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  1. J

    Spectrum: Can you avoid cable box charges by just using the app?

    Spectrum is a decent price until i start adding equipment.. can i just use the app. Do I have to get a box for one room and then the app for the other TVs??
  2. J

    Has Anyone used Grande Communications (Local TX fiber provider)

    Moving to Texas and noticed that Grande had Gig Internet for $40 less than Spectrum. Also have a good deal on Double play 200 channels + Gig Internet for about $150. Im paying way more than that between cable internet (300MB) and Dish. They have their own branded Tivo solution and offer most of...
  3. J

    How many hours of HD does the Hopper with Sling record

    I'm moving to Texas later this year and I'm looking over my choices. Not having RSNs has been a hassle, having to use a VPN to bypass blackouts on So I'm trying to figure out how much recording time I have on my Hopper with Sling, I never use it all maybe dip down to 40% free when I go...
  4. J

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    Dish is horrible with sports channels especially, I'm in NY and I haven't had SNY (Mets) for many years (I'd guess 7-8) because they said SNY wanted an unfair amount and then recently we lost YES (Yankees) for a similar reasons. If it wasn't for the fact that my roommate is the one who pays for...
  5. J

    Error 1287: Netflix is Unavailable

    Damn now I guess I have to see if I can find my chromecast
  6. J

    Error 1287: Netflix is Unavailable

    Now on my Super Joey, Whenever I go to Netflix I get an error "1287: Netflix is unavailable try again later". My hopper (Hopper w/sling) works fine but I've tried rebooting both and reseting the internet on my Super Joey. Any ideas? I have Software version U383 which was updated last night...
  7. J

    Hopper w/ Sling just formatted it self and now recordings

    Did a bit of googling and found advice to do a hard reset (unplug) for a minute or 2. everything is back. I should probably back everything up to the hard drive. But would I be able to restore to a new hopper if the current one was to fail?
  8. J

    Hopper w/ Sling just formatted it self and now recordings

    I was watching TV when the TV froze for a good 15-20 seconds and then rebooted itself. When it returned it said updating DVR/Guide do not use DVR or create timers. Now I got no timers no recordings This is happened to me before but I still have a few questions 1. Anyway to get those recordings...
  9. J

    Problems with Super Joey

    If you think its likely a cable issue, I will get someone to come out as I have the warranty on the account. Though I'm a bit busy of late so I'll have to work thru it till I can get sometime. Thanks for the advice. BTW your signature says "Socail" media representative, I'm pretty sure it should...
  10. J

    Problems with Super Joey

    I have a Hopper W/Sling, Wireless Joey, and a Super Joey. Super Joey has problems with sound dropping out, stuttering, some pixelation. Don't think it has to do with the reception because after a reboot, DVR content works. I am however getting some readings on several transponders on 61.5 of mid...
  11. J

    Type/size limit for ext HD Hopper w/sling

    Want to upgrade one of my 2 external drives on my Hopper with Sling. Have a few questions. What is the current limit on size? Hopper w/o sling was 2TB, is w/sling the same? Also does the use a drive that has its own power rule still apply? Third and final question are the USB ports 3.0 compliant?
  12. J

    How long does it take Dish to pickup a new MUST CARRY

    An update, it is now on Dish Network in the New York DMA. ME-TV 3 New Jersey/New York WJLP Middletown, NJ
  13. J

    CBS stations return to DISH

    I am in the same boat, NO RSNs for the past couple of years but then again I'm only a baseball fan and a Mets fan at that, so personally I'm not missing much LOL
  14. J

    CBS stations return to DISH

    Dish is stretching the truth on WCBS in New York. They make it sound like a technical difficulty
  15. J

    Joey freezes video and then audio out of sync

    There is a Hopper W/Sling, a Super Joey and a wireless Joey. I did do a soft reset but not a hard one. The errors have cleared up but I suspect they will come back. I will do a hard reset and see what happens when it occurs again
  16. J

    Joey freezes video and then audio out of sync

    Super Joey will freeze audio and video randomly and then start 5-10 seconds later, sometimes putting the audio out of sync. Thinking this is a bigger problem than just the Joey because I had to replace my Hopper. I was having a problem that the Hopper would pixelate quite heavily at times, then...
  17. J

    How to connect hopper to wireless joey

    Hopper died, so they sent a Hopper with Sling to replace it, I'm trying to connect my wireless joey to the new Hopper but it says unlinked on the hopper and I can't find a way to link them
  18. J

    External Hard Drive limit for the Hopper?

    What is the external hard drive limit for the hopper (original hopper w/o sling)? Also can more than one hard drive be used by swapping the cables back and forth?
  19. J

    Pixelation and Yellow Screen on some channels

    I'm getting heavy pixelation followed by a yellow screen on some of my channels from time to time. Just recently in the past 20 minutes on local WLNY (New York DMA). The yellow screen thing makes me suspect its not a reception issue (on my side) however when I do check the signal on the point...
  20. J

    How long does it take Dish to pickup a new MUST CARRY

    Oops, when I saw that Comcast had announced the addition, I thought it was going to start, but it seems as if its being delayed because a Hartford TV station has filed a petition with the FCC because their station is carried in Fairfield County, CT (New York DMA) on the same channel preposed by...
  21. J

    How long does it take Dish to pickup a new MUST CARRY

    A VHF TV station (KVNV) is being moved from Ely, NV to Middletown, NJ (in the New York DMA) due to a loophole in FCC rules. It will carry ME-TV and some orginal programming (perhaps news). I believe it will be a must carry station. When will DISH begin carrying it in the New York DMA? It...
  22. J

    The Weather BACK!

    You don't even get your local forecast on the weather channel on satellite, atleast on Dish they run a national forecast. You don't need the Weather Channel, even if it was all weather all the time. You have the internet, local TV, and if you live in an area that subject to unpredictable severe...
  23. J

    G4 gone: SoapNet and G4 ceasing operations/distribution soon?

    Any chance Dish will move QVC to 191 and put FXX next to FX at 137? It's so far down in the channel listings a didn't know I had it.
  24. J

    Primetime anytime needed?

    if I want to record 2 or more shows that are on the big 4 networks in Primetime on tuner 3, do I need to enable Primetime anytime for that night or will it work without that? I don't want to have to record everything on that network on that night to record 2 shows on 1 tuner.
  25. J

    Does Dish PAY for Russian News Channel RT?

    I was flipping thru and surprised how blatently anti-american the RT network was. Thats neither here nor there. I just was hoping that I wasn't paying to sponsor it. Does RT pay or does Dish pay for carriage of the Russian news network.?