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    Google Ads

    I don't mind adds, I know they support the forum. I casually scan a number of forums and can't be expected to pay to join every one of them. However, this is the only forum that blocks access to sections with a full screen popup ad that has to be cancelled to continue. I believe that is an...
  2. patmurphey

    H3 is 6 years old :o

    Because it is meaningless with the number of tuners... If you want see red lights, click on DVR and there will be a little red light in the corner of the icons of all shows currently being recorded. :biggrin
  3. patmurphey

    Dish vs Starlink

    Seriously? Having a sense of humor, autism, and speaking out makes Musk a dick? The post that I reacted to was an unqualified slur, sorry.
  4. patmurphey

    Dish vs Starlink

    Musk has never taken a salary from Tesla or any of his other companies. He has not sold any stock in Tesla except to pay Federal and California 53% income and payroll taxes on exercising stock options this year. He lives the life closer to a pauper than his billionaire rivals. Hi massive net...
  5. patmurphey

    Dish vs Starlink

    That is a pretty sleazy insult aimed at a true renaissance man who works hard for betterment of humanity and doesn't do it for money. Do a bit of research before throwing insults around.
  6. patmurphey


    Samsung's QLED TVs are the answer. Brighter for daytime TV and no Burn in.
  7. patmurphey

    why won't Dish fix their idiotic guide issues?

    The guide provider is at the mercy of the cable channel companies. :deadhorse2 Life is too short to keep agonizing over something that can't be fixed by the party you are blaming...
  8. patmurphey

    why won't Dish fix their idiotic guide issues?

    Dish is not the source of information for the guide, hence :deadhorse2
  9. patmurphey

    why won't Dish fix their idiotic guide issues?

  10. patmurphey

    Big Joey announcement?

    25 down is plenty for 4k streaming, just do it through a smart TV or ROKU type box. You don't want the overhead of going through a Dish box.
  11. patmurphey

    Crappy GUIDES Again

    Is that provider still available? At a reasonable cost? And, how would that provider know more than the channels provide? Please don't forget the disruption all are going through with Covid.
  12. patmurphey

    Crappy GUIDES Again

    Just exactly does Dish have any authority over the channels on how they submit data to the guide provider? The guide is not an automobile or any other manufactured product. The villains lie down the line. No comment on the etymology of "sheesh", but the meaning is clear to almost anyone.
  13. patmurphey

    Crappy GUIDES Again

    Complaints should be directed to the source of the misinformation not the party who passed it on to you. Sheesh!
  14. patmurphey

    Oh, please say it isn’t so…

    Starlink has redundancy and the ability to hop to a different satellite. In the extremely unlikely event that an outage would be an "explosion" the debris would continue in orbit. if it slowed it would have a decaying orbit. The scenarios are nonsense.
  15. patmurphey

    Starlink Hardwired support

    There is an ethernet out socket on the white wifi unit. You can use an Internet switch to add multiple hard wired connections.
  16. patmurphey

    Pathway X2--how long of a cable can you use and still have it be effective? and how does the length of cable effect the signal?

    Dish's standard for their cabling installation is 200 feet max.
  17. patmurphey

    Pop up ads

    For the record, here is text from the URL that appears when the pop up occurs:
  18. patmurphey

    Pop up ads

    Are the page blocking ads now a permanent feature (for registered but not member participants)???
  19. patmurphey

    Pop up ads

    I am always logged in when seeing them.
  20. patmurphey

    Pop up ads

    Ads that block the whole screen are back when selecting a Forum.
  21. patmurphey

    Starlink review...good article

    That kind of insulting is out of line here.
  22. patmurphey

    Starlink review...good article

    Geez! It's a voluntary beta test with the cost clearly stated up front. Only a fraction of the satellites are up, but going up regularly 60 at a time. When fully implemented it will fulfill its intended purpose to bring hi-speed low latency Internet to all of those in the world who have no other...
  23. patmurphey

    DISH wants Starlink to Cease Operations

    Starlink beta being delivered next week! Sorry Charlie... :bounce
  24. patmurphey

    Audio Out of Sync on Samsung

    Got to the advanced sound settings on your TV menu. you can set a delay that syncs with the picture. That's what I did to my QLED 8 sync with the sound bar.
  25. patmurphey

    Tech Support Rant

    COVID... They are replacing it aren't they?