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    VOOM adds 5 new channels!

    Yep. The Country Music Channel came a week too late. Had to switch to D* in order to keep the peace. (and it's alternate spellings!)
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    Bug in version 7.2x, (anyone else?)

    Mine just drops to raster and I have to reboot. That's it for me, guys. I'm out. I finally quit talkin' and made the call. I wish you all the very best.
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    How to help VOOM

    Uh... maybe that's because the OTA signal is free? Because it doesn't sell anything but tuners? You are thinking of OTA as a VOOM related service. OTA was there before VOOM, and it will be there after VOOM is gone. No. Sorry. With VOOM's OTA tuner on display Best Buy would never sell...
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    How to help VOOM

    My two cents Lots of good insights, Ladies and Gents. But nobody has come out and clarified that the question ("Where the heck are all the subs?") is really a two-part question: 1. Why aren't new people signing up for VOOM? and... 2. Why don't existing subs KEEP VOOM for very long...
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    **Rumor:** Dish Network and Voom combined?

    Interesting... It's a rumor that's tasty enough to keep me as a Voom customer for another couple of weeks. (But I swear if my local Fox affilliate keeps blinking out during my beloved Cardinals/Rams games, I'm going to return my rented STB in 3 inch pieces.)
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    Free 6 Months of VOOM

    Call the FBI! Dzizko kidnapped my Avitar! An investigation is underway at the highest levels.
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    How Howard Stern's move may effect Voom.

    Well, by all means... Don't miss an opportunity to blame Bush for something. Because, let's not forget, Dubya is in charge of the entertainment industry and decides the content of all entertainment product. I understand that he even coded some of the object icons in the "Grand Theft Auto 3"...
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    My low-volume issue with Fox News has been resolved! Thank you VOOM!
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    So what are the main stations Voom is missing in their programming?

    The spirit of the question... The guy is just looking for the laundry list of content we want to see. It's a fair question and one that has been kicked around before. Content is important. So, recapping, and summarizing based on this and past threads: #1 HGTV - Hands down, we gotta...
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    Is there a real manual for the voom receiver somewhere?

    You are reading it, Bub! The complete, unauthorized manual!
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    Just have to comment about MOOV!

    In defence of Moov... I dig it. Yes, there is always an "I'd rather have X channel" that wins out. I have a couple of those preferred channels myself. But the fact is NOT that I can't have Country Music Television for the missus because there is some stupid artsy-fartsy channel in the...
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    Voom Will Survive If:

    Oy. This just cannot pass without regard. I bow before the uber-smartass. Bravo.
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    Is it REALLY that hard to fix the low volume on FoxNews?

    How hard can it be to boost the incomming/outgoing low volume? Can't somebody at the earth station tweak a knob? This is silly. At first I was just so happy to get FNC that it didn't matter. Now I don't understand why the volume levels can't match the other channels. I'll watch FNC...
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    Current Issues with VOOM's PQ

    Don't forget the low volume on Fox News Channel That low volume attenuation is problematic. They must think that conservative thinking makes your ears extra sensitive.
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    St. Louis VOOM thread.

    Anybody else Vooming in the Gateway City? Don't leave an old Scotsman hangin'.
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    Newbie voom question?

    From my personal OTA experience... I did not get my OTA problem-channel (CBS) when my signal quality was 48 Quality/42 Power, but I DID get the channel after I upgraded to the Radio Shack 15-2160 and I got a signal quality of 58 and a Power of 56. So, IMHO, I would put the floor for drop-out...
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    "Sparklies" and Volume differences VOOM never heard of them

    And that's what I love about this forum... When I think that I am too easily annoyed by the volume issue on Fox News, I can see that IT'S NOT JUST ME! As my sound comes through a Surround receiever, It's a pain to have to scramble for a second remote every time I change TO or FROM Fox News...
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    Upgraded OTA Antenna, what type & Range?

    Radio Shack 15-2160 I am 15.2 miles from my farthest tower. The ChannelMaster Stealth never worked (at 15 miles!) My RS 15-2160 is relatively small and does the job. Total cost with splitter was $25. I took notes on before (Stealth) and after (RS 15-2160) OTA Signal Quality and Power...
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    Okay, OTA Bragging rights poll... with a purpose.

    Thanks, Everyone! Well, it's hard to top Silly Rabbit at 65 miles from the tower and 85-100% signal. (Then again, my neighbors would storm my house with torches and pitchforks if I mounted a monster antenna like that 10 feet above the roofline.) It does prove, though, that you can...
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    Okay, OTA Bragging rights poll... with a purpose.

    Let's use this forum the way it was intended... IF you get all your local OTAs with a signal strengh that is acceptable... AND if you are more than 25 miles from your OTA antenna... THEN post your distance AND the antenna that you are using. Let's cut through the crap and help...
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    Signal Strength Question

    Brutal truth... That's a pretty good upgrade antenna. The fact is that you are long damn way from the towers. I'm sorry. I know that's not the answer you want to hear. Check with your local cable company, and ask if there are any unadvertised specials on local channels. In St. Louis...
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    Prob. w/ Voom signal sat. and OTA

    Another one bites the dust. Sorry to hear of your woes. I finally had another Voomer on the forum from St. Louis, and the fates conspire. Given that you live so close to the OTA antennas in STL, there's no reason for the pulsing dropout. I'd love for you to put a stopwatch to the...
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    St. Louis VOOM thread.

    Crud! That is terrible. Yes, I work in Creve Couer. We were ground-zero for the biblical hailstorm yesterday. I live about three miles from where I work, so I fully expected to come home to find my OTA and Voom dish in pieces (or at least dented like my car is!). Oddly enough, I...
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    Problems with local channels over OTA antenna

    The Ugly Truth You are a long way from those towers, Brother. You'll need a good antenna and some helpful geography to score those locals. I know this sounds like a cheesy cop-out, but have you called your local cable provider and ASKED for any unadvertised specials on local channels...
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    Attention: (Unofficial) There might not be enough equipment for installation?

    And lets not forget Remember the early days, when STB software problems were solved with "I want a new box!", instead of software upgrades. I'm sure there was a lot of churn in units as a result of that.