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    Charlie Ergen Issues Statement on Net Neutrality Rules

    This is what the truth is about what the FCC just passed: The FCC says it passed net neutrality rules, but it's really just a corporate giveaway. The White House and FCC are calling this is a victory -- don't believe the hype. Dear Gene, When the FCC tells you that the rules they voted...
  2. gulmer

    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Happy holidays to all and may you get what you want and /or deserve. Have you been a good girl and/or boy?
  3. gulmer


    I agree with Stardust3. These programmers want more money from us subscribers and shoving more commercials at us (thank you DVR). I'm thankful that Dish has the balls to stand up to these guys and not just give in to their every greedy demand. I will miss FX and Fox locals, if we loose it, but...
  4. gulmer

    Free speech under threat

    Here's another article on the subject from Free Press News: Free Press News : Printable Format and another: Free Press News : Printable Format
  5. gulmer

    Free speech under threat

    Brought to you by FREE PRESS, on the web at Free Press : media reform through education, organizing and advocacy AT&T Threatens to Disconnect Subscribers Who Criticize the Company From ars technica, September 30, 2007 By Ken Fisher AT&T has rolled out new Terms of Service for its DSL...
  6. gulmer

    Vista - Yes or No?

    This is a quote on a button that sums it up for me... The box said "Requires Windows 95 or better." So I installed LINUX
  7. gulmer

    522 Fix released?

    Anybody using the digital output on their 522 hearing a low level popping sound that comes and goes, is more on some channels/programs then others, started w/413?
  8. gulmer

    522 Software L4.11 Issues?

    My 522 is working much better since the 4.12 download, but, not as good prior to the 4.11 download. On some recorded shows, when I start playback for the first time the show will start some place into the show ,like as if I had already started watching and then stopped,then resumed playback...
  9. gulmer

    522 Software L4.11 Issues?

    4.12 downloaded last night, we'll see if there is a fix for the 4.11 bug when we watch recorded shows tonight.
  10. gulmer

    Sound cut outs

    I've have the 522DVR hook to my AVR with optical cable and Showtime package. When watching a show that's been recorded from Showtime 318 or 319, that contains 5.1 DD, I get audio drop outs that are real short, very quick, but are there, like a hiccup. This was a problem a few years ago, but much...
  11. gulmer

    522 Software L4.11 Issues?

    Having the same problem with our 522 until today when I ran a test on some recorded programs and the jump and FF seems to back working like before the update, but, still need to test some tonight.
  12. gulmer

    The Law

    Can somebody tell me what the FCC law is called that gives us the right to install our small dishes on our property? And where to find a copy on line? Thanks
  13. gulmer

    Sirius on Dish Network only coming through center speaker

    Some of the Sirius channels broadcast in ProLogic. I listen to Sirius music in the ProLogicII music mode, A/V receiver set to auto detect, and there is a definite surround sound happening, it's great.
  14. gulmer

    Onkyo AV receiver and Dish remote

    I will second the buying a universal remote to handle all of your devices.
  15. gulmer

    Need upscale universal remote for 2 DVR's on one TV

    Logitech / Harmony has a new one, the H-890, both an IR and RF type of remote.We have the H-880, and it works good, has a few flaws, not going to get into it here, we won this remote here, the last contest Sat.Guys had. We also have the Universal Remotes MX-500, which is not a computer programed...
  16. gulmer

    Dolby Digital connection

    Using an optical digital cable from your sat receiver to your a/v receiver is the way to get the best audio and when you tune to a channel with a DD show or movie,you will get DD 5.1 audio,this is the only way to get DD audio.Showtime E&W,HBO E&W,and Starz has DDshows and movies.
  17. gulmer

    How are 7200 receivers?

    We have had the 7100 and 7200 models,and there were times of troubles with this receiver,but,for the past year and a half,or more,the 7200 has been stable and a great receiver,good interface,great searching ability,9 day guide,about 12 hours of disc space, not as much as the other...
  18. gulmer

    1.24 Releasing to Dishplayer, what's the update?

    Got the 1.24 update last night,and it did fix the Sirius info that was half there before the fix.
  19. gulmer

    Dishplayer 7200 Class action lawsuit

    We received a letter the other day with the claim form.We have a 7200 still in service,that is what I am using to veiw this site and write this message,works great for veiwing email amd reading forums like this,a backup to our computer. Dishsatuser,the software has improved on the...
  20. gulmer

    PVR 508, want to use universal remote...

    Read my thread on the General Sat.Forum,under universal remote
  21. gulmer

    Is it just me?

    No compaints here,we have a DVR-508 and Dishplayer 7200,both work great and always have.This is our 3'rd Dishplayer,18 months old,referbished,and no problems.Just good news,plus,listening to great Sirius music and reading the forum,can't get better, except,to win the HTIB HD from Dish or Sat...
  22. gulmer

    Universal Remote

    Yes,I've programed 2 MX-500 to work with DTIVO's. They have a learning capability without end,I've never run out of room,unlike the ONE-FOR-ALL remotes.I bought my wife the URC-9910 from ONE- FOR-All,she did not want to spend alot on her remote,big mistake,I kept running into the "full"...
  23. gulmer

    Universal Remote

    I would recommend any of the models made by Universal Remote Control,their web site is have the MX-500 model, and it has been a great remote,bought it when they first introduced them,had the 9000 before that.They have alot of choices,one should meet your needs.
  24. gulmer

    Media barrage of Reagan

    I think before helps the mainstream media's propaganda to promote the lies about who and what Ronald Reagan was and did, read this artical from,just for starts,then look at what his administration did for the people of Central-America,and I mean the real...
  25. gulmer

    Im Now getting Sirius

    Listening to Sirius Folktown on Denon 3803 PLII/M and it sounds great,interveiw with last muscian on now