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  1. DodgerKing

    Nothing But Problems with The HR54 Lemon They Gave Me

    With my sweet $25/month deal for a year I was begged to upgrade my slow piece of junk HR24's to the newest Genie, HR54. Since they installed this piece of crap lemon DVR I have had more issues with it in 1.5 weeks than I have had for years with both of my HR24's. I have been on the phone with...
  2. DodgerKing

    DirecTV Must be Getting Desperate - $25/month Total

    I was all set to completely cut the cord. I had my OTA antenna and Tablo DVR all set up. My FireTV and Roku all set with all the APPs I need. I even subscribed to DirecTV Now for only $35/month with my ATT $25 off discount (I need my MLB Network, which is why I picked Now over Sling.) So I...
  3. DodgerKing

    SlingTV adds New Linear Grid Guide Option

    It is about time. Now if they will add MLB Network.
  4. DodgerKing

    DirecTV Must Really Want to Keep me as a Sub

    I have made several calls to DirecTV over the last month due to various issues. This includes charging me for IE after I canceled it and then refusing to refund what they already charged me (only 1 payment into it), not honoring my free HBO and $25 off with my wireless plan, and ongoing...
  5. DodgerKing

    OTV HD DVR???

    Hey you all. It's been a long time since I posted on this site. I know it has been well over a year. I have some questions. After many years with DirecTV, I am looking to cut the cord. I am looking at a good OTA DVR. It has to have HDMI connection so I can connect it to my sound system, so...
  6. DodgerKing

    Remove Malware/Spyware from a Mac

    My wife's MAC Book Pro got infected with some malware. A pop-up constantly comes up in the right hand corner of her computer with advertizements. One of the ads wants us to install MacKeeper. I am not familiar with Macs at all. How do I remove malware from it? Is there a free removal...
  7. DodgerKing

    Middle school football players execute life-changing play

    Yet another touching story showing kids with good character.
  8. DodgerKing

    2013 MLB Season Awards

    The first round of awards came out today. They were the AL Gold Glove winners. KC and Baltimore each had 3 winners. P Dickey - Toronto C Perez - KC 1B Hosmer - KC 2B Pedroia - Boston 3B Machado - Baltimore SS Hardy - Baltimore LF Gordon - KC CF Jones - Baltimore RF Victorino - Boston
  9. DodgerKing

    Water-boy with Down Syndrome Scores Inspirational Touchdown

    Very Inspirational
  10. DodgerKing

    MLB 2013-2014 off-season moves

    Even though the playoffs are still going on, there have been a lot of off season changes by the teams already out. Earlier today Jim Leland stepped down as Tigers manager. Sent from my Jailbroken iPhone 5 using SatelliteGuys
  11. DodgerKing

    Leyland to Step Down as Tigers Manager
  12. DodgerKing

    They Moved Mountains to Build Dodger Stadium

    They Moved Mountains to Build Dodger Stadium Look at some of these pics. Notice that the skyline of downtown had no skyscrapers during this time? The original plans had drive-in parking above the reserve level. There were spots for people to drive their cars up into a section and...
  13. DodgerKing

    EI Free Preview?

    Aren't we supposed to be getting a free preview of EI starting today?
  14. DodgerKing

    2013 Tour De France

    This year marks the 100th Tour de France. Don't know how many are actually watching, but the first stage was already one of the most interesting stages of all time. At the end of stage one a team bus gets stuck underneath finish line banner. This resulted in the judges changing the finishing...
  15. DodgerKing

    MLB Preparing To Suspend At Least 20 Players In Biogenesis Scandal

    Wow! This is HUGE! Names include: Alex Rodriguez Ryan Braun Melky Cabrera Nelson Cruz Robison Cano Gio Gonzalez Bartolo Colon Yasmani Grandal Francisco Cervelli Jesus Montero Jhonny Peralta Cesar Puello Fernando Martinez Everth Cabrera Fautino de Los Santos Jordan Norberto...
  16. DodgerKing

    Does Toyota use Sirius or XM equiped radios?

    My wife will be getting a new car tomorrow. I currently have an XM radio and would like to add the service in the car to our current billing as an additional receiver. Even though Sirius and XM have merged, Sirius and XM billing is separate. If the Toyota has a Sirius based radio I will have...
  17. DodgerKing

    Stone-Cold Proof That Baseball Is Awesome

    Stone-Cold Proof That Baseball Is Awesome Teddy was born with Down syndrome and became an honorary bat boy for the Cincinnati Reds after his parents won a silent auction at a fundraiser. The gig was only supposed to be for one night last August, but things changed. Kremer's joyful...
  18. DodgerKing

    Guide Symbol Question

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the triangle in the upper right corner of the channel banner in the guide represents? These did not appear in my guide until today.
  19. DodgerKing

    Amazing act of sportsmanship