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  1. digiblur

    First Look: AT&T U-Verse with GigaPower

    They can offer 3 megabit to me and the Uverse box is around the corner.
  2. digiblur

    1/30/2014 6:17am - Uplink Activity Report - 2 changes

    I see I need to update the filters on this thing. Putting it on the calendar for this weekend.
  3. digiblur

    Who else has done Nielson Ratings (booklets / tv box)?

    Was shocked myself to see the $30 recently.
  4. digiblur

    Galaxy S III

    I highly recommend the S3. Excellent phone and excellent RF characteristics compared to others. Sent from my little Note2
  5. digiblur

    Echostar 16 at 61.5W

    I just haven't had the time lately. And I will admit the drive since I do not have Dish. Creating all those jpgs in Google Earth takes quite a bit of time. Plus matching all those TIDs to beams. I will put this on my schedule again for this weekend. Sent from my little Note2
  6. digiblur

    SiriusXM Rates Going Up Feb 1st...

    I jumped ship many years ago when they started killing of talent and channels. Funny thing is I turned it on a few times and it still plays but I don't even feel the need to listen to it. Sent from my little Note2
  7. digiblur

    How to record a phonecall on an iPhone 5?

    Some of them have it built into the dialer on Android! Sent from my little Note2
  8. digiblur

    Galaxy S III

    That's an issue with me ;) when I pick up the wife's S3 it just seems so small. The Note2 has spoiled me and I couldn't go to anything smaller. A coworker handed me his iphone to show me a video and it felt like a kids toy phone, awkwardness. The size isn't for everyone but even in a otterbox...
  9. digiblur

    Help switching from wired to wireless whole-home DVR

    My rule of thumb is wireless is only used for true mobile devices. If they have to plug into something it gets a CAT5 hookup. Run a coax to your new wireless router location and hook it to the swm splitter for the wired deca. Sent from my little Note2
  10. digiblur

    Echostar 16 at 61.5W

    No ETA, been gone all weekend. Anyone else is more than welcome to help reverse engineer this stuff though. Sent from my little Note2
  11. digiblur

    I'm Mad & Disappointed With Dish

    Makes me want to do business with Dish so bad ;) yeah right! Sent from my little Note2
  12. digiblur

    SiriusXM Back on DirecTV Jan 20th 2013!!

    Dropped my Sirius sub after the year after year of rising costs, the pulling of streaming, and the removal of lots of content. Don't miss it one bit with Pandora or Slacker, but I really just listen to my 16gb stick in my deck the most. Nothing to fool with plunging and doesn't require me to...
  13. digiblur

    Echostar 16 at 61.5W

    Yep, it's switch bleed if it isn't saying locked with the name. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  14. digiblur

    DirecTV New HD channel additions and rumors

    Re: New HD coming soon on DirecTV Well yeah when you add a new satellite it adds more space right? Lol.. Saying you like OWN is just like someone saying they enjoy iTunes and the artificial limitations that come with it. Yeah... Right. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  15. digiblur

    1/17/2013 10:34am - Uplink Activity Report - 405 changes

    Will have to go back and look what contours I used last time. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  16. digiblur

    VIDEO - Hopper .vs Genie

    Because the chose an antiquated switching tech in the Hopper. Switching in an entire 500mhz for one tuner when only 250mhz is usable and 20mhz is used. Dumb. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  17. digiblur

    1/17/2013 10:34am - Uplink Activity Report - 405 changes

    So who's up to the monumental task of creating the new JPG maps and matching the new TID to the actual spotbeam number and TP? ;) I might have some free time this weekend to start on it. 1101,Echostar12,61.5W,TP 01,Spotbeam 13,E12_SB13.jpg 1103,Echostar12,61.5W,TP 03,Spotbeam 13,E12_SB13.jpg...
  18. digiblur

    HR34 Software Release ver 05FD 1/9/13

    No noticeable issues here on the 34 or 24 in the house. I will say I do prefer the 34, maybe it's in my head due to the tuners. I don't have any clients in my house. H25's and wouldn't have it any other way unless they wanted to give me C31s for a dollar or two a month to pay for the...
  19. digiblur

    CES 2013: Engadget Hands On with the Directv HR44!

    Correct. SWM8 is actually outputting 9 channels. One is a narrower band of the guide data. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  20. digiblur

    VIDEO - Hopper .vs Genie

    Yep. We watch half and half pretty much. It would really be a fight if I downgraded from 9 tuners to 3. Plus the unified list between the dvrs means less IT questions at home. I don't get the speed thing. I never wait on the HR34. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  21. digiblur

    Was DISH Robbed at CES?

    I can see why CNET and CBS did this. They really had to do it. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  22. digiblur

    WTB: Slightly used Android phone

    You needed a nuclear reactor to keep the thing powered though. First gen LTE chipset. The new chipsets are awesome. I sometimes forget to plug my phone in at night and really don't care. Moderate phone user. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  23. digiblur

    CES-2013 PR: DISH’s New “Hopper with Sling” Delivers Unparalleled Choice and Control, at Home or On

    Maybe by next year when my 2 yr is up with direct they will have the integration issues fixed. I am too spoiled with the scalable system right now with one unified play list and it would suck going down from 9 tuners to 6. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  24. digiblur

    Echostar 16 at 61.5W

    Figuring out the TIDs is going to be fun. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"
  25. digiblur

    Dish makes bid for clearwire

    Sprint already knew this was going to be tried and blocked it basically. -- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"