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  1. John Corn

    SOLD!! Logitech Harmony Elite (w/Hub)

  2. John Corn

    SOLD!! Wireless Joey & Access Point 2.0

  3. John Corn

    Indy Car tonight July 18th

    Im not a big race fan, but I really enjoyed Indy Car racing last night and the 2nd is tonight July 18th on NBC. Just a heads up!
  4. John Corn

    NFL 2020

    Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season, I don’t see how it’s possible even though I hope I get to watch football this year. If players and coaches who test positive are exempt from game day all it’s going to take is one case getting through the door and next thing you know half a team...
  5. John Corn

    SOLD!! Wireless Joey & Access Point 2.0

    and i still have this
  6. John Corn

    NBA 2019-2020 Season

    The championship this year will definitely have an asterisk. That’s why I wish they would have gone with a March Madness tournament style playoffs. It would have been cool to see a Cinderella team go all the way to win the title. I mean if it’s going to have an asterisk next to it, why not try...
  7. John Corn

    Don Shula dies at age 90

    Not a Dolphin fan, but it's sad that his passing elicited a mere 4 responses. Sad, and more proof that NFL fans too often don't care about the history of the sport, like baseball fans. Shula won with integrity and class and his players revere him to this day. For me, while a child of the 80s...
  8. John Corn

    SOLD!! Logitech Harmony Elite (w/Hub)

    Hardly used and NO wear on remote keys 125.00 plus 10.00 shipping in continental US. Nobody seems to use it other than me occasionally so I'm getting rid of it.
  9. John Corn

    SOLD!! Wireless Joey & Access Point 2.0

    Oh, shoot , just seen this!! Thank you Scott!! Glad to see forum going strong!!
  10. John Corn

    SOLD!! Wireless Joey & Access Point 2.0

    I have a wireless Joey and an Access point 2.0 i bought and never used, still both new in boxes!! Make offer, plus 10.00 shipping anywhere in continental US.
  11. John Corn

    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    I O This is not good....I hear ya Mike. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  12. John Corn

    Veteran ESPN personality John Saunders has died at the age of 61

    John Saunders was a superb sports commentator. RIP, Mr. Saunders, you will be missed by sports fans all across the world.
  13. John Corn


    Sent you a PM, I lived in Hiawassee as well, up on Upper Bell Creek
  14. John Corn

    2015 NBA Playoffs

    Doesn't look good for Kyrie, things happen and the team will make the adjustments. This series is in no way over yet. The team was very, very close to take this game. Don't forget that. Let's hope they take the next one. Would be much better to return to the Q at 1-1 than 0-2. Finally, I very...
  15. John Corn

    2015 NBA Playoffs

    Come on game 2!! Congrats to the Warriors in game 1. ashutto20.......Dell Curry played for the Cavaliers in 1987, I'm guessing Stephen was born around then. Alot of the Cavaliers players live south of Cleveland and north of Akron. Looking over the final stats: CLE...
  16. John Corn

    722 for sale

    Used customer owned 722, which includes the remotes and separator. Make offer!! Thanks, John
  17. John Corn

    Legendary OU Football Coach Chuck Fairbanks Dies

    Chuck is one of OU's greatest coaches, no question. But Barry is the one that urged and convinced him to switch to the wishbone, in late september, which saved their jobs and started a dynasty
  18. John Corn

    Hopper Upgrades

    I'd like to be contacted by a DIRT member with the cost of upgrading my 922 and 722 to a HWS and however many joeys I would need. I have 4 TV,s , 1 seldom used.
  19. John Corn

    VoIP Provider Recommendations

    I have Ooma as well and love it!!
  20. John Corn

    Wanted: Used 722

    Leave me a private message.....Thanks
  21. John Corn

    Looking for a cheap DVR solution

    Right now I have 2 a 922 and a 722. But i own both of those. Im laid off so 1 solution would be sell both that i own and lease a 722 and find the cheapest alternative for a 2nd DVR for the kids. I hav have 1 HD and 1 STD hooked to my 922. My kids have 2 STD hooked to a 722.
  22. John Corn

    Looking for a cheap DVR solution

    Does dish have a reciever that is dual tuner, that I can use as a dvr to record to an external hard drive. I have to boys that need to share a reciever, but also would like the capability to record to an external hard drive without having to pay a DVR fee.
  23. John Corn

    Peyton Hillis Advances to Madden Final vs. Mike Vick!

    I hope Hillis wins. It'd be great to see a less "flashy" player on the cover for a change. I'll bet EA is just a little baffled by these results.
  24. John Corn

    2011 AL Central Thread

    Why do the Indians have the best record in the AL? They are first in runs scored. Second in fewest runs allowed. Tied for first in fewest unearned runs allowed. Fourth in ERA. Tied for first in fewest HR allowed. Tied for third in fewest walks allowed. Fifth in FPC. Third in defensive...
  25. John Corn

    Best Internet Phone (VoIP) Services?

    I just noticed the May Consumer Reports has ooma ranked as the #1 voip provider.