'll try the...
  10. Grandude

    ota dongle

    I don't have the new dual tuner dongle on either of my HWS's but upgrade to U235 manually installed on one, just not the second one so that rules out your idea of seeing or not seeing the dongle as the reason for not being able to upgrade to U235 on the second HWS.
  11. Grandude

    ota dongle

    I have 2 HWS's and did the manual update on one and it upgraded to U235 so tried an hour later on my second HWS and got that message that it already had the latest software but it still is only U234. I left it off over night thinking that maybe it would automatically get the upgrade but no...
  12. Grandude

    DPH42 now available

    Strange, I wanted to print out the DPH42 guide and all would print except the cover page with the picture of the switch. (In my pile of paper work here, it would have been nice to have the picture which would have made it easier to find. Never mind, I opened the file with Firefox and then...
  13. Grandude

    Ugly Looking Dish

    I actually prefer the old faded out look of the dish. Not nearly as noticeable up there on the house.
  14. Grandude

    Hopper with sling hard drive failure

    Yikes, when it rains it pours. How did you install the drive in your PC? I installed the drive in my PC as a separate, new drive, not the primary boot drive. I don't know what would happen if you installed it as the boot drive on your PC, but I don't know why that would hurt your existing PCs...
  15. Grandude

    Two Hopper 3 Install is Scheduled

    That would be my choice. It would be nice to have the hws as a failsafe backup in the unlikely but possible chance that the h3 rolled over and died. I would also like to keep my vip211k in the mix for the backroom/camper. My one joey1 is just fine for the garage and doesn't have to be any...
  16. Grandude

    Hopper with sling hard drive failure

    I had the same problem. Solution for me if I recall correctly was to format the new hard drive on my PC and then install it in the H2. The hopper then formatted it and after a couple of boots it is now functioning just fine. BTW, while I had the lid off I found that the little fan was almost...
  17. Grandude

    U231 Available on Hopper with Sling

    I wandered through the various menus and options and didn't find anything changed. U231 on both my HWSs.
  18. Grandude

    Bug Report: Pages Refresh Continuously on HwS. . .

    Sorry, I thought all HwS had been upgraded to the U version. I upgraded to the CUI when it first became available to try and never wanted to go back. It seems that upgrades/fixes to the HwS firmware are only happening on those with the Carbon UI. I may be wrong, just guessing.
  19. Grandude

    Bug Report: Pages Refresh Continuously on HwS. . .

    OK, I tried that, used arrow down to go through a couple of pages and sat there for over a minute. Nothing happened. I then used page down from there a couple of pages and sat there for over a minute and still nothing happened. Software version U229 dated 2/2/2017
  20. Grandude

    Viacom to Rebrand Spike TV as Paramount Network

    If all the Viacom channels went away I wouldn't notice.
  21. Grandude

    Bug Report: Pages Refresh Continuously on HwS. . .

    I have just tried a couple of times to duplicate your problem but so far haven't had that happen on my HWS using page down or one at a time down. Will try later on my other HWS.
  22. Grandude

    DISH Hopper Carbon UI Testing Forum - PLEASE READ!

    My guess is that most of those who are on this forum like to live on the cutting edge of technology. I know I do, within reason. Those who have a problem with their system also come to this forum for help. The first group just love to argue back and forth about one thing or another. I take a...
  23. Grandude

    Local Dish retailer says new Hopper OTA adapter to be released January 24

    As usual, I fully agree with your thinking.:amen
  24. Grandude

    Carbon UI email from dish

    I also have two hws and downloaded the new CUI to one, planning to run comparisons between the two but didn't get a chance to compare as the second hws got the new UI without me requesting it. This happened a long time ago when the new UI was first mentioned. I reported that this happened back...
  25. Grandude

    Will the HWS ever get the CUI?

    Please stop your never ending negative comments about the carbon UI. It is starting to make you look silly in my humble opinion.